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Siege – unavailable as hard copy

Note of November 25, 2017: I’ve just changed the title of this article from “available again” to “unavailable as hard copy”. However, this site hosts a PDF of the book that can be printed in your home (see sidebar). Below, the original post:

______ 卐 ______

It now seems that Lulu Press Inc. vaporised my account because James Mason’s Siege was selling well. I deduce this because Storefront Books’ Lulu account was also ‘vaporised’ (an Orwellian term). Of course: The social media, mostly companies led by Jews, are inventing politically-correct laws of their own. In America the PC enforcer is not a government that still maintains First Amendment rights. For example, the 1969 Brandenburg v. Ohio allows talking seriously about revolution unless you’re already promoting immediate use of violence, call for arms, etc. Therefore, Siege should be legal in the US.
I didn’t receive any warning about the vaporisation. Had I received it I’d have saved the PDF of the English-German translation of Hunter that only my Daybreak published (I hope a German friend has kept his backup copy safe!). Also, had I received a notice of the termination I’d have written down the stats of how many copies Lulu sold of my books in Spanish since 2011 (of which Day of Wrath is only a selection in English). Now I will never know.
In the novel 1984 vaporisation of people occurs without any warning. If my WordPress account that hosts the present site is vaporised you still can find me through my Wikipedia user page. As you can see, the last words of that page say, ‘So I moved on, outside the wiki’ linking to a quotable quote in this site. If my WP account is abruptly terminated in the future, the italicised words above will be linked to my new address of The West’s Darkest Hour.
In the previous post ‘Daybreak partner?’ I said I’d visit my traditional bookbinder. We talked last Saturday and he showed me his equipment. Now I know an approximation of what it would cost me to obtain a similar set to print books at home. For the moment I cannot afford it but I must sincerely thank our overseas sponsor whose generous contribution has allowed me to get sufficient toner cartridges to print whole books (and then take the ordered stack of paper sheets to my bookbinder).
For the moment the books he and I will manufacture will look like this:
Only if the business flies we may add, in the future, dust covers for these hardcover books. Incidentally, I have changed the colour and title of my ‘Addenda’ page to ‘Daybreak Publishing’ and will be modifying the page in the coming days.
My hunch is that only Siege will be censored if I request the services of another print-on-delivery company to host my Daybreak books. So I’ll keep the making of Mason’s great book exclusively for the shop (see: here).
But I guess other books won’t be censored. The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour for example has not made a single bleep in the PC radar, so I am prepared to take a chance in opening an account elsewhere for most of my Daybreak titles.
Any recommendation for another print-on-delivery service now that Lulu has failed us?

9 replies on “Siege – unavailable as hard copy”

I had forgotten to pull out this book from my shelf for the above pic. (By the way, some of its content I translated for Counter-Currents: here.)
Wine is one of my favourite colours from the palette of the book binder. Unfortunately he uses coloured leather. If I, who advocate animal welfare manage to get a shop, will replace it for syntactic material that looks like leather.

Why does the Wikipedia entry say that Vasconcelos supporting race mixing? Did he?
By the way, what’s in the books titled as “Jesucristo” and “Hitler”? The New Testament and Mein Kampf, respectively?

Vasconcelos was a castizo who idealised mestization. His book in the pic & the 3 books on JC belong to the library that my father left, all of them assembled by the same bookbinder that did my books.

Of course, if the Diaries PDF is available online. Otherwise those who already have it with the offensive propaganda will have to mail it to me—or alternatively go to their own bookbinder (but I guess only large cities can afford a traditional bookbinder the US)?

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