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Lulu has deplatformed me

Lulu Press, Inc., which had been publishing my books (most of them listed on the sidebar but even those in Spanish), has nuked my account. I have communicated with them. It looks like termination has to do with what they call ‘Questionable content’:

This includes content that Lulu’s deems to promote… discrimination against others based solely on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity…

This means that I should try to start a small publishing house (like e.g., Counter-Currents Publishing). Otherwise, if I go for example to Amazon for another print-on-delivery service, they may also terminate my account after some time (as happened to Arthur Kemp’s Ostara Publications).


7 replies on “Lulu has deplatformed me”

That’s bad. To confirm, I just tried your link on the sidebar to your “Day of Wrath” book, and the lulu webpage says: “Hmmm, we can’t find this product, but we have many other great offerings!”
What a kick in the teeth that must have been to find that your small publishing effort had been nuked.
If you have PDFs that you submitted to lulu for your books, then you could try Amazon’s CreateSpace, after first reading their terms of service to see if they have the same kind of proscription against “racist” writings.

As stated above, Amazon kicked Kemp off (and he moved to Lulu). We need a printing house of our own. Tomorrow I’ll write another article expanding this idea.

Your book is still on Amazon although I’m not sure if that exactly means anything now since the lulu.com account was terminated. It looks like whomever published the hardcover of Siege was terminated as well.

Then it’s obviously thoughtcrime what got both of us deplatformed!
(BTW, I just came from talking with my bookbinder and will consider taking SIEGE for Daybreak so that it’s available again…)

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