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Hermann (Arminius) Real men Who We Are (book) William Pierce


As some of you already know, I am moving the posts from the Addenda to this site respecting the original date when they first appeared in the Addenda.
Today it was the turn of William Pierce’s chapter on Hermann (a.k.a. Arminius by the ancient Romans).
Hermann is one of the central heroes of the Aryan race. When I met Arthur Kemp, the historian of the white race, in a nice English town far from the mongrelising cities, he told me that Hermann’s life is ideal for an epic film.
Alas, whites have become so alienated from their history that presently we see film reviews of Blade Runner 2049 in Counter Currents (one of the writers of Blade Runner 2049’s screenplay, Michael Green, is a New York kike). The deracinated racists of today are apparently consuming the same junk culture that the average normie consumes. None of the main white nationalist sites has a substantial contact with their long history of heroes, all mentioned in Pierce’s Who We Are.
Nationalists are still living in the Christian era, even the secular ones. We need a new pagan Era. Tomorrow I’ll resume my excerpts of Karlheinz Deschner’s massive history on criminal Christianity. The New Aryan, he who has rejected the Levantine religion, should treasure Pierce’s book as one of the five must-reads if he’s going to recover his ancient lands.

4 replies on “Hermann”

Yes, AH called Arminius “the first architect of our liberty” in one of his “table talks”.
There is a not bad German BBC-like film about Arminius:
The English version of this documentary:
Haha, it’s so predictable, in English version they’ve deleted the first caption with these Hegel’s words: “Der germanische Geist ist der Geist der Freiheit.”

Part of the reason whites are alienated from themselves, especially germanic ones, is because of the extermination if witches done in germany, it was mentioned in the malleus malificarum. these were just women practicing old folklore. And a bunch of angry german men exterminated them.
This deserves at least as much attention as the sacrificed the aztecs did, these were human sacrifices happening in europe and theyvwere done to female preservers of the old lore. And guys still wonder why many germanic women seem to lack ethnic loyalty, its pretty obvious why. The witch trials!
Feminism is most extreme in areas where they exterminated the most witch’s. In latin nations they were not as harsh to witch’s as they were in the germanic and nordic nations. Plus they destroyed statues of mary in the protestant nations, the remnant if the mother goddess. And now motherhood is looked down on in germanic and nordic nations.
Germanic people need to fix their minds and souls. The aztecs were sacrificing mainly people from other tribes in raids. The germans on the other hand were sacrificing their own women, the mothers of their race. Do I even need to ask which is worse. You know.

You’re wrong John. In my Day of Wrath you can see that the Aztecs, the Mayas and the Incas did indeed sacrifice their own: especially children but also their women. I’d recommend your reading of at least the published chapters of DOW that have appeared in this site.

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