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Back in Charlottesville

I enjoyed this Alt-Right event a few hours ago from my home (see YouTube clip: here). Spencer fulfilled his promise ‘I’ll be back!’ to Charlottesville. However, his chanting ‘Russia is our friend’ almost spoils the event.
Monday update:
See also ‘Alt-Right Hits up DC and Charlottesville again With a Flashmob’ (here).

4 replies on “Back in Charlottesville”

Thanks for posting the vid. A small but positive event.
In a recent podcast by Spencer about a week ago, Spencer said we should accept the “white man’s burden” to help the niggers. What? Spencer also said the US should remain imperialist and help the niggers hurt by recent hurricanes.
At least Spencer is an activist IRL. But some of his ideas are stupid, IMO. I think his “white man’s burden” mindset is a general symptom of Nordics. Nordics are part of the problem, not the solution, and Spencer is a Nordic example of that.

Spencer does indeed say stupid things, even stupider than what you noted above (here).
But I disagree that Nordics are inherently suicidal. The problem is Christianity. Show me a case of pathological altruism in the West before Xtianity.
That’s why tomorrow I’ll start to add even more translations of Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums to this site.

That link you gave does indeed show that Spencer has said worse things.
Regarding Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums, I’d prefer to read about the actual crimes of Christianity, like burning heretics and women as witches. The old, non-criminal stuff from early Christianity that you’ve been posting most recently is not interesting to me.

Boring yes, but fundamental: I am being systematic, starting right from the beginning (remember, I’m still in volume one out of ten). It’s the rabid fanaticism of the early Church Fathers, that I’ll be quoting this week, what explains the atrocities after their ilk took over the Roman state under Constantine.
There are even films of ‘burning heretics and women as witches’ but of the story of what the Imperial Church did during and after Constantine is terra incognita for most white nationalists, even the Christian WNsts.

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