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2nd World War Holocaust

Andy chats with Greggy

Today Andrew Anglin discussed with Greg Johnson on Tara McCarthy’s show. I heard the live show on YouTube but you can listen it on McCarthy’s BitChute account.

The amiable discussion between Johnson and Anglin shows once again what I have said: that white nationalism is very far from National Socialism. Even Anglin, who on The Daily Stormer has used Nazi paraphernalia, said that instead of swastikas in future rallies like Charlottesville it will be necessary to use ordinary American flags, not even the Confederate flag!

Anglin completely ignores that the double DNA helix that founded his country—capitalism and Christianity—are more serious factors of white decline than Jewish intrusion. It was precisely for a similar reason that Hitler had to reject the Weimar flag and devise another flag. If American white nationalists knew about the double helix (Murka was prewired to become New Zion) they would design a new Aryan flag that had nothing to do with horizontal stripes and pointed stars.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson went even further away from National Socialism than Anglin. He said: ‘Nothing that we do depends on what happened in 3rd Reich Germany’ and ‘I do not think we have to rehabilitate the Reich’.

Johnson also complained that Hitler had wanted to colonise the Slavs and Ukraine: ‘Their plans for the Slavic East were really genocidal and that’s immoral’. Johnson omits that the entire Soviet Union was Judaized under Stalin. To my way of thinking, as in William Pierce’s novel every white people who tolerates Judaization deserves to be mercilessly conquered by an Aryan empire (as the country where Johnson and Anglin were born is now Judaized).

Johnson also spoke of the ‘well defended set of taboos’ created by Jews and white traitors over Hitler’s Germany, and that these are ‘triggers they have planted on people’ so it is ‘foolish’ to use the example of Germany.

The terrifying error of this position is that Johnson doesn’t realise that what is happening today is neither more nor less than the expansion of the Morgenthau Plan to all whites! War is not only the physical fighting, but also taking over the official narrative. Tom Sunic himself has said that the Second World War has continued after 1945. Since the Morgenthau Plan not only continues but has metastized throughout Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, what happened in WW2 must be at the centre of our vision. From this angle, the worst omission in the cordial debate between Andy and Greggy was their deafening silence about the real Holocaust of Germans perpetrated by the Allies.

Regarding the holocaust of Jews, Anglin said ‘the holocaust is a religion’, the central religion of today, and that is the ‘basis of the idea that white people are not allowed to have their own country’. He added that ‘the holocaust is the framework’ on which the narrative of today rests. Johnson countered that revisionism over the Jewish holocaust is ‘a very hard sell’.

He is terribly wrong again! Nothing could be easier than pointing out the YouTube videos that show how the Jewish press was already doing propaganda to the figure of 6 million before 1942. The press even played with the figure of 6 million fearing that the Tsar’s pogroms were to kill that number of Jews! All that is very easy to see in the videos photographing old newspapers in close-up so that visitors can see the letters (see e.g., here).

Understand me well. If life permits, I will add more translated passages from Deschner’s Criminal History of Christianity because they show that the Imperial Church invented the vast majority of Christian martyrs allegedly martyred by pagans. The Imperial Church did this to make the supporters of Greco-Roman culture feel guilty and thus justify the destruction of their temples, libraries, sculptures… If the ancient Romans had known that the martyrology was fake news they would have had more weapons to resist the destruction of their civilisation.

In other words, those who actually perpetrated the conquest by the sword were the Christians, who blamed the pagans for their own crimes. Same thing about the Jewish holocaust. Those who actually perpetrated a German Holocaust were the Allies, who in turn blamed the Germans for their own crimes.

How Johnson and Anglin do not see something so obvious is only explicable if we give plausibility to my claim that white nationalism is an impossible chimera between truths and lies, between courage and cowardice, light and darkness. Johnson sincerely believes, in his most cordial discussion with Anglin, that a white takeover of his society without revisionism is possible. As I said, the pair did not even mention The Hellstorm: the atomic bomb that potentially could destroy the Judeo-liberal narrative because it goes straight to the emotions of the masses, who ignore what actually happened in the war.

The pair also spoke of Charlottesville, religion and spirituality but it is no longer necessary to follow them.

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I like what you wrote here, Cesar, about Johnson and Anglin. I also like what Carolyn Yeager pointed out today about Jack Sen, Kevin MacDonald, and Andrew Joyce. She calls it cowardice. It can also be called evasion.


Too many White spokesmen are avoiding the core issues of Revisionism: confronting the Holohoax, revealing the German holocaust, and exposing Christianity as a kind of suicide bomb.

Thanks for the link. I liked this phrase from Hadding in the comments section: “MacDonald seems to be literally terrified of that subject.” But is it true that KMD “now has two Jews”? If so that’s serious indeed! If this is true I am afraid I will expel TOO from my blogroll and place Carolyn’s instead…

Hi, C.T., Hadding Scott has taken TOO very seriously and has tried his best to defend it in the past. I don’t think he’s got his facts wrong about the two Jews. Carolyn is solid in her knowledge of National Socialism, her defense of Hitler and Germany and the German people. She’s German herself.

Now Greggy wrote an article about his exchange with Andy (here).

He’s envious that Andy receives more donations than him and wrote the article because Greggy now wants to be #1 in making donation money!

Someone who does not pass the Hitler test should not be #1 in receiving money. Shame on the donors but, as always, it has to do with the character of white nationalism: their advocates are de facto conservatives—in spite of the fact that e.g., Greggy has a couple of Hitler books on his CC Publishing.

My problems with the chat were the following:

Error#1 The Soul and its ethical accompaniment Asceticism is meant to escape physical reality not conquer it. Only the Biblical tradition teaches Nationalistic conquering grounded in the doctrine of man as God’s image.

Error#2 The Bible is not a tool for Jewish hegemony.

Mat 21: 43 Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. 44 And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder. 45 And when the chief priests and Pharisees had heard his parables, they perceived that he spake of them.

Misc 1: If the Jews run the Fed why did the Fed fund Hitler?

2. Friedrich Nietzsche blamed the Jesuits not the Jews for modern liberalism and democracy.


It’s just another White American Christian Cuck who’s addicted to snorting his Jew crack. He’s so ignorant and/or scornful of the traditions of Ancient Europa that he latches onto a Semitic cult founded by a rogue rabbi. To rationalize away his worship of a Jew, he invents an imaginary version of Christianity that is totally compatible with White Power, complete with Whites being da reel Hebeews. He’s even worse than the Niggers pretending they’re Egyptians and Israelites. Niggers don’t have any traditions worthy of respect, hence the desperation to claim the likes of the Egyptians. Whites do, which makes the cuckoldry of your White Christian so much worse.

No. I am an ethnic Angle from England and a Calvinist.


Maldo, you are 180 degrees wrong. I do not believe whites are the real Jews. The Jews in Israel are the real Jews, ethnically, biologically, etc.

I am a Calvinist. Galatians 3:29

A word on Nietzsche (sorry if this a double post, was unsure if the post was submitted):

Nietzsche, as a philologist, would have been one of the few people in an extraordinarily unique position to apprehend history and gauge the reliability of the historical source material. Georges Sorel also alludes to this in his Reflections.

It needs to be stressed that Kalergi singled out Nietzsche as the only non-jewish philosopher and by doing so, has identified him as a prominent enemy of a globalist agenda which has it’s basis in Christianity.

Nietzsche is alluded to and quoted from in Hitler speeches Jan. 30, 1942, Nov. 8, 1942, and April 26, 1942 (check pdf Adolf Hitler – Collection of Speeches – 1922-1945): “A blow that does not knock a strong man over, only makes him stronger!”, “What falls, that shall one also push!”

Leon Degrelle, Otto Dietrich, Ernst Hanfstaengl, and even Hitler’s childhood friend August Kubizek indicate that Hitler had culled ideas from Nietzsche’s works. There is a possibility Otto Wagener may have recorded it in his memoirs, but it’s not listed in the index and I’m still reading through it.

In Table Talk entry May 16, 1944, Hitler indicates that he had read Nietzsche. And in Table Talk entry Oct. 25, 1941, he lists Nietzsche among Schopenhauer and Kant as potential targets for Jewry. In several Table Talk entries, Hitler is alleged to have read from Der Scheiterhaufen. Worte großer Ketzer by Kurt Eggers, which contains pages of explicitly anti-Christian quotes from Nietzsche, immediately following quotes from Julian.

The anti-evolutionist and Christian Richard Weikart, in his book Hitler’s Religion, on page 28, claims that Goebbels “recorded in his diary that Hitler was riled up against scholars, including philosophers, but he made an exception for Nietzche, who, he asserted, ‘proved in detail the absurdity of Christianity. In two hundred years it [i.e., Christianity] will only remain a grotesque memory.'” I have been unable to confirm this, as I don’t have access to a physical copy of Goebbels diaries 1939-1941 and there’s not much to gleam from the Google Books preview.

As for Nietzsche’s association with communists, Rosenberg provides an explanation: “The Red standards then joined the banner of Nietzsche, and the nomadic wandering Marxist preachers—the sort of men whose doctrine scarcely anyone else had unmasked with such derision as Nietzsche himself.”

As for the argument that Nietzsche was a philo-Semite or held antipathy towards Jesuits, it should be pointed out that Hitler and Luther were also this way in their beginnings. Nietzsche was simply not afforded the opportunity to come to the realization, as Hitler did in his youth and Luther in old age.

The Protocols suggest that the Jews wish to represent the Jesuits as an overt organization. It should be pointed out that there were Jesuit periodicals that at least acknowledged the Jewish problem.

As for the Protocols of Zion singling out Nietzsche as a Jewish agent (Darwin is also listed), that was the result of Christian bias, an interpolation by the Christian mystic Nilus. The Semitic Controversies blog – although Alt-Right – has an entry on it.

This really is the one NS-site that matters! For news that is of interest to those who used to read the DS, see http://whiteresister.com/ , for knowledge and true philosophy, come here. The 14 words should be replaced by your 4 words, gens alba conservanda est, so 488!!

Oops! I thought that my 4 words refer to “Eliminar todo sufrimiento innecesario”. But you have a point, “Gens alba conservanda est” are also 4 words.

“Eliminar todo sufrimiento innecesario”. I have given this some thought, I have seen these words before, maybe the “gens alba..” are not your words, maybe it is a quote I don’t know, but it beats the slightly random number 14. I see everything as Karma, suffering is Karma, how can there be any unnecessary suffering?! Is what is happening to the west now unnecessary? I do not think so, the suffering isn’t nearly bad enough yet. The world is an arena, fighting the only reality, how can there be any unnecessay suffering?

It starts to be explained in my Day of Wrath.

“Gens alba…” – I stole that phrase from the Dark Enlightenment. I tried to use something else but many words look bad in the theme Quentin of WordPress that I use.

But these fucking Canadians moved me today to change the subtitle!

It’s quite ridiculous that “White Nationalists” (or whatever they’re calling themselves) get squeamish on the question of conquest and disposing of the muds (not just the Jews). This is a form of their overall habit of trying to show how multicultural they are and that the Jews are da reel waycis. From midwit Richard Spencer cucking himself over how mean slavery was, /pol/ mods deleting threads discussing how to purge the muds from both White countries and territory yet to be seized (see Africa), support for Mud Power Movements alongside supporting mud leaders outside of America…

Sounds like Anglin is reeling from his unpersoning. A while ago, after Grinder Greg posted an interview with a “Brony” (name for grown men who watch the cartoon: My Little Pony) Anglin said he was done with Johnson. I wish he had kept to his word…

A commenter nailed it at Tara’s thread in BitChute account:

Fuck the American flag. It is death and dead and needs to be discarded. The old America is gone and it’s never coming back. People don’t know what they want and appealing to them on misguided sensibilities isn’t going to do any good. People say the Swastika is foreign — you know what is foreign? The millions of aliens in our midst. Or another thing that is foreign to most of the world is liberalism an ideology that originated in England and spread to consume most of the world. If foreignness were an aversion we would not be in the situation we’re in and people wouldn’t be worshipping foreign idols.

They’re just Racist Liberals who don’t want to share their toys. Whether it’s Richard Spencer going out of his way to assure some We Wuzzing Nigger that he’s totally against slavery, the non-ironic support for Mud Power and mud leaders in other countries that goes beyond setting them upon the Jews while preparations to purge or conquer either occur, etc. They’re no different than Leftist movements like the Black Panthers.

They are conflating, and thus have failed to discriminate between smart marketing, and completely submitting to a Jewish compliance test. Johnson in particular has a nasty habit of inverting a premise. In light of the truth, a big lie becomes a big liability. The Holocaust®©™ is as real as those legendary weapons of mass destruction, different lie, different day, same cui bono. It is a lie so thread bear; it requires the force of law to hold it together.

The pursuit of mass respectability inevitably reduces to it is ‘a very hard sell’, just accept the onus, you beaten curs. The idea of a mass movement is to promote suppressed truth(s) to the masses, not to become yet another mass of sissified asses. All of Johnson’s criticism of NS dodges the most relevant: what did NS do right? It is an assumption that Johnson’s ignorance is what makes his argument(s) gay. Perhaps, but his intelligence and familiarity with the subject suggests the fault lies elsewhere.

What does “America” stand for that is worth preserving?

All men are created equal? Free markets? Classical liberalism? Anti-traditionalism? Neo-Calvinist civic organization? Baseball? Shopping malls? Hollywood?

America has always been evil. The fact that the founding fathers didn’t all have retarded views on race doesn’t redeem this country at all. It was founded on the HIV of crypto-Judaic Calvinism and gave birth to the full-blown AIDS of Judaism. The only thing worth preserving about America is what’s left of its Germanic/Northern European stock and what’s left of the Germanic collective unconscious.

I understand the idea that we want to appeal to “normal” people by appearing as patriotic Americans, but the Alt Right didn’t get as far as it did by being race-realist Trumpists. The true energy of the Alt Right, in my opinion, has always came from flirting with the mystique of National Socialism. The Daily Stormer (though it is not true NS) is very popular, and the movement itself exploded in popularity after Richard Spencer did as little as to say “hail victory.” Imagine if the leaders of the movement, instead of shying away from the most powerful, dangerous, exciting, and moving aesthetic in white history, openly embraced it.

It’s a superficial flirting, the Alt-Right knows nothing of National Socialist fundamentals. Blood and race wasn’t all there was to it, there is a blatant disregard for the socialist orientation and the principle of self-realization.

It’s true that it has always been the demagogues who inflamed passion that have been behind revolutions, never the intellectuals (Mein Kampf). It’s also true that the greater masses are not won over by objectivity, but by “determination and strength” (Mein Kampf).

The problem with Anglin is that he never gets to the heart of the problem and his application of the principle of exclusion leaves much room to be desired.

Anti-Semitism will always flare up as long as Jews continue to exist, we can count on the Jews to fuel it. The challenge is in steering it towards a worthier course. At the present, there’s a genuine risk of it degenerating into the monstrous equivalent of a Bolshevik mass-movement. We must recall that the Jewish goal is to eliminate the hostile national intelligentsia. A people without true and heroic leaders pose no threat to the Jew, no matter how informed they are.

The National Socialist literature analyzes and reinterprets history, it’s almost refreshing. They often quoted from the British Jew Disraeli, who said that the racial question is the key to world history. They also frequently brought up the Exodus account. It would do Anglin and the Daily Stormer a lot of good to bring this event up from time to time.

Exodus 1:6-10 indicates that the Egyptian king feared that the Jews would join his enemies upon an outbreak of war. This indicates two things: the Jews bore a stigma of betrayal and that the king was familiar with them. It’s likely that this is the same king who had put them in power, behaving differently, as the Talmud commentary suggests (Eruvin 53a:8-10). The Jews plainly admit that they robbed the Egyptians and that a great mixed company were expelled with them (Exodus 12:35-38), only veiling their slaughter of the firstborn with the help of that company. The ancient world (i.e. Tacitus) speaks unanimously about the Jews being driven out for a leprosy outbreak, which explains some of their rites and customs. This is where the Semitic Controversies blog has done outstanding work, at least in it’s early years, it’s one of the few elements of Alt-Right I can truly appreciate. It prompted me to do my own research into the ancient world’s perception towards Jews.

The National Socialists did not ostracize the former adherents of the left, the former communists, the former aristocrats, etc. Their exercise of the principle of exclusion was mainly geared towards Jews and the clergy. In a January 18, 1927 speech, Hitler said:

“We should judge people according to the abilities with which nature has endowed them and which they use for the benefit of the community. This criterion excludes the accidental factor of high or low birth and gives a person the freedom to forge his own reputation… If I apply this criterion I cannot say that the fifteen million people on the left are worthless.”

The corruption I see in the Alt-Right is that they openly disparage the former elements while including Jews in their leadership and unrepentant Christians in their members. Anglin is simply toxic; he does not restrict this poison to Jews, but he levels it at blacks, women, muslims, and even whites.

C.T., I made so many errors in my earlier comment (which you may delete), I want to try again.

I read Greg Johnson’s essay, “Dealing with the Holocaust” as a result of this conversation about that earlier conversation between Anglin and Johnson. I found Johnson’s “reasons” for dismissing the holocaust because of irrelevancy to the cause of WN to be just rationalizations at best and lies at worst.

His saying that all the mainstream historians have already accepted what the holocaust revisionists have proven is outrageous. If that were the case, there would be no more propaganda for the holocaust at all.

Johnson says White people could not buy any amount of Jewish propaganda about the lessons of the holocaust sold to White people if Whites hadn’t already an innately susceptible weakness for buying that propaganda in the first place. This intrinsicist argument is circular in that facts first have to be relevant for there to be belief in lies; thus, confronting the factual lies behind the holocaust is necessary to destroy the propaganda and right the wrong done to history, to Hitler and the Third Reich, and to all Americans and Europeans who want to understand what the true facts are.

Lastly, Johnson wants to blame White people for being unwilling to confront ethnic conflict and to take sides for the Whites, yet he does everything in his verbal power to give reasons for his unwillingness to directly confront the Jewish propaganda about the holocaust, calling such willingness to deal a “distraction.”

There was a lot of wishy-washy contradictory thinking in the essay, most of it consisting of rationalizations and side issues, but in his latest article here, he does make it clear he wants to be number one in receiving donations. For what exactly?

Greggy, and especially his donors, are what I call “ethnosuicidal nationalists”. Would you be willing to talk about this subject in Episode 6 of WDH Radio show?

Whoa! C.T. Thank you, but no. You’re moving a little too fast. Thank you, first of all, for deleting my earlier, poorly written comment, but more to the point, I’m no authority on Greg Johnson, not as knowledgeable as you, and I’m not facile with conducting myself in a live telephone interview technologically through my iMac.

I’ve tried to avoid Johnson for the most part (though I have sniffed around the Counter-Currents website here and there regarding him throughout the years and dabbled in some of his online essays out of specious curiosity), but it’s been your recent post on him and Carolyn Yeager’s latest article regarding him that have put the pressure on me to try to better understand this guy and his “fashionable” (Mark Weber-like) viewpoint out of my deep regard and respect for both you and Carolyn Y.

Carolyn Y. and I just commented to each other today on her blog about Johnson’s stance on “Whiteness.” Carolyn thinks Whiteness is not an ethnicity. (Thomas Dalton, another revisionist, does think Whiteness is an ethnicity.). I thought that the WN’s push to try to get the French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian people to identify as White was actually a good thing for the sake of unity and cohesion as a force against Jewish power, but Carolyn has successfully persuaded me that such a push is really another globalist tactic to further disenfranchise specific White ethnicities for the sake of developing a faceless, globalist, societal mass of protoplasm.

If I can be surprised by how little I still understand about this struggle even when it comes to my own (White) identity (half-Czech/half-Italian), putting myself out there as some kind of opinion-maker on ethnicity just feels arrogant and a false posture.

Not that I wouldn’t want to take a stand against Greg Johnson for the views he expressed in his essay and in his conversation with Anglin. I would like to, but I don’t think I can defend the “ethnosuicidal nationalist” premise against Johnson based on the little I’ve heard and read from him, even though the one essay (of two he wrote) I did read well could be summarized with your words: “ethnosuicidal nationalist” — if only because Johnson won’t face the facts about the Holocaust, because, as you have written elsewhere about him, he thinks Arthur Kemp’s book is worthless, and because Johnson truly won’t deal with the holocaust lie, while also evading the true lessons of revisionist history regarding the Jews and Hitler in order to better influence and alter his muddled sophistry.

I read this morning another of your essays where you rightly label White Nationalists as hedonists. Just today I posted a comment on CY (yet to be published) as to the reason for WNs like Johnson to take the “step over the Holocaust” approach is likely due to hedonism. It’s simply easier and more comfortable than to take history and your race seriously.

C.T., you are an interesting and absorbing writer. Like me, you are anti-psychiatry (pro R.D. Laing), anti-child abuse, anti-Christianity, and are pro White and pro National Socialism, while also being somewhat tolerant of homosexuality, publishing excerpts on your website from Gore Vidal’s novel “Julian,” for example. I share all of your views implicitly and explicitly, it seems, surprisingly enough, including your stance on living classical music while having a very limited income, but I’m still reading “Day of Wrath,” and want to get the whole of it under my belt before I do much of anything.

When you wrote, “Children have been the garbage bin where the adults dump the unrecognized parts of their psyches,” I had to momentarily close your book and take a break because my eyes had choked and clogged with tears from the painful truth you had uttered. I know now you think that the child abuse issue is no longer as important as the Nordic race issue, and I understand your viewpoint, but I just feel too ill acquainted with Greg Johnson (and the whole of your work) to be of much help just now while being uncertain about the technological knowledge and expertise I’d need to conduct such an adventure with you on radio.

Honestly, I never thought Johnson was important as a writer and I don’t know how it’s come to pass that he’s now sharing the spotlight with Anglin as if the two are equal members of the same party and effort, when one is commercial grapefruit juice and other is a real lemon (not saying which is who). I’m not fond of either one actually, but I don’t even see how either of the two can be anything more than a passing, momentary blip in historical time.

The pro-White, anti-Jew, pro-Hitler homosexual has yet to be identified as anything real and valid, as far as I can tell, and a non-White like Anglin taking on such a pro-White, anti-Jew, pro Hitler stance doesn’t even make sense to me given his less-than-sterling moral character, no matter how much truth he has published over the years, no matter how in-your-face and “extreme” his campaign has been to successfully bring attention to White genocide and the Jewish Problem. I’m partial to my own race and I like integrity to mean something. It is too bad you don’t have a speaker in English who can communicate your views besides the Herculean and substantive efforts you yourself make on your blog and in your books.

I want to suggest an alternative solution, though. What think you about contacting Carolyn Yeager to defend your “ethno-suicidal nationalism” premise against Johnson? She’s got much more knowledge than I about him and has a very clear Nationalist Socialist viewpoint. She’s also been on radio herself as host and as an interviewee. I think she could handle this. It could make for interesting radio.

Thanks for your long reply.

I’ll try to contact her again.

Vidal’s Julian is good as is Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony despite their sexual inclinations.

Just curious: Why do you say “non-White like Anglin”?

C.T., thank you for your patience with my long reply. I hope you will be able to get Carolyn Yeager to accept. I haven’t found Vidal to be a good novelist; I mean I’ve read five or six of his novels, and I’ve been disappointed for the most part, though I have enjoyed his nonfiction much more. But your approval and excerpt printing of his “Julian” has whetted my appetite for it.

As to your question, as far as I know, Anglin is not White. He’s of mixed race. Years ago there was a lot of online fighting about this topic, and I think the consensus ended up being that the matter of his race was now moot since he was doing such good work for the White race.

Maybe I was picking up Jewish propaganda without knowing it, but I’ve never encountered a blog or statement that clearly and definitively clears up the matter of Anglin’s true racial ethnicity, though I also stopped following him particularly when Carolyn Yeager and he had a falling out. If I recall, even Carolyn Yeager wondered whether Andrew Anglin was White. I don’t know why she gave up learning the truth or sharing her discovery that he was indeed White.

Andrew’s not as intelligent and as informed as Carolyn Yeager is, so when she dropped him, I dropped him as well. I will say there’s some likelihood I am wrong on my perception about his race due to only my online investigations and memories of being online, but he honestly doesn’t even look White to me. I never met him personally, so I am relying upon my memory of online discussions, which are as old as 2008.

I see your point about Matt Heimbach, though in certain online photos of him he looks like a normal White guy. Metapedia claims to have vetted Matt Heimbach as having a White identity, but you won’t find any such thing on Andrew Anglin, and unlike Heimbach, Anglin never looks White in any of his online photos, imho.

Andy looks whiter than Matt at least in skin color. But Anglin’s face is wider than the Nordic, elongated face (as my face is also wider). What is ‘ungood’ is that he dated an Asian woman.

Nobody has asked Anglin about his ancestors? Whatever the answer, see the first paragraph of my today’s post which subtitle says, ‘Ethnosuicidal Spencer’.

That Anglin “dates” Asian women has been a major flaw in his leadership since the beginning, yes. That he also “dates” underage Asian women is even worse.

“Johnson also complained that Hitler had wanted to colonise the Slavs and Ukraine: ‘Their plans for the Slavic East were really genocidal and that’s immoral’.”

So, he’s too ignorant to know about the Slovaks, Ukrainians and Croats who fought for the Reich until the very day of surrender? Not surprising from an American.

About the genocide of Slavs, I’m not sure. The Generalplan Ost is an interesting topic, but Western revisionists only care about the chosen people and their Holocaust, so they pay zero attention to it.

Imo, it would’ve been more of a restoration of the Nordic blood in Eastern Europe via the process of Germanization over the span of decades.

Fun fact: “slave labourers” from Ukraine had a newspaper issued for them in 1944. It’s available online.

“Since the Morgenthau Plan not only continues but has metastized throughout Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, what happened in WW2 must be at the centre of our vision.”


The reluctance to confront the truth about National Socialism, the Holocaust, and Allied crimes is proof of a weakness of character that is nearly universal among white nationalists in America.

Anglin should know better. Johnson’s dishonest evasion is typical. He never shows his face either. How did you manage to find a photo of him?

I find the backbiting surrounding the Anglin/Johnson subject to be most troubling. I never spent any time on Anglin, something about him never sat right with me. I seem to have a Jewdar that picks up on certain people. Not that they are necessarily Jews, but that they might be less (or more) than they appear.

As for Johnson, his soft-soap approach will never lead anywhere but down a dead end path. He simply promotes the same types of solutions that have failed countless times throughout history. So why spend even a moment discussing them? They’re not the enemy, just misguided friends.

I find people have been thoroughly vaccinated with the Jew’s personality cult. It’s not the message that’s important, but the messenger. I am always chagrined when I hear people ask “who wrote this” or “who said that” before I can deliver the information, as if the personality is crucial to the issue.

This type of backbiting is yet another part of the Jew’s plan to divide and conquer. While Jews often disagree on various secondary matters they stand shoulder to shoulder on the subject of Jew. One seldom ever hears a Jew denigrate another Jew in a public forum.

By contrast, when white people disagree, even on minor issues, there is an immediate parting of the race. Soon they begin denigrating each other in public. I encounter this “mud-slinging” all the time on “white” forums.

The personality cult is crucial to Jews. Personality product labeling puts a highly subjective slant on subject matter, especially sensitive subject matter. For example look at how people react if you start out saying, “Let me read you this passage from Hitler’s Mein Kampf,” or, “let me quote Martin Luther King.”

Of course different people react differently to these names. Yet upon hearing such names, people invariably polarize into the Jew’s conveniently labeled boxes of “right” or “left,” either fully embarcing or fully rejecting the message. Worse however is the manner in which the personality cult gives credence to vacuous idiots like Hollywood actors, musicians and even nobodys-a-tall, like Paris Hilton.

People like Anglin and Johnson are simply another aspect of this personality cult mentality, i.e. people who have been noticed and talked about by others.

The question is what are the productive results of this kind of gossip? Are there any? If not, then what valuable time and effort has been wasted while talking about them? How could this time and effort have been used productively?

My personal yardstick is, if an individual has a direct influence on my life, e.g. Trump, Obama or Hitler, then their personality is worth addressing, otherwise why bother?

In closing, I will paraphrase a quote from Rodney King: “Why can’t all weze white folk jes git along?”

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