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Hearken, Millennial Woes!

Millennial Woes is an Alt-Right commentator who blogs at YouTube. In his latest YT audio another ethnocentric commentator, Tara McCarthy interviews him. The case of this pair exemplifies why I differ so much from the tepidity of white nationalism or Alt-Right.

In one of Tara’s first questions, Millennial Woes says that the problem began in the 1950s. He thus omits that the zeitgeist of that decade was the direct result of the 1940s, World War II and the holocaust committed by the Allies on the Germans: the greatest crime of Western history (see the sidebar).

After minute 40 Tara, who is partly white partly Indian, asked a very important question: Who is white taking into account that in Europe there are mixed people (like Tara herself). The way Millennial Woes responded is absolutely typical of the Alt-Righters: that it was obvious and that all Europeans are white!

As I said in the most recent entry on William Pierce’s Who We Are, this is the kind of mentality that is destroying the Aryans: their complete inability to see that in Europe many ancestral Europeans have ceased to belong to that race. Unlike the logical distinctions made by the National Socialists, for white nationalists any frank discussion of Nordish and Mediterranean peoples is anathema.

This universal egalitarianism of out-group altruists is due, as we have stated countless of times, to the heritage of Christianity insofar this way of seeing the world did not exist before it. To be fair, at least Tara knew there was a problem because of her mixed ancestry; that’s why she asked the question in the first place. But Millennial Woes, who genetically is whiter than her, then said that the ‘burden of white on Africans’, that is the duty to help them, falls on whites because the ‘Chinese won’t do it’.

I caught you, Neo-Christian!

We can imagine not only the Greeks and Romans of the Ancient World but the Persians, the Germanics, the Celts, the Slavs and a number of pagan Scandinavian tribes loading upon their shoulders the burden of nigger welfare! See this article of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour to understand the axiological tragedy that has befallen upon the Aryan psyche, which includes so called white nationalists. (I say “so called” because with the burden of helping other races WNsts like Millennial Woes are heading towards extinction.)

The Christian ethic of Millennial Woes, presumably an atheist, also shows in how he envisions the ethnostate. He wants to deport mulattoes from Europe to Africa with their white mothers, not taking into account that mulattos are far more dangerous than blacks. For example, former President Obama used his IQ inherited from his white mother to undermine white Americans. He was planning to flood only-white neighbourhoods with blacks before the last election! This way of looking at things—‘I let you go intelligent mulatto; I won’t kill you even if your white genes are a potential threat to us’—is absolutely typical of Neo-Christian nationalism.

In the interview Millennial Woes also said that people ‘between 90 and 100 percent white’ should live in the ethnostate. Note that this implies that he doesn’t want to deport the remaining ten percent. You can imagine one of the leading voices of the Third Reich saying that it is okay to tolerate ten percent of mud people in Germany! Millennial Woes also said that the IQ ‘is the most tangible difference between the races’ when in fact the troglodyte faces of the coloureds we see on the streets are the most obvious difference. This gross overlook of the most conspicuous aspect—what I call Neanderthalism—is also very common among self-styled race realists.

Finally, before the question ‘Would you allow white liberals in the ethnostate?’ Millennial Woes replied, ‘Yes I would.’

Compare this altruistic answer, so typical of a good Christian, with what is drawn from the novels of Pierce, David Lane and Harold Covington. Right after the holy racial wars, unless the liberal is a young and beautiful chick that would be used as a breeding machine by an Aryan warrior, white liberals will stay outside the frontiers of the liberated zones, where only the crying and gnashing of teeth of these traitors will be heard.

Hearken Millennial Woes!

The Aryan race needs a religion of boldness, not your secular religion of meekness…
The Aryan Race needs a religion of war, not a religion of peace!
The Aryan Race needs a religion of hate, not a religion of love!
The Aryan Race needs a religion of anger, not a religion of sorrow!
The Aryan Race needs a religion of severity, not a religion of mercy!

10 replies on “Hearken, Millennial Woes!”

Millennial Woes has said he’s a “former” homosexual and it shows in his simpering. He’s obviously intelligent and he will make a fair point or a clever observation here or there. But weakness is his defining characteristic. I was watching his video “Problems with the Alt Right” and I was literally laughing out loud at what a tortured, aimless reactionary he is. If you let him, he will speak endlessly about problems that he is terrified someone might try to actually do something about. As for Tara, I’ve never seen any of her work and I don’t intend to since women don’t have any place in the movement and they will only add conflict and weakness into our cause if we allow them to have a voice.

As an aside, I’m usually disgusted with most of the leadership in the movement whenever they are confronted by a pro white homosexual or especially a pro white mud. Some mud or mongrel will say they advocate for whites and therefore do not pose a threat and should be allowed to live with us, and what is to be done with them? When these muds and mongrels proposition white leaders in this way they are usually met with stammering and obfuscation. Harold Covington knew how to answer this. On a radio interview once, a caller asked Covington if he could bring his Asian wife to live in Harold’s ethnostate. Covington gave him an adamant NO and castigated the man for defiling himself with this mongoloid woman. That’s the correct way to handle the issue.

Covington did the right thing, but I wouldn’t dismiss a mongrel who believes in the 14 words. Generally, s/he cannot be in the ethno-state of course but some of them will become handy when the State needs translators while in war with the country where the mongrel / mestizo / non-white comes from.

Of course: these people won’t be allowed to reproduce within the ethno-state. But even the SS used quite a few of them.

I left a tweet in Millennial Woes’ page linking the above article. In my experience Alt-Righters never respond criticisms coming from the right. I hope Millennial Woes does…

From what I observe, what pro white mongrels specifically want is to be included in the ethnostate. When the time comes necessity will be our guide at given moments I suppose. But on principle I don’t trust them. And if they value their hides they would be wise not to trust me…I’ve always wanted to expel them to the country of their dark parents origin as a first step. But you make an excellent point about exporting dangerous white blood. I hadn’t considered it from that angle. Letting them escape might be foolish.

Subal, whose YouTube channel was named Aryan Spring and then Devonshire Fascist, had his channel banned when he called out the gay mafia in the Alt Right, Grinder Greg specifically. Millennial Woes left a pissy comment telling Subal he was being divisive before the channel was shortly taken down. He’s always been a big tent guy. He wants as many butts as possible in his tent, apparently.

I don’t trust mulattos any more. In the case of those of mixed race, I like Tara although you are right: we shouldn’t be listening to women.

I am not familiar with slang English. What’s the urban meaning of “Grinder” in reference to Greggy?

Grinder Greg is a nickname pinned on Johnson by some of his detractors in the movement. Grinding is slang for sexual activity, and it may also allude to Grindr, which is some kind of social networking app for homosexuals.

Your voice, Cesar, should not be so unique among the pro-White thinkers, yet it is. Because most pro-White thinkers are faggots, alas.

“any frank discussion of Nordish and Mediterranean peoples is anathema”

Don’t Mediterranean peoples constitute a minuscule portion of the Europe’s population, however? Or do you only talk of North America? Because in Europe, only Iberia, Mezzogiorno, southern France and the Balkans can pass for the “mud regions”. The vast majority of Europeans are White, from Ireland to Latvia, and the subraces are far less clear than the races in Mexico/US.

You like to talk about Sicilians who are the muddiest of all Europeans, having endured 260 years of Muslim rule, yet for example, neighbouring Sardinians were never occupied, and have largely retained their bloodlines all the way from the Neolithic.

I used “meds” but European mudbloods are not only in the Mediterranean. You’re from Ukraine, aren’t you?

Caption: A Russian Village in the fertile Ukraine,
a German farm on land wrested from the sea.
The environment does not form people…
…people form the environment.

The above comes from one of the most featured articles ever in this site, authored by Himmler himself.

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