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WN.2 gone with the wind too

Hunter Wallace has penned another article, “Alex Linder and White Nationalism 1.0” where he writes about Linder: “…his stance on Christianity, the awful things he has said about Sam Francis and Jared Taylor and exterminationism. We will never agree on those issues.”

On exterminationism and the subject of Francis and Taylor perhaps we will speak in the next episode of the WDH Radio Show. For the moment I limit myself to say that here we have reproduced the comments that a Jack Frost used to post on The Occidental Observer when trying to communicate with the commentators and authors that the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem.

Result? Frost’s very sharp comments did not make any substantial dent in the conservatives commenting on TOO. (Since white nationalists do not form a party similar to Golden Dawn in America, it could be said that they are de facto conservatives).

Nor have the articles of other authors which we have reproduced on Christianity made any dent in the mind of a Christian. The fact that mestization increased dramatically since the founding of Constantinople, as the requirement to live in that city was to be a Christian and not the Latin ethnicity, does not make in them any dent at all. When Wallace says “We will never agree on those issues” when referring to the universalist religion of his parents it is clear that his position is religious. Arguments do not count. And what we have said of Constantinople can also be said of what the Spanish and Portuguese did from the 16th century precisely because of Christian universalism.

The inability to apostatize from the religion of their parents is what has stopped Southern nationalists from understanding what is happening now with their tore down statues, together with their inability to question capitalism as Hajo Liaucius rightly saw on this site.

3 replies on “WN.2 gone with the wind too”

Exterminationism is a delicate topic because discussion of it is associated (rightly or wrongly) with cranks, informants, and saboteurs. The WN narrative goes that jews want us to sound bloodthirsty – talk like this would alienate us from fellow whites. Yet, they admire Commander Rockwell who openly called for the legal gassing of jews and homosexuals! Christian morality was seemingly weaker in the comparatively more masculine 1960s!

Even if Southern nationalists don’t want to exterminate the Jews they are either going to have to kill a number of Jews or accept extinction. Whites are in a war with Jews and war means killing. If Christian racialists think they can win without harming any Jews they are delusional.

Ironically, the intolerant Jewish Marxist spirit of destruction that is tearing down statues in the South is the same intolerant Jewish spirit that was behind the Christian destruction of pagan iconography in the Ancient World.

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