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NS poster, 1

This poster announces a National Socialist meeting in Munich in May 1920. Hitler is to speak on the topic “What do we want?” The text below the title reads:

“Citizens! Do not believe that the Germany of misfortune and misery, the nation of corruption and usury, the land of Jewish corruption, can be saved by parties that claim to stand on a foundation of facts. Never!”

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The speech Hitler gave after this one was on the 13th August 1920 and titled “Why are we anti-semites?”. Carolyn Yeager placed a translation of the speech on her website 4 years ago. It is, as far as I know, the oldest speech by Hitler translated into English on the internet. (link)

Joseph Walsh: Thanks for the link. I probably read in total at least half of it, including the end part. Wow! I thought I already knew a lot about the German Leader, but his talk from 1920 shows just how good his understanding was, despite being only 31 years old.

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