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Diaspora, 1

Food for thought from Kevin
MacDonald’s Diaspora Peoples:

Groups of Europeans are thus exactly the sort of groups modeled by Fehr and Gätcher: They are groups with high levels of cooperation with strangers. They are thus prone to market relations and individualism. On the other hand, Jewish culture and Chinese culture derive from the Middle Old World culture area, characterized by extended kinship networks and the extended family. They derive from cultures prone to ingroup-outgroup relationships in which cooperation is with the ingroup composed of extended family members…

Jews are at the extreme collectivist end of the individualism-collectivism continuum, so extreme that they are prone to martyrdom rather than abandoning the group. These people are obligated to remain in the group no matter what—even to the point of killing themselves and their own family members to prevent the possibility of becoming a member of the outgroup…

There has been essentially no conversion of Europeans to become mating members of the Ashkenazi gene pool. The very low levels of genetic admixture with Europeans may well have come from clandestine matings and rape…

Sephardic Jews were genetically distant from both Spaniards and North Africans despite having lived among them for centuries. Indeed, they remain very close to Kurdish Jews, a finding the authors attribute to genetic continuity with Jews exiled by the Assyrians in 723 B.C. and the Babylonians in 586 B.C. Kurdish Jews remained closer generically to Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews than to Kurdish Muslims, a truly remarkable finding, since it indicates no detectable genetic admixture between Kurdish Jews and their hosts over approximately 2700 years.

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This could have been another post but I prefer it here:

Internal jihad

Kevin MacDonald should be read from the beginning—not as white nationalists usually do, starting from the third book and ignoring the rest.

The above post, as well as what I said last Saturday about Judaised Americans, throw further light in understanding the power of Judaism in our society.

Of the attempts to solve the Jewish problem—expulsion from Assyria and Babylon (and countless expulsions in Christendom), brutal Greco-Roman wars against Jewry, forced conversion in Spain and Portugal, and Germans colluding with the Zionists to deport them all to Palestine—, only the Nazis seemed to glimpse what creature they were dealing with.

But Hitler and his inner circle were not Christians. Many American white nationalists are. How many of them have the Bible as a legit source of inspiration? How could they advance a model to solve the JP when their Book tells that the Maccabees were the freedom fighters and Antiochus the villain?

I am no fan of the white sharia meme. But I must say that among jihadists there are two stages for a successful freedom fighter: internal jihad and external jihad.

White nationalists have not even won the first warfare, internal jihad. That’s why they’re barely fighting in the real world. The first stage involves, in the solitude of our bedrooms, countless soliloquies to detect the malware within our minds (e.g., the Bible’s account of the Maccabean revolt) and expurgating it like we do with computer malware.

As long as we don’t win the internal warfare we will be at the mercy of Old Testament propaganda. I have already said it in this blog and I’ll iterate it: The OT message promises an ethno-state for a Semitic tribe: a message by Semitic writers for a specific Semitic people. In contrast, the NT message for the gentiles says: An ethno-state for me but not for thee; your reign is not of this world.

Recognising the malware and extirpating it by means of internal “jihad” is something that few nationalists will do. We have to wait until our civilisation collapses later in this century so that their descendants abandon Christian meta-ethics.

There was no such thing as a Jew in 723 BC.The modern day Jews are the descendants of Edomites who were forced under the threat of death to be circumcised and become part of the Judean nation by John Hyrcanus around 130 BC.

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