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“National Socialism was not invented by Adolf Hitler, but is the conscious expression of the fundamental Laws of Nature governing our lives.”

“As National Socialists we follow no other voice than the voice of Nature and no other ethic than the ethic of Nature, and we know only one mortal sin: to try to revolt against this ethic.”

“If the world does not accept National Socialism as its only hope of a future, man will be facing destruction. This will be a logical consequence of his continuous violations of the Laws of Nature.”

—Povl Heinrich Riis-Knudsen

2 replies on “Nature”

I do not understand the following. Nature is built on suffering, in fact, constant suffering of gigantic proportions is “necessary” for it to run. God doesn’t care, a supernova may explode and destroy all hypothetical life forms in its vicinity. And every single organism only cares about the survival of its lineage, oblivious to everything else (albeit regulated by general rules).

What place is there for a sentient race such as White humans? Shouldn’t pure survivalism be the logically derived goal? The angelic confidence in your righteousness about certain postulates has always amazed me, but even bacteria cause mass extinctions (e.g., the Great Oxygenation Event). What other morality is the morality of Nature?

there’s plenty of non-suffering in nature, too. true to form, this site regularly works to expand my universe. hadn’t heard of povl until now.

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