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In defense of white sharia

by Sacco Vandal

Donald Thoresen recently wrote a criticism of the White Sharia meme, wherein he alleged that the proponents of the meme may perhaps be suffering from “self-hatred… and the internalization of white subservience.” As one of the genuine originators of the meme—which was first promulgated on my podcast, The War Room, in late 2016—I assure you: this is simply not the case.

In his piece, Thoresen wonders why anyone on the Alt Right would be “attracted to the brutality of the Islamic world” and advises those who enjoy the White Sharia meme to “decolonize themselves.” Unfortunately, it is Thoresen who needs to decolonize himself. He seems to have internalized the attempts of the darker races to meme our men into pacifistic, overly-civilized weaklings. Our enemies have facilitated this lie precisely in order to disarm us before moving in for the kill. But, in reality, barbarity is not foreign to us whites.

We should never forget that Faustian man was once, not so long ago, the most vicious and barbaric player on the world stage. Oswald Spengler referred to early Western man as “the red-haired barbarian” of “Frankistan.” Whites did not conquer the entire Earth by being nice or civilized; Whites conquered the world by sailing into foreign lands and taking those lands by force. Vikings, Crusaders, and Conquistadores alike were all practitioners of rape, pillage, and plunder.

But, alas, we have lost that barbarity. Our enemies have successfully memed us into cowardly weaklings.


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11 replies on “In defense of white sharia”

Taking and applying the word “Sharia” is a signal of subservience and submission to the Dark Hordes. Kee-rist- you can’ even make up your own terminology.

I was told that Weev wrote that women should have their arms broken for using a cell phone.

Doesn’t that sound a tad psychotic-y? (Hint – the correct answer is “yes”).

This is not a racial war. WN is about ‘white men’ who see well educated, women who work outside the home as The Problem.

White men and the west, invented terms, are taking over the world, but this time via stealth methods using market strategizing. It is economic coercion.

If they were just about keeping white women safe and taken care of and not about doing Mystery Meat on the side I would be cool with that, but that is not the case. WN is about the racial replacement of white women. Don’t ever get that twisted. The ‘movement’ has gotten very stank since my short foray into it and yeah buddy I am out. I am not about Cock Colonialism. You want to put what where after engaging in five dollah hollahs elsewhere? Yeah no thanks

Fu*k Weev–he’s a kike; seriously, watch any video with him–he’s 100% jew . . .

White Sharia meme: So Sacco takes credit for the meme and his ego won’t let it go. I don’t like associating the word Sharia with anything white. I agree with a lot of what Sacco said in his essay on CC; however, Sacco mentions that just because Muslems invented Sharia doesn’t mean Whites shouldn’t use it (wheel analogy)—WRONG, e.g., sandniggers adopted Islam and it’s the fast growing religion in the world; that doesn’t mean that Whites should adopt it too. How about a White Barbarian meme, White Conquer meme, Whites Rule meme, or Whites rule meme???

No Sacco is not Weev. Sacco Vandal is the twin brother to Vanzetti Vandal; together they host The War Room podcast with a few other military vets and they have the website http://vandalvoid.com/

Weev is an expat living in east Europe(claims if he comes back the the states he will probably be tossed back in prison)–was in Hungary, then last I heard was in Ukraine. He posts occasionally on Daily Stormer and helps Andrew Anglin with some website technical stuff too. The few times I listened to him on a podcast his jewishness screams filthy kike, mental kike, fucked up kike . . .

Unfortunately, a really stupid name was given to an otherwise commendable idea. I believe César explored it here in an article entitled “Lycanthropy.” TRS has been revealed to be cancerous.

Curiously, lycanthropy is the subject that I consider myself most powerful in my spoken word. If I could hire him, I would gladly pay the expenses of a simultaneous translator so that my ferocious views about this topic could be followed by our listeners in WDH Radio. But that is not the case, and the most difficult translation of all is from slang to slang. Too bad that my father rejected the offer of Warner & Bros. to move the family to the States decades ago…

I shouldn’t be surprised at how many weak-minded feminists there are at CC. But why are they also reading this blog? I do because every word coming from Cesar’s mouth or from under his pen is always a unique insight into the heart of Natinoal Socialism. And yet, there still are so many people that don’t get the simplest things… I have a few remarks, however.

1. “Ultimately, cultural forms are not and should not be considered as anything other than tools of the race.”
I think, you, Cesar, wouldn’t totally agree? As far as I understand, there are some things that are indeed of high priority irregardless of survival, such as preserving the biodiversity?

2. “Faust died in the fires of the Second World War. His dying spirit lingered on in America before finally dissipating during the 1960s.”
The author forgets about the USSR. Even in the 1980s, every schoolkid learned the words from a Victorian poem by Lord Tennyson, “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” As Faustian as it gets. Even though they nationalized it via Veniamin Kaverin.

Lastly, a serious question. Should beating wives be considered as abhorrent as child abuse? After all, wives do bring up children. Promoting any kind of traditionalism is always linked with a danger of ligitimazing the true horrors of the past such as religious indoctrination and genital mutilation…

True. That’s a complex subject. Now that I’m finishing the tenth and last book of my literary project, I will start addressing this dilemma in my private blog, Hojas eliminadas.

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