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War of the sexes, 15

Update: The following text is rough draft. The series has been substantially revised and abridged, and the section by the YouTube blogger Turd Flinging Monkey is available in a single PDF: here.

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“Winter is Coming”

—1st episode of the 1st season
of Game of Thrones

My view about western history has, at its axis, the raciology and histories of the white race from Gobineau to Kemp. Race may be the primary factor, but there are other forces as explained in my approach to psychohistory and now with the blogger’s traditionalism cycle. If, at least partially, the blogger’s philosophy of history is right, the implications are enormous for us racists. In this and the next couple of entries I’ll try to explain some details of the previous post.

The magic of male scarcity

turd-flinging-monkeyIn his video “The magic of male scarcity” the blogger says that after those wars in which most males die, the scarcity of men produces patriarchy, as women can do no hard work nor train for the next war. In this post-war scenario a man may have three or four women at his disposal; he could even get rid of three of them. A mere ten percent of men could control ninety percent of women. A woman’s blows are scratch, while a single punch from one of us knockouts her, the blogger says.

One or two generations after a devastating war the numerical balance between the males and the females is restored. But gynocentrism is not necessarily restored. The blogger repeats what he has said in other videos: gynocentrism is not an instinct but a cultural choice. He speculates that women in the 1950s were under control due to the deaths of the Second World War, though the soft patriarchy of the 50s lasted only a decade. Then came the baby-boomer generation and the second feminist wave. If a Third World War comes “all those feminists will be sucking our dicks just to know the taste of it.”

That’s the magic of male scarcity. Conversely, the blogger adds that a society that is fifty percent of each sex is incredibly gynocentric, as men compete for the women and the latter become choosy to the highest bidder (our species is a mixture of tournament species and pair-bonding species). On the other hand, in a society with few males women have to compete with other women about who among them will be taken under the protecting wings of the brute: their market value has been cheapened by the scarcity of males.

“Feminism itself is a luxury,” says the blogger. “It doesn’t exist in poor countries, for a reason. In each so-called feminist wave it lasts until the next war causes the male population to become scarce. Male scarcity is the key, and it is inevitable” —inevitable in the sense that Winter is coming throughout the West.

14 replies on “War of the sexes, 15”

‘Sucking our dicks to know the taste of it.’,

What the hell?

Dick sucking is anti procreation. It was done by slave women to please masa such that they would not get pregnant. Dick sucking was a way to stave off massa’s sperm while still remaining alive.

Sounds like this nutty blogger wants ghettoize white women down to his level of psychological nog

Part of feminine nature is to infantilize all thought into those of a sexual sphere.

No, not so.

It’s a sign of submission of the woman to her husband.

It’s the natural order of things.

It’s not unnatural. It has nothing to do with slavery.

Women are submissive to men as children are submissive to adults.

So let me ask you o oracle known as TNB, how the hell do women, who you call children, then raise kids? Or are you going to do this all by yourself.

Makes no sense for children to raise children. This happens in the ghetto and it is a disaster.

Men and women can be childlike in innocence and wonder, etc., but they are not children.

I am a woman. I am not a child. If I was a child, I could not raise my kids, but I can be childlike in wonder, amazement,etc.

Stop infantilizing women. You are exhibiting typical nog behavior when you do so.

Stop blaming nogs for your feminist notions of equality. Nog females are mentally more capable than nog males, incidentally.

Women are more childish due to their emotionality , gross sexuality, ease of mental and emotional manipulation (biggest threat to white survival) , and generally dilapidated mental state lacking wisdom.

If you want to read what white men thought of women and how they treated them watch any conservative movie from the silver screen and how men treated women and what the gender roles were.

Further, consult Schopenhauer on his views on women.

So true (Schopenhauer). Today Sunday I was invited to my mother’s dinner with my eldest sister, my nephew and his father: the husband of my other sister who died this year. My sister said that today she had planned to visit the Basilica de Guadalupe—the most important pilgrimage site of Catholicism—to pray that Trump doesn’t win!

Although I lost my Catholic faith I protested that Clinton wants babies that would be born the next day to be aborted if the mother wants, something that Trump doesn’t approve. Although my mother and my sister are practicing Catholics, they replied such nonsense that I took it as a hint that I had to shut up.

Annoyed I left the meeting and ate my dinner alone on the kitchen table, not in the dining room. Neither my nephew (who’s in his twenties) nor my brother-in-law uttered any nonsense after my words.

I’m afraid I have to stick to my own guidelines of never discuss such subjects with women…

Again, you rave and emotionalism everything like a child. I know you can’t help it so I don’t blame you as you are a woman.

The nog female is more human than the nog male. You assume that I extrapolated this to humans. I did not. In the case of humans, the male is more elevated than the female.

Anyway, any woman who calls herself “bitch” is questionable.

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