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On Ann Coulter

by Jack Frost

Ann_Coulter_in _2011At 53 years old, Ann Coulter, a Christian fanatic who once said at a public lecture “I don’t care about anything else; Christ died for my sins, and nothing else matters”, and who, in one of her books, once characterized evolution as bogus science, seems an unlikely pinup girl for any advocate of white interests.

She’s a never-married career girl who’s “dated” non-whites, including at least one Jew. No white children ever issued from her shriveled womb, nor, at this point, will they.

White people are abolishing themselves, and Ann Coulter is a case study in how and why.

One reply on “On Ann Coulter”

And with this comment Frost seems to have quit commenting at The Occidental Observer.

Many TOO readers are Christians (see for example the last comments in that thread). This explains their simplistic ideology, that Jewry is the main cause of white decline, since watching to the mirror means recognizing Christianity as a larger factor.

You really need to be absolutely dishonest not to see the history of, say, Latin America: which shows that even with institutions targeting crypto-Jews before the wars of independence from Spain, the Iberians managed to ruin their gene pool in a whole continent.

Arguments such as this will fall on deaf ears until the paradigm is replaced among whites—if it is replaced at all: whites seem to be stagnated in Christian axiology, including atheists.

There are many different ways to support the cause, and I actually believe that not being a wife and mother makes Ms. Coulter an even more dedicated and more productive…

Arguments such as this one replying to Frost in the TOO thread only show that nationalists are still liberals and crypto-feminists. Watching a blonde republican on TV or other career women only demoralize the potential male warrior.

Today I was listening the appendix of The Lord of the Rings while driving (virtually all radio is degenerate so I purchased the audio-book) and learned that Tolkien wrote about the decay of a group of fictional white people once they failed to breed properly.

No real traditionalist can admire sterile bimbos on the mass media and call himself “a traditionalist”. But again, regarding feminism white nationalists are the national socialists’ cuckservatives.

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