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Table talks (commercial translation) Women

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 75



26th January 1942, evening

Women in politics.

I detest women who dabble in politics. And if their dabbling extends to military matters, it becomes utterly unendurable.

In no local section of the Party has a woman ever had the right to hold even the smallest post. It has therefore often been said that we were a party of misogynists, who regarded a woman only as a machine for making children, or else as a plaything.

That’s far from being the case. I attached a lot of importance to women in the field of the training of youth, and that of good works. In 1924 we had a sudden upsurge of women who were attracted by politics: Frau von Treuenfels and Matilde von Kemnitz. They wanted to join the Reichstag, in order to raise the moral level of that body, so they said. I told them that 90 per cent of the matters dealt with by parliament were masculine affairs, on which they could not have opinions of any value.

Everything that entails combat is exclusively men’s business. There are so many other fields in which one must rely upon women. Organising a house, for example. Few men have Frau Troost’s talent in matters concerning interior decoration. There were four women whom I give star rôles: Frau Troost, Frau Wagner, Frau Scholtz-Klink and Leni Riefenstahl.

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Ronin himself begins by laying out the demographic problem. He argues that *at least* 95% of white women in the world are liberals; that this is because they have not been properly recruited into the ethno nationalist movement. He does not pause to admit that if nearly all white women are liberals, it may be because of a dangerous weakness prevalent in the female mind.

His “Sara Bellum” quickly added that it is all a “myth” that white women were ever a submissive, motherly sex, hence it is futile and foolish for anyone to expect them to ever become so. (In effect, she believes it is not possible for females to behave as our ancestors once knew women should.)

It looks like all pro-white blogsites are fraudulent in one way or another. My esteem is always increasing toward those late racists who flourished before the internet era. In the US for example, Rockwell, Revilo Oliver and Pierce were much closer to the NS ideal than today’s reactionaries.

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