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On birth control

19th-century cartoon depicting Jack FrostI was tempted to leave the previous entry on women as sticky for a while. But now Jack Frost has responded to the commenter I quoted there:


I agree there’s a correlation [between feminism and the deranged altruism that invites millions of non-whites to invade our lands]. But it’s only an interesting one because, unless I’ve misread you, you are also suggesting that there’s a straightforward causal relationship between female “influence” and willingness to accept immigrants. But willingness to accept immigrants correlates with a lot of things: relative national wealth, underpopulation, whiteness, and Christianity all come to mind immediately. Conversely, an unwillingness to accept immigrants correlates positively with being already overpopulated, relative national poverty, non-whiteness, and non- (or anti-) Christianity. The causal relationships are debatable.

Also, from a racial point of view, there’s no difference between immigrants who come voluntarily and people who are imported against their will. We should remember that even before feminism, the white men of the New World were importing negro slaves and breeding with them, along with the indigenous non-whites. So it’s clear that a lack of feminism doesn’t necessarily protect race.

One thing that seems unarguable to me is that the cause of female empowerment, and also a low fertility rate, is the availability and widespread use of scientific birth control, including abortion. If we imagine for a moment that these techniques had never been invented, the West would have a much larger white population than it currently has. Since women would always be getting pregnant, they’d have remained dependent upon men, and feminism as we know it today would never have come to pass. If you want to get rid of female “influence”, the quickest way is to eliminate all forms of birth control.

One reply on “On birth control”

Who needs the fucking Jews?

I have stated many times that white nationalists are ethno-suicidal. In the most recent comments of that Occidental Observer thread a feminist WN has just said:

“This is so one side anti women bullshit… You idiots have to see how many white women are fighting for their genetic survival of our race. I see on twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, 20 and more white women and you are only talking about taking away their rights… I prefer these fighting women more then you complaining men. Men up! You act like whining bitches and in the meantime our lands are flooded with our race destroyers, and these women are fighting your fight!”

We are only thinking about “taking away their rights”? Really? The “right” to avoid motherhood?

With such brave “followers” of the 14 words who needs the fucking Jews?

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