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Calumny of Apelles

Above, Botticelli’s 1494 painting Calumny of Apelles which depicts a wrongfully accused man on trial, surrounded by a series of menacing women, each one made to represent a different moral failing. Below, a couple of slightly edited posts from the comments section of The Occidental Observer. They were posted yesterday by a commenter whose native language probably is not English:


I think it is very clear that the more male influence there is in society, the more xenophobic that society is. The more female influence there is in society, the less xenophobic that society is.

Have a look at Sweden—the most feminised country on Earth. It has accepted much more refugees per capita than Germany itself. It is Number 1 in Europe for accepted refugees per capita. And many people are calling Germany crazy. Well, Sweden is even crazier than Germany.

What is causing this pathological altruism? Jews? There are very few of them in Sweden, although they do control some of the media. I think mister [Kevin] McDonald had trouble proving that pathological altruism in Sweden is caused by Jewish influence alone. It is not caused either by the fact that they are northern peoples either, since northern peoples were way more xenophobic a hundred years ago. [MacDonald’s article: here] Then no Muslims were allowed in Northern Europe. No non-European minorities. It was totally populated by white people. And before a hundred years ago America was way more xenophobic as well. All of Europe was more xenophobic.

So what caused the decrease of xenophobia in the US and Europe? Simple: the increase in female influence. Since females are less xenophobic than males, the more female influence there is in society, the less xenophobic that society will be.

This is why countries in Eastern Europe are still hostile towards immigration and multiculturalism and are totally white. In Eastern Europe there is no feminism at all. Women there are more feminine. They are all male-dominated countries; most people in Eastern Europe even don’t know what “sexism” is. White men there are still violent and to be a macho is not considered to be something bad…

I don’t blame or hate women, since that’s their nature. Don’t expect them to fix the problems of the white people. But I do believe that any group that does not control the behaviour of their women—especially their birth-rates, marrying rates, and phenomena such as women politically siding with other groups against their own men—sooner or later ceases to exist.

So the problem is with white men, who don’t keep their women under control, and instead idolise women and think they are angels, or perfect beings. They are not. They are simply humans, who can make mistakes, have weaknesses, and are far from perfect.

So it is white men to blame, for being unable to keep their women in check.

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And precisely a woman banned me a couple of days ago from Stormfront en Español for daring to say that some Southern Italians and Greeks are not whites. (See my most recent entry in the sister site of this blog: “¡Adiós Stormfront!”)

If white nationalism was not phony they’d never, ever had empowered a woman to ban legitimate commentariat from a male.

Italians and Greeks are the “People of Chaos”.


White nationalism carries many of today’s shibboleths.

Quoting from above: “Since females are less xenophobic than males, the more female influence there is in society, the less xenophobic that society will be.”

Nicely stated, and very true. And this is an important reason that women, in a democracy, should not be allowed to vote.

Also, wasn’t there some German Jew who wrote a book in the 19th century arguing that Jews are a feminine group. I agree with this idea that Jews as a group are feminine (more feminine than masculine).

Among other things, I see Jews as a sexual-mutilation cult (circumcision), so their culture openly attacks (mutilates) the male penis. Jewish males are victims of this cult, and are damaged by it. And this mutilation contributes to their malignancy towards others.

John S., that book you gave the link to looks to be the 19th-century book by a German Jewish author I mentioned above in my own comment. I downloaded the book using your link and started reading the Judaism chapter, and on page 187 it says: “But some reflection will lead to the surprising result that Judaism is saturated with femininity”.

So, this must be the book I had in mind, which I only knew about from some comment I read elsewhere a few months ago, so this is the first time I’ve read any of this book. So, thanks for the link.

I’ve read everything there is to read on that topic. And it gets old after a while.

It’s just the same old pointing out the problem, but none of these people have any concrete solutions or strategies on how to defeat feminism.

Well lucky you, you better fucking pay attention because I’m about to give you something for free which is so monumental and towering in its wisdom it will blow you away and solve all your feminism problems.


From this point on you have no right anymore to complain about feminism or women. I just solved your problem.

Now read it White Man. Or else you fully deserve to be a cuckold.

It’s great to hear such piercing sanity.

When you’re alone you have no choice but to be a coward. What do you even stand for in such a circumstance?

White men, especially the treacherous Anglo variety, are much too hopelessly selfish and decadent to even grasp the concept of unity.

Forming even basic syndicates is beyond these atomized faggots. Because joining a group requires sacrificing autonomy and these faggots are still too Jewed-out on pleasure island, listening to sweet lies about how they can be “alpha males” and bang more women if only they buy the latest seduction ebook.

Total faggots.

You cannot organize such cowards. They have no concept of sacrifice or honor. They openly ridicule it, then go home alone, dick in hand, to a hard-drive full of pornography and wonder why.

It’s funny how these proud cuckolds will suddenly grow a pair when it’s time to beat down a lone wolf to placate some cunt on a pedestal. These faggots will quite literally and courageously storm Normandy beach if it’s a question of stabbing their brother in the back, or tearing up over a beached Syrian child.

But when it comes to 1500 of their own girls raped in Rotherham, or millions of their children aborted by feminists, not a peep to be heard.

The biggest enemy of the White man is the White man.

I say be utterly ruthless to these treacherous faggots when the time comes.

None of this chivalry bullshit.

If we don’t weed this disease out once and for all then the White Race deserves to perish.

These faggots are still too Jewed-out on pleasure island

This includes virtually all white nationalists. Unlike Rockwell, they don’t want to form a tough political party. (See also my recent post on so-called “metapolitics.”)

You cannot organize such cowards. They have no concept of sacrifice or honor.

Which is why I’ve received only two emails seriously considering the formation of a “Syssitia.” As I quoted myself recently, “White nationalists are still thinking like fucking civilians, not as freedom fighters.”

It’s funny how these proud cuckolds will suddenly grow a pair when it’s time to beat down a lone wolf to placate some cunt

Not only Occidental Dissent and other sites called Dylann an evil psycho. The self-styled “neonazi” Daily Stormer banned those who applauded the lone wolf.

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