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On the Founders

by Jack Frost


If the Founders had been serious about a whites-only United States, they would have sent back or hanged all of the negroes and exterminated the injuns. Indeed, if we were serious, that’s what we would do. But that would have cost a lot of money, and perhaps more importantly, they thought it would be un-Christian.

Not doing so, however, has consigned the posterity they pretended to care about to being doomed demographically. Such are the hazards of a raceless worldview.

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The Founding Fathers of the United States did have racial pro-white views. However, there were some downsides to them. Some of them were slaveowners. The economy of the American South needed slaves as labor to work on sugar, indigo, fruit, cotton and tobacco plantations. Sugar, indigo, fruit, cotton, coffee, tobacco products and their exploitation to Europe was part of what made economy of early America highly profitable. So probable reason why the black slaves were not expelled back to Africa was most likely economic. If the blacks were removed, who would work in cotton, sugar, fruit, tobacco or coffee plantations? There were attempts to remove American Negroes to the country of Liberia in West Africa in the XIX century. But the numbers of Negroes resettled in Liberia was somewhat small.

If the blacks were removed, who would work in cotton, sugar, fruit, tobacco or coffee plantations?

Obviously you have not read the two comprehensive histories about the white race, William Pierce’s Who We Are and Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans.

Once you read them you see why I maintain that materialism (“the Aryan problem”) is a larger factor of white decline that the Christian problem and the Jewish problem itself.

See also a post by clicking on the Mammon picture at the sidebar. Mammon worshipping also happened in America but even worse as the slaves were not even natives.

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