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Americanism Egalitarianism Tom Sunic

Homo Americanus, 1

homoamericanusBoth the American and the Soviet experiments were founded on the same principles of egalitarianism…

At the beginning of the third millennium, the immense egalitarian meta-narrative, encapsulated in Americanism, is very much alive… Both Homo sovieticus and Homo americanus herald the slogan that all men are created equal…

All academic discussions about genetic or racial differences are quickly neutralized by the all-encompassing words such as “racism” or “hate speech.”

Homo Americanus, chapter 2

2 replies on “Homo Americanus, 1”

Egalitarianism is a cyclical phenomenon that will dominate the global agenda after the fall of Nationalism. It’s a rational response following World War 2 when Hitler failed to overcome the deathly grip of Marxism. And even if Hitler did win the war, I’m still convinced that we would have found ourselves in an egalitarian world, eventually.

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