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Enlightenment Francis Parker Yockey

4th of July

“The alien-minded minority in control of the cinema, the radio, and the newspaper and magazine press has poured out a constant stream of propaganda with the intent of gaining complete spiritual power over the minds of young Americans.” (1939)

“The monstrosity called America can intervene in Europe, can frustrate it, can perhaps destroy it.” (ca. early 1950s)

“The Jewish-American entity is Jewish as respects its head, American as respects its body… [It] will not surrender, since the very existence of Jewry is at stake, and the whole United States and its population is there to secure the existence of Jewry.” (1960)

Francis Parker Yockey (1917-1960)
– probably killed at prison –


American Renaissance is completely clueless that Murka was the product of bad history (see AmRen’s entry: here)!

Murka’s triple helix—Christianity, capitalism and Enlightenment dogmas (“We hold these truths to be self-evident…”)—are larger factors of white decline than the Jewish problem, even when considered in isolation, as demonstrated in this site and elsewhere.

4 replies on “4th of July”

We are hoping someone like Donald Trump to turn the tide, or even better Osama bin Laden.

Any solution to weaken the Jewish power? We need ISIS-like racist activists. I am hoping for race-aware Nordic White Moslems.

Window of opportunity will appear during the convergence of catastrophes. But ultimately it all depends on whites willing to fulfil Lane’s bitter words: “Unless we have an unseen army of total Barbarians, devoid of pity, of compassion, of compunctions, of restraining moralisms, we are doomed.” Today’s WNsts are exactly at the antipodes of these blond beasts.

It must begin with a new myth and charismatic leader. You need to step out, Cechar. Even Hitler was not a Nordic.

How appropriate that America will be the first White country where Whites will become a minority (If you don’t count Rhodesia and South Africa). Whites are about 55% of America’s population now. They will eventually be 49%.

Even if the whole of White America became racially aware and every White voted for an open National Socialist political party they would still not be able to beat the Democratic party which takes votes in the three crucial states of New York, California and Texas. So a political solution to the survival of White America is out of the question. As William Pierce used to say “White revolution is the only solution”. Even if a White revolution leads to a World War, it is the only way to secure White survival. RaHoWa or extinction.

There are about 600 million Whites worldwide, yet I would say that s not even 1% of the White race is racially-conscious. Only about 2 million Whites worldwide are. We are in trouble. What we do not have in quantity, we must make up for in ruthlessness.

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