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Breaking the spell

It has been said that the most powerful weapon of the 20th century was not the machine gun or the atomic bomb but a mere word: the word racism which has the entire white race under its spell.

Help us find a wealthy sponsor to launch the Hellstorm Project and break the spell. Contact Tom Goodrich at the bottom of this post or me at cesartort (at) yahoo.com.

2 Replies on “Breaking the spell

  1. on behalf of cesar and this important project, i would like to state that i personally am not seeking funds for myself. that is something i have never done nor will i ever do. i am, instead, hoping to help my friend and comrade, cesar, in this bold endeavor by lending my name and offering a US mail drop for any donations directed to him in check or MO. send an email to cesar himself and i’m sure he will describe his project in outline. thanks!