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Words of hope

by Trainspotter

When I was a child in the 70’s and 80’s, “normal” people were far more willing to express racial sentiment in ordinary conversation than they are today. But inevitably, they would preface their comments with something along the lines of “It may be wrong to say this, but…” or “I may be bad for saying this, but…”

It should go without saying that they would fold like a cheap suit if their opponent ever broke out the much feared Hitler Talisman, shrinking as a vampire before the one and true Holy Cross. Gee, I wonder why we lost? A real brain teaser, it is.

Needless to say, I look back upon that period with considerable embarrassment, including for myself, though I at least have the excuse of having been very young. How utterly inept, how unbelievably weak was the opposition to anti-white liberalism’s triumphal march. Lots of grumbling, but nary a single effective shot was fired. Conservatism, failure is thy name.

And today, as we look around, we see the price. The rapes and murders, sure, but perhaps even more painful is the general ugliness, the lack of manners and common decency. The collapse of trust, the absence of beauty, the sacred ruined by the profane. Will we ever be able to accurately calculate the billions of relationships that were destroyed, or never came into existence in the first place, because of anti-white liberalism and the Jewish attack? Not to mention the physical racial damage that has already taken place, and we’re in early days still.

The Brave New World: dishonest and dumb with bulbous lips. Or switching to Orwell, forget a human boot on a human neck, forever. Instead, think of a grotesque mulatto/mestizo face, scowling and leering, but with lifeless eyes devoid of intelligence. Always, until the end of days, having to look at that grotesque thing. I ask, which fate is worse? Perhaps they are the same?

And then there is the matter of genocide. Our enemies literally presume to be able to alter the very DNA of our people by mixing us with other races until we no longer exist as a coherent, identifiable people, thus deconstructing whiteness forever. And what did those that “resisted” this insane and evil agenda do? Stammer about, cringing and apologetic. Truly, more surreal than a David Lynch film.

But as the psychological transition proceeds, we are seeing something different emerge. In the depths of our despair, grumbling while deep in our cups, a new confidence begins to stir. What is this?

Maybe it can be called the mentality of the Happy Warrior. We’ve lost our country, but that just gives us the opportunity to create a far, far better one. Since I seem to be quoting songs a lot today, “School’s out… forever!” Feel the liberating summer breeze. No going back to that hellhole, not ever. We’ll build a new school instead, a grand school. A school of our own.

Have fun with it, laugh at the enemy, mock him, despise him. Most importantly by far, look down on him! Always. Folks, he’s no better than the gum on your shoe.

Love your own, work toward the survival of our people. The dream of the White Republic already lives in the minds of many, and that is the dream that our movement must revolve around. I love the concept of “nostalgia for the future.”

What must emerge, and as bad as things look, I think is emerging, is a movement brimming with intellectual confidence and moral superiority, the exact opposite of the conservative failures. Cocky, smart, virile. In love, and deeply so, but furious. That’s the spirit, right there. Our enemies are right to be be nervous. If you were seeking to destroy us, do you want that to come together? Do you really want to go against people who are truly in love, but with a white hot fury against outsiders?

It’s happening, in ways great and small. Golden Dawn, whether it ultimately succeeds or fails, has already shown that holding one’s head high accomplishes far more than conservative cringing. And closer to home, the new video put out by White Rabbit Radio is brilliant, and loaded with the self-confidence and overall spirit that is required. Sure, it’s just a cartoon, but it has the right stuff—and you can’t buy that stuff. Conservatives have tons of money, but yet they fail all the time. A ridiculous conservative couldn’t have come up with that video in a million years, despite having a million times our resources. Imagine what we could do with one percent of the money that conservatives routinely squander?

That’s the way forward, not casting pearls before swine, or groveling before cultist lunatics, or catering to the paycheck conservatives, or appealing to self-interested dregs who have no interests beyond their retirement accounts. Instead, feel the liberating summer breeze. It’s there.

7 replies on “Words of hope”

The Conservatives do less for our race, but with more money and resources. I hate them all without exception. All bourgeois morality and worldview are promoters of “lasting comfort and happiness”. This is the very poison that is pushed on TV and is a mind wrecker. There is no comfort and life is an eternal struggle.

For the first time in my life I’ve been watching Fox News and am dismayed at their cowardice and stupidity. Fortunately the collapse of the dollar will mark the beginning of the end for these philo-Semitic, Negro-phile, feminist guys.

We are in a 500 year event. Much like when the Borgia Family tried to outlaw the moveable type printing press. Decadence, marked that time 500 years ago, just like now. Tee Vee is not watched by the virile of mind and body and is going the way of the printing press monopolists. We have the high ground morally as the layers of lies are being peeled away and we see the deceit that has been promulgated as history.

This is Hunter Wallace debating today:

If you are referring to Jews, how and why was the megaphone of the mass media given to them in the first place?

Isn’t it because Jews were always American citizens with equal rights under the law like all the other American rights bearing individualists? They had every right to create Hollywood, to create media conglomerates, to buy up newspapers like the New York Times, etc. None of it can be taken away from them either without violating their sacrosanct property rights.

And later on that thread:

So, when Jews created Hollywood, they were within their rights as American citizens to do so. When they bought up mass circulation newspapers in order to control public opinion, there was hardly a murmur of protest because as individuals their property rights were sacrosanct. When the Jews got into network and cable television, their actions were considered perfectly lawful and legitimate.

If someone were to give him a microphone, would he be willing to say any of that in public? If not, how is he any different from the cowardly respectable paycheck conservative who has learned to tip his hat and bend his knee?

“Have fun with it, laugh at the enemy, mock him, despise him. Most importantly by far, look down on him! Always. Folks, he’s no better than the gum on your shoe.”

We should also apply this to those WNists of the type that so rile Chechar; the Star Child will still have much to do when our enemies are dealt with during the ‘Dies Irae’.

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