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Troll comment

Someone who wants to sign his comments under the name of David Corner, with I.P. of apparently from Cincinnati in Ohio, and with the purported email of [email protected], has tried to post a couple of comments about which I will only reproduce the latter:

Are you not printing my comments because they flummox you? You like to think. Think about my comments. Answer me why White men should live when they are so weak and inferior? Why should they live when they are abdicated every country they have lived in to the herds? The herds are more savvy and better able to survive than the poor, weak, insipid White man.

Internet_Troll_by_sagginjSo, why should the White man be allowed to continue on, when he is CLEARLY the inferior race. And, along those lines in a few decades he will almost be gone from the earth as his children marry into the herds. The only thing that could keep the White man going is the charity of the Jews and the herds for the poor bungling White man who can’t even keep his own race alive.

I don’t feed the trolls. But if anyone wants to do it, be my guest 🙂

4 replies on “Troll comment”

Simply an N.M. Valdez who tries “fascism” against Whites. But seriously, as long as open WNs are usually bungling fools, he can be forgiven to think that.
Jewish power can easily be broken if you know their vulnerabilities. Simply learn the Jewish alphabet, and read Yiddish (German with a lot of Hebrew words).

I see no point in getting into an argument with someone who is clearly wrong, to do so would be decadent.

Actually, I somewhat prefer these kinds of trollish detractors. They’re easier to deal with and in the grand scheme of things are commendable in their honesty.

He hates Whites, sees them as the enemy, and relishes the thought of seeing them disappear . (even if he is White)

I couldn’t think of a more straight forward enemy than that.

If all our enemies were of this persuasion White males would logically flock to our banner, because under these circumstances the battle lines would be clear even to the most willfully ignorant of White males.

Instead, there’s layers upon layers of obfuscation, misdirection, and pointless distractions. There’s a legion of White male libertarians, who hate the “civil-rights establishment,” liberals, and would never parrot anti-White drivel, but wouldn’t be caught dead siding with White Nationalists.

Instead, they doggedly defend their anti-racist or more likely “post-racial” ideals, and in the end will follow the status quo that we are more evil than those “statists liberals” they so often detract.

These are the kinds of people who demoralize me: White males always on the precipice of White Nationalism, but won’t break that final mental barrier to White Nationalism.

So, David Corner, I give you an A+ for honesty.

I’ll see you on the streets with the rest of the Anti-fascist scum.

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