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Preparing for the crash

For those who have already read this entry,
see below my July 31 crossed-out words.

The American dollar will crash soon. The consequences will be dire for other countries insofar as many of them have most of their reserves in dollars.

I have been trying to sell a plot in the state of Morelos in Mexico to be able to get some travel money and emigrate to any racially homogenous place in the First World where the effects of the crash won’t be so ominous. However, it may take some time to find the appropriate customer.

The crash can happen today or in the next month or in 2014 or even later. Whenever it happens, the collapse of the dollar will unfold very rapidly, probably in a week or two.

If the crash surprises me without funds I’ll likely die in this Third World trap. Therefore, I’ll leave to a family member the task of selling the plot at market price—not just a desperate bargain sell but a good sell that allows me to establish properly in a better country.

Therefore, for the moment I have no choice but to accept a job that will allow me to save about $500 dollars per month [Note of 31 July: This job in Latinos Post, online news for mestizos in the US, turned out to be almost a fraud] and thus escape a large metropolis which will become pretty hellish after the American dollar hyperinflates.

At this rate, and perhaps still waiting for the area of real estate to be sold in Mexico by the end of the year, I must arrive to Europe with at least $2000 dollars (the US government is not granting me a visa).

Last month The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) got 36,413 page loads, of which 21,051 were unique visits. If I manage to survive the crash in one piece, I plan to continue working for WDH from overseas.

Nonetheless, the job that I am about to accept is a full-time job. Presently I am adding an average of more than one entry per day. Unless I get my travel money from other sources (a minimum of $2000 dollars, independently of the one-way ticket that I already got) I will be posting only during my free time. This means that after I accept the job in the next few days I won’t be able to be as active in WDH as I have been since I started blogging in 2009.

P.S. The first one to donate $100 or more to WDH will receive by regular mail a DVD of the entire documentary End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless, which explains beautifully why will the dollar hyperinflate soon:

20 replies on “Preparing for the crash”

Any idea on where you want to go? The safest place to live in Western Europe would probably be the Alpine or Scandinavian mountains, because they are mostly white, self-sufficient, difficult to reach and have a large amount of gun owners.

Other place would be islands and provincial cities in mostly white, urban areas.

And give me a shout if you want me to look into immigration laws in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Thanks. It is an internet, translating job that presumably I can carry overseas since they pay thru my PayPal account. The big issue in the countries you mention will be finding accommodation without knowing French or German. Ideal of course would be working in a ranch far from the racially “enriched” urban conglomerates since the collapse will be mainly felt in the big cities.

But residing/working in a bucolic place is only a dream for the moment…

Didn’t you mention in a post that you where of German descent, or was that someone else? Because there have been laws that allow people outside of Germany, but with a German background, like Russian-Germans to return to Germany.

Other options are getting into Europe through the south or the east, a very sneaky option would be getting citizenship in a country that is about to join the EU, then it would be easier to get citizenship in most other western-Europe.

The Netherlands would not really be an option, since you have to learn Dutch, pass a test on Dutch culture and apply to a number of strict requests and the country is basically one big village so it will be impossible to life is seclusion.

I found an interesting source in Dutch, basically, some countries like Malta and Slovenia have rather loose immigration policies, while the UK does too, I doubt anyone would seriously think about moving anywhere near London, since that city is basically one giant powder keg.

Let’s see, the article also mentions that Ireland and the three Baltic states are looking for immigrant in some sectors like financial and engineering, but that was 2 years ago and times change quickly.

So I will end this post on two points. One is that many laws coming out of the EU have to be translated into the largest European languages so it might be easy finding enough information about immigration policies and two if everything fails, you could move into Eastern-Europe and then into the West.

London will explode, granted. Ideal would be to have friends in the country side, far from the enriched cities (ethnic war may be around the corner in American or European cities plagued with blacks and Muslims).

Ideal of course would be working in a ranch far from the racially “enriched” urban conglomerates since the collapse will be mainly felt in the big cities. But residing/working in a bucolic place is only a dream for the moment…

I know you had mentioned that the US had visa restrictions, but my family has a cattle ranch in North Dakota if you think you could make it here. The vast wide open landscape and brutal winters might be an initial shock to your system, but it is an idyllic place to live once you have made the adjustment.

The state is ideally located if the collapse occurs. It is entirely rural with no metropolises anywhere near by and it has a homogenous nordic population which is extremely self-reliant and armed to the teeth.

The people here are known for their stoic character. Crime is almost non-existent (My parents have never locked the door on their house in all the years they have lived here). I have always considered the state one of the last strongholds of the old white America, where the people still live on the land in small closely knit farming communities, where they have roots going back many generations.

If there are any young, racially conscious white men interested in moving up here to work the oilfields and escape the multicultural hell holes their home states have become I would encourage them to contact me with an email address. I could potentially help them make the adjustment.

Where is it? In Canada? As long as I am unable to sell the plot I must make plans to arrive with just a couple of grand and continue my translating job with my humble laptop (unless I get a job there).

What skills do you have Chechar? Do you translate from Spanish to English, or do you know other languages.

The collapse from energy devolution will be very slow, granted; but the currency crash will be like a lightning according to the economists of the above-embedded video.

Chechar, I fully sympathize with your felt need to do the “white flight” away from the sea of mud (mestizos etc) you are surrounded by in Mexico.

In my own experience I found that prolonged contact with many “others” (niggers in my case) over just a few months time had a very negative psychological effect on me, to the point that I didn’t want them anywhere near me, and it also made me search for and find websites such as http://niggermania.net/forum/ where I could read the comments of fellow humans (non-niggers) expressing their frustration with those monkeys (aka pavement apes, sheboons, yard-apes, and various other colorful pejoratives).

After getting away from that situation, my psychology returned to normal, but it left a very bad taste in my mouth, so to speak.

So, someone in your situation, more fully immersed in a “mud” environment and over a much greater length of time than I was, has an even greater psychological need to escape from that psychologically harmful environment.

Even though I disagree that there’s a USA-dollar crash in the very near future, I now think it’s likely that you need that belief to help push yourself to escape from your current “mud” environment so that you can regain a better psychological state for yourself.

So, good luck and best wishes with your current escape attempt, and I hope your efforts are met with success.

If you manage to sell your property, come to Slovenia. Nice landscape, friendly people. Slovenian language is similar to Serb or Russian. Most of people understand and speak English. Western part of country is mountainous, but not very high, altitude between 300-1000 m. There is a plenty of mountain-villages there, that are now almost empty. For example village of Gorenja trebuša. There is also plenty of rain and snow in winter. 50 km to the north is Austria. 50 km to the south is Adriatic sea/Gulf of Triest/ Italy. No niggers, no Arabs, no Pakis, no Maccacis here.

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