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Epigrams and arrows

Why is the white nationalist movement fraudulent? Because white nationalists don’t really believe in their own shit:

• Any “nationalist” who says he hates Hitler is a phony white nationalist

• Any “nationalist” who says he supports homos is a phony white nationalist

• Any “nationalist” who promotes pop music is a phony white nationalist

• Any “nationalist” who embraces feminism is a phony white nationalist

• Any “nationalist” ignorant of the history of Europe is a phony white nationalist

How many are there in the American scene that hate Hitler or accept the homo agenda or listen popular music (this includes gyms) or accept women in what should be boys only clubs or are reluctant to learn basic facts about the Old World that allowed the New World in the first place?

If these guys are the cream of the Aryan people… you guys must be in good shape! Consider these epigrams and arrows taken from the site of Iranian for Aryans:

§ The sign of the times is degeneracy. This term—degeneracy—sums up all that is happening to the West. As a case in point, witness the efflorescence of “zoo brothels” in Germany (here). What’s amazing—is it really?—is that the zoophilic campaigners push the moral relativism card.

§ I am a staunch defender of the Western canon and I consider those who degrade it and marginalize it as my enemies.

§ White man, stop being such a degenerate. Your daughters sleep with niggers, they dress like strumpets, they behave like harlots, they talk back, and they abort. And to think that you have the temerity to be offended! What fatuousness!

§ Everything that this unlamented, for me, degenerate stood for was a direct slap to civilization and culture; especially, music. The strident cacophony, the profligacy, the words, the attire, the overall appearance, and the destructive aura of these retarded, sophomoric culture-wreckers damns them to eternal perdition as far as I’m concerned.

§ Sexual jealousy is one of the worst feelings a man can have. It is all-consuming and all-encompassing. Now I fully realize the importance of the traditional doctrine of marrying a virgin.

§ Hell is having to listen to and watch all forms of modern entertainment.

§ I’m sick of seeing young white women with tattoos.

§ I hate, I detest, I loath, I excoriate, I vilify modern “movies”, “music”, “art”, “poetry”, “literature”, and every other flatus meant to represent modern “culture”.

§ The “White movement” is no movement in the true sense. It is a loose aggregate—at best—of armchair loudmouths and pretentious pontificators. The overwhelming number of individuals who are either self-penned or peon-promoted “leaders” are half-baked intellectuals; to wit, those who spout off Evola and Nietzsche from one aperture while doing the same for rock’n’roll from the other, posterior one.

The pretenders, these pseudo-thinkers claim, disingenuously, that modern Whites, youth especially, don’t like and can’t digest the Western musical canon. They need, so they say, something more “up beat” and “relevant”. In other words, let’s teach them all the thoughts of the bigwigs from the Western past, which is somehow not antithetical, while pushing the “musical” excrescences of modernity. This is not only hypocritical, but otiose, since our agenda must be to invoke the Past in its entirety. Imagine, having a people who can quote Guénon while gyrating to AC/DC!

If such a group was ever to come to fruition, it would get nowhere. How can a mind house the soul of a nigger? It is a veritable abortion. And the people who talk big while listening to filth have no taste and they have no soul. The thoughts and milieux of great minds are antipodal to modern “White music” and even to musical modernisms of any and all sorts à la Stravinsky and Bartok. Can one even fathom a Nietzsche-like prophetic figure perorating such great and inspiring thoughts while contemplating offal?

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Without his permission, let me post here today’s mail from one of the commenters who has even contributed with a couple of bucks for WDH. In an email I complained that:

Commenters at WDH are not even understanding what I say about Aryan female beauty. In yesterday’s post I don’t see any comment that even acknowledges this normal form of Eros. Nothing…

This guy who says is 100% white responded:

Yeah, I don’t really get your approach either: when I want stimulation from female images, I prefer ordinary porn (photos, videos, etc) [my bold type!] of women I find attractive (European and European-American women) instead of artistic paintings or other artistic or literary representations of them. I’m pretty ordinary as far as that goes. It sounds like you’re more artistic in your tastes and how you want things represented. I’m not artistic myself and I prefer realism in representations.

Absolutely pathetic. “Pretty ordinary” = pretty degenerate. With such friends who needs enemies?

Masturbation is the tool to summon demons of lust into your soul, anyone who goes on the path of excessive masturbation and porn watching is damning himself. Everybody should always fight the urge, even if it leads to defeat, rather defeat then total damnation.

Two points:

1. Iranians and Persians of all stripes and colors are presently having there own little sexual revolution in the land of the Ayatollahs, with a large amount of woman doing drugs and selling there bodies.

Therefor I find it somewhat confusing when your own country sits between the decadence of Islam and Liberalism, but you aim your gun at the west.

But then I will honestly say that an Iranian supporting Europe’s traditional culture makes complete sense, Islam has suffocated Persian culture to such an extent that centuries of great poets, theologians and philosophers can’t wrestle the Persian soul from the Arab grip.

The only real future Persian culture can have, is as a subset of a enlightened west.

2. When most people talk about great classical music and then mention a slew of 19th century favorites like Beethoven and Wagner, I usually take a break, because romanticism with it’s obsession with emotion and mystification is itself decadent.

Classical music is more Haendel, Lully or the Bach’s it may be expressive at times, but there is almost always an inner dignified core. something I miss with much later music.


The majority of my life has been spent in the United States and I am more concerned with the survival of the West. Thus, my critique is aimed more at the West and its malaise.

I don’t believe that has been a completely ill influence on Iran. Islam has created an Iranian resurgence, actually.

I can’t agree with your negative view on Romanticism. I view the Romantic school as the most mellifluous and harmonically progressive. It is better at evoking a state of being than the previous musical eras.


Saying that Islam causes an Iranian resurgence is like saying that Bolshevism caused a Russian resurgence, both are just alien forces playing with a captive volk.

It is interesting watching “classic” movies even from late 1940’s USA the start of the cult of degeneracy can be seen, However in movies from Britain they are surprisingly healthy morals even up to the early 1960’s.

I agree.

I have not had a television in my home for over a decade; I read, and listen to Classical music. If I go to a government building and there is a television on for the “entertainment” of visitors, I turn it off – seriously. If I go into a shop and they are playing Jew-trash-culture-music, I tell them I do not want to hear it. I am at war against all degeneracy.

Adolf Hitler was right.

I can agree with all of these tenets save the first. While I do not denounce Hitler in any way, I have noticed that the majority of “white nationalists” that denounce Hitler are usually in the process of breaking their programming and are quite new to white nationalism as an idea. I’ve seen a couple turn the corner and realize the extent of the dishonesty and propaganda that comprised the “historical facts” they are basing their opinions on.

When it comes to those promoting the acceptance of faggots, feminists, or Jewish pop culture there is no excuse. Those people are definitely the enemy. I think approaching those who would defame Hitler in a truly educational manner, as opposed to an exclusionary one, would ultimately strengthen our movement. To get to the tiny island of truth about WWII, we must swim through a thick ocean of lies.

My personal opinion is that we should try to serve as a guide for those (by directing them to information they may not have been exposed to) unless they persist, in which case we abandon them along with the rest. Your experience may be different, and in no way do I disagree with your overall message in this post. There has been a scum growing on our movement and this needs to be addressed. I applaud you for doing so, as it is difficult to criticize the social support of our beliefs. One aspect of whites that ultimately separates us from the Jews and mudraces is our ability to exchange ideas in a dignified fashion. Sometimes, context gets lost in translation, even into text, and I want you to know I mean absolutely no disrespect or offense towards you in any sentence of this comment.

Thank you. Your point about Hitler is taken. (Yes: I myself was vehemently anti-Hitler five years ago.)

When I wrote that Hitler sentence I had in mind the commenters at Occidental Dissent that to date they’re still bashing Hitler.

They have no excuse: A couple of years ago Occidental Dissent featured a Hitler article on the day of his birthday that elicited a substantial commentariat response.

It was precisely during that debate that I learnt basic facts about Hitler that made me change my mind.

Apparently, other OD visitors have not made that change, and it’s them as well as the AltRighters whom I refer as “phony”: they have no excuse.

Sometimes, context gets lost in translation…

Let me know if there’s an obscure article or something where my knowledge of English as a second language was a hindrance to communicate properly.

What I said wasn’t about anything you have ever said (frankly, I wouldn’t have known English was not your native tongue, your grammar and vocabulary are superior to mine lol), just so that it was understood that I wasn’t being some disagreeable troll on the Internet.

I firmly agree with your assessment of those who have been presented with the truth and still fail to recognize it. I view them with a greater disdain than I do any other group, inside or outside my race. They ruin our credibility as a movement.

Homosexuals have no place raising children. Jews have no place in a civilized society. Feminists have no place dictating how a family should function. Blacks have no place in humanity. Hitler had a greater understanding of the world than a high school “educator” can pretend to. These truths are not hard to grasp, support with evidence, or defend from criticism. Any who refuse to accept them after putting any thought into them have no place in our movement.

Hmm, let me play devil’s advocate here:

O’Meara has a method to his madness. His Traditionalist beliefs state that human civilization has been in decline for at least the last 5,000 years, from a Golden Age down to Kali Yuga. This “fall from grace” pervades the political, social, and artistic spheres completely. Thus, we can expect the dominant music of each period to be inferior to the music that dominated the prior period. Just as modern music is inferior to classical music, 18th and 19th century music must be inferior to medieval music, which must be inferior to the music of the ancient Greeks, which must be inferior to the music of the ancient Indo-Aryans.

This Partch guy is more in line with pre-Christian techniques than Wagner, or at least that’s O’Meara’s estimation, so Tradition dictates that his music is superior. The only real counter-argument here is to deny his framework, and say that earlier musical styles are not necessarily better than later ones. IFA basically seems to believe that White music was improving for most of its history, but peaked around two centuries ago, and has gotten worse ever since. That isn’t consistent with a narrative of continual spiritual decline, ending with the destruction and recreation of the world. So there’s a real clash of worldviews here, between a Reactionary and a Traditionalist.

As far as modern music is concerned, some of it can be called “pop music” and some of it’s even less popular than classical music is. Nobody’s going to play Kreator in their coffee shop or at their cocktail party. And they don’t fit into pop culture: albums like “Violent Revolution” and “Enemy of God” are, well, about exactly what the name says, they’re not at all compatible with drinking and fucking and attending mandatory diversity courses at college. They aren’t The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. “United In Hate” isn’t compatible with “All You Need Is Love.”

You could say their music isn’t beautiful but their album covers have mutilated faces on them, so you’d kind of expect that. They consider “brutality” the golden standard of their genre (“thrash metal”). Loudness, heavy percussion, and apocalyptic lyrics are part of it. They wouldn’t fit in with Norman Rockwell’s America or Hitler’s Germany but that wouldn’t make sense when the subject of their music is the destruction of their civilization. Their music describes a gut reaction to modernity; turning on the TV or walking downtown doesn’t make me think of Ave Maria, or anything beautiful and elegant at all. It makes me think of music that tears down and breaks apart, which is angry and discordant and sometimes at a loss for words.

That’s why I listen to some types of metal anyways. It wouldn’t apply to, say, AC/DC, whose music you would certainly find on the radio. And I can understand why others wouldn’t want anything to do with it. (I do not, however, think it could be classified as “pop” by any stretch.)

As a side note Chechar seems completely fluent in English, at least as far as text is concerned.

Hi Stubbs,

Evolution of certain things can occur coevally with spiritual decline; viz., technological advancements and music.


Hi again Stubbs,

True, modernity is discordant and cacophonous. However, making it more so by listening to “metal” isn’t the solution. The rectification is sonority and instilling an inner peace and state of spiritual elevation that is clearly found in the Past.


Evolution of certain things can occur coevally with spiritual decline; viz., technological advancements and music.

My guess is that O’Meara would deny the later possibility. I wouldn’t, I didn’t think that Partch guy was very interesting at all, but I don’t really consider myself a Traditionalist either. For instance, I think the monotheistic religions were so organizationally superior to the pagan traditions that the former couldn’t have possibly competed, and so I don’t see much of a reason to lament their takeover. I guess that’s more Darwinistic.

True, modernity is discordant and cacophonous. However, making it more so by listening to “metal” isn’t the solution. The rectification is sonority and instilling an inner peace and state of spiritual elevation that is clearly found in the Past.

I don’t know if I’m going for inner peace though. I had that before and I don’t want to be in that state again. I want reality to keep gnawing at me.

I should start looking into some more of the classical stuff though, angst starts to lose its value when it’s all you’re around.

“…and so I don’t see much of a reason to lament their takeover.”

This is a mistake.

The current mess is the product of Christianity.

No Judeo-Christianity, no liberalism infecting almost every single white on the planet (cf. the phrase “The virus is pitiless and catholic, though limited to the previously white West alone” in the article Liberals—about to be mugged by reality on the sidebar).

Had pagan religions been allowed to exist, surely there would be entire nations today that wouldn’t subscribe to this secularized form of Judeo-Christian values that is killing us.

This is something so obvious that your above lines moved me today to add this Hitler entry:


to my collection of Quotable Quotes.

The problem of ‘white nationalism’ is the same main problem with the human nature.

Inevitably tend to make mistakes or primary would be best, natural errors of which we have no guilt. The white nationalists preach the truth, their ideology to others, there is a problem.

I have a brother who is a lefty. No use me trying to prove to him so utterly perfect that human races differ in intelligence, it simply will not believe or rather will not accept.

When I imagine the white nationalist preaching to the white liberals and moderates I imagine a parent talking to a child, and the same with your ears plugged and talking loudly.

The vast majority of them will not listen to white nationalists and their supporters. It’s that simple.

This is the greatest mistake of the movement, waiting to America or Europe awake. You can be sure that at least about 20% of them never awaken or be late when it happens.

I always cite the site neuropolitics because it gives us a new insight into the battlefield.

I still think the idea of nurture permeates the minds of most white nationalists.

Unable to change the head of a liberal. When the race war begin in the West, they will not come back to your side, at least I believe that most of them will not become white nationalists overnight. And have friends out to support their beliefs as Jews and other foreigners

“Homosexuals have no place raising children. Jews have no place in a civilized society. Feminists have in place Dictating how Should a family function. Blacks have no place in humanity”

Now, I came across this sentence. It is quite complicated to divide things from that direction.

The preaching of the white nationalist trying to convert liberals to its cause relates the preaching of religious Protestants who try to change the nature of people.

Ultimately wherever you go have someone trying to brainwash your head.

Homosexuals always took place in Western societies. The difference is that they were not used as a tool of distraction and political division. I will continue sleeping without worrying about what a person does in their intimate time or who does. Jews are another group who have always had their place in the West, although reluctantly.

Women biologically feminists have always existed in Western society, what about the myth of Joan of Arc? What about the malsculinized Marine Le Pen?

I know many black people who are much better than many whites who see you around. Course, does not change the semi animalistic nature, a good part of them and the fact that I accept that.

The white nationalism is centered on hatred and not in celebration of his ancestry. Hate for white nationalist is important as survival, but ordinary people want to have reasons to devote to an ideology and as leftism sells emotions like love and justice, even so false and artificial, white nationalism only sells hate.

We know who are our greatest enemies and know we are not alone. We need to awaken white nationalism also as internationalist, because soon hell of multiculturalism and foreign invasion will affect other nations. I see this happen in Far Eastern countries.

Peter the Great was 10 when he started ruling Russia, but nobody seems to think that proves children are the same as adults.

I guess it depends on what you mean by a “feminist”. I think the technical definition is a person who believes in no distinction between the sexes as a matter of principle, not merely a woman who acts masculine but recognizes herself as an outlier.

I just think the central thought of the white nationalist is the binary type. I think it’s totally possible to have a multicultural society without racial mixing. Why not?
Everything is possible if you use the right tools.
Most women high iq, are masculinized, because high intelligence technique is a male characteristic as a high intellectual intelligence is a female trait. There occurs a reversal of roles.
Intellectual intelligence requires sensitivity, a trait extremely important for giftedness.
There is a shopping mall of possibilities for the growth of the white nationalist movement.
I thought the little time that whites could divide and renounce this idea of ​​racial brotherhood, seeking to create their own national movements. With the split, the tendency to homogenize the particularities of each nation would be aborted naturally.
The major problem of both liberals and conservatives is that one has depended on others to make any civilization and Western civilization.
Artistic creativity, the ability to culture, to give it meaning metaphysical are functions of the liberal wing of men more feminine, sensitive, less fit for military service while the structures of society are essential functions of conservatives.
The Jews were a pest of intelligent observing this dichotomy and pierce it.
As I foresee that this division is deep so I think conservatives should actually leave the liberals to their fate and create his ethno nation.
But should be aware that there will be millions of non-whites as their allies.

I think it’s totally possible to have a multicultural society without racial mixing. Why not?

Nope. It was precisely this what caused all white civilizations to collapse. Read Arthur Kemp’s complete history of the white race.

Because all caucasoid civilizations commited the same errors about that.
I yet read.

Imagine, having a people who can quote Guénon while gyrating to AC/DC!

If such a group was ever to come to fruition, it would get nowhere. How can a mind house the soul of a nigger? It is a veritable abortion. And the people who talk big while listening to filth have no taste and they have no soul.


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