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Blacks Ethnic cleansing Harold Covington Miscegenation

Harry Potter’s niglets

Operation Order Number Five:

“Anyone, man, woman or child
with skin the color of shit
is to be shot on sight.
They had their chance to
leave over the past five years.”

In Harold Covington’s fantasy novels, after the ethnostate was created “the theaters were showing virtually nothing made after 1965 or so,” and a technique was developed to fix a few films made from the late 1960s to the first decades of the 21st century. The technique allowed the film industry to replace black faces with white faces in those famous movies for kids that merited inclusion in the reformed theaters.

I stole the subtitles under the following images from Robert Berry, who analyzes the black student body of Hogwarts Academy in the very first of the Potter films:


This is Lee Jordan. With a good two minutes of screen-time in this movie, he’s the most prominent black character in the film. While some students focus on potions, spells, or the dark arts, Lee is apparently attending Hogwarts on a sports scholarship.


Next we have an unnamed boy whose function at the school is almost limited to giving funny looks when someone says something startling. As the closed caption excerpt shows, he at least gets a line of dialogue, which makes him the only other black character in the movie that does.


This mysterious Gryffindor Quidditch player has a few cool action scenes, and scores some points for her team, but doesn’t contribute much else after she’s knocked unconscious from her broom. Though not named in the film, the books identify her as Angelina Jordan.


The rest of the roles are merely extras. Here we have the same unnamed boy mentioned above, with two girls among the first year inductees.


And at the Hufflepuff table, if you blink, you’ll miss this
black chap talking with his buddies, near the movie’s end.


Here there are three more during a slightly chaotic
scene in the banquet hall.


And here’s a girl just waiting in the hallway,
staring at Harry mysteriously as they walk by.


The gent on the right looks like
Gary Coleman’s pal “Dudley” from Strokes!


Here’s the only appearance from this lighter skinned black
student during the “Sorting Hat” sequence at the film’s start.


And when it appeared that all the black students were a part of the Gryffindor group, a quick eye can catch two Slytherin students during the big Quidditch match.


And here’s another, but she seems to be the least enthusiastic of the bunch. Kind of hard to be too excited, I imagine, when the leader of the Aryan Nation, Draco Malfoy (the blond at the center: the bad kid of the film), is the most dominant student in the class.


Two girls that you’ll never see again in the film.


A boy who appears for this split second during the mail delivery
scene as a member of Gryffindor, only to never show up again, either.


There are a few black adults in the faculty as well. Here’s a gender neutral wizard to the right of Dumbledore in a rare shot in which candles aren’t hovering in front of her/his face.


And seated next to Professor Snape are two other black
faculty members. We never see them again, either.

The above pics come, as already said, from the first Potter film. But in that very film outside Hogwarts I remember an adult black face in the Leaky Cauldron pub, and another face with skin the color of shit in Diagon Alley.

When the producers of the series changed directors after the second Potter film, the inclusion of niglets and black adult wizards became even more apparent. The sixth film, when the characters reach full-blown adolescence, was the most offensive: a beautiful teen English rose, Ginny Weasley, one of the main characters of the series, is engaged with a black student and even kisses him passionately on the mouth.

But the perpetrator here was none other than the author herself, J. K. Rowling. Indeed, compared to Rowling’s book, in the movie comparatively little of Ginny’s relationship with the young negro is depicted.

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The first two films of the Potter series, once fixed for the coming ethnostate, could be healthy entertainment for young kids; the next of the series are for teens.

The third is a masterpiece as far as director craftsmanship is concerned; but it will need lots of black/white face replacements.

In the fifth film I would censor all of the rock music scenes at the graduation party of the young wizards.

The sixth and seventh movies are the worst of the series; the 6th is especially botched.

The eighth is also the product of mass-market consumption. If I was a member of the Board of Decency of the ethnostate I would not even bother to fix the brown faces of the Potter films 6-8; just ignore them.

Don’t know how you couldn’t consider the 4th to be the worst. They were all mishandled, even the third. There were some parts, of all of them, that I liked, but none were very good. I did like a lot David Thewlis’ portrayal of Lupin, all the way through, but particularly in POA. And Alan Rickman, all the way through, was also excellent. In GOF, I liked Cedrics fathers reaction to his death. Of the sixth, that was very disappointing, how they left out the Dursleys, and some of the pensieve scenes, there was alot of missed opportunity for some interesting storytelling. And Dumbledores meeting of the boy Voldemort, was really badly mishandled. I’d say 3rd and 8th were best. 8th was an improvement on seventh. Snapes death scene, and Snapes memories, were the best parts of the series, and made the disappointment of the rest of it worth it. Those scenes were really beautiful, must be one of the most beautiful things to ever be put on film [here, here and here].

The way number 6 started with Harry talking to that black chick, that was really annoying, so if that’s where you’re coming from, I understand.

TV: No.

The last series I used to watch before divorcing myself forever from TV were 4400 and 24, both clearly unfixable.

What was truly healthy for kids were the old Disney TV programs I watched when Walt was still alive: this is what I would happily re-release in the coming state.

Movies: Yes.

Peter Jackson’s LOTR does not need any fixing, but even beautiful films like Artificial Intelligence need some edits. For instance, in A.I.’s opening scene a very black woman is the only one of a large group of scientists to show empathy for the child robot that they wanted to construct. In real life of course it is more probable that whites show empathy for non-human forms of life or consciousness.

That black face must go…

In fact, it may be a good idea to edit some movies now already. In some cases it would not be much effort. Surely many people would want to see “un-kosherized” movies, and it would be good especially for home-scholing families (who shouldn’t let the children watch TV or access the internet).

But creating a credible white face out of a black one in the Spielberg film mentioned above requires the services of a whole company; no amateur can do it without a company’s support.

Let’s not forget prison-movies and crime-movies that have to many White people in them. Clearly a real prison should be at least 80-90% race.

I thought I remembered seeing some blacks played orcs, and I was going to ask chechar in mock seriousness if that was problem. I was trying to find out if indeed some orcs were played by blacks, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find this:


Too funny.

On another topic, I read the Deltora Quest series of books when I was a kid, by Australian author, really good childrens’ fiction, I’d recommend giving to kids to read. They’re slim books, not too long to read if you wanted to check them out yourself. Those books have a really good message. Never mind the silly Anime adaption though.

FYI – there’s a rule, for ALL British films and television programs – I cannot recall the acronym – but there must be Darklings in EVERY production. It’s mandatory policy. It’s a part of predictive programming, in order to acclimate the English to the presence of non-Whites.

The more troubling aspect of the Potter films is the casting of Jews, in prominent roles. The Potter Cycle is a re-write of central mythos of England – St George and Dragon. Harry and Voldemort. Harry Potter is portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe, Jew. Lucius Malfoy – Uber Aryan Aristocrat, is portrayed by Uber Zionist Jason Isaacs. The repugnant scenery-chewing Helena Bonham Carter, Rothschild’s Jew, plays Bellatrix. Bellatrix is a villainess – but the character is an elegant, languid Normaness. Not some hideous little squat Khazar troll.

Sure he does. Neither did I know, but I remember suspecting he was part J based on his looks and meaning to check, I must have forgotten to do that. So there you go.

I thought J kids looked very, very different from the Harry character in the first four films. I am totally at loss here probably because I rarely interact with them in the real world (there was a single J kid in my classroom at my Grammar School)…

Radcliffe looks like an old friend of mine, who is half-Italian and is also named “Daniel”.

Italians can look rather Jewish, example, actor Jason Biggs is often cast as a Jewish-named character, like “Jim Levenstein” in American Pie (you love those movies don’t you?).

I haven’t watched American Pie. I don’t go to the theaters anymore. And even when I used to go I left the theatre in every other film (I found most films nauseating but still was looking for the needle in the haystack).

Didn’t know Carter was Jewish, or Issacs, but I too was annoyed when 5 came out, to see what they made Bellatrix look like. Awfully miscast. In appearance, and the way she acts like a teenage girl with attitude.


“I went off and read the books after the audition and I read the first four books in one sitting – you know – didn’t wash, didn’t eat, drove around with them on the steering wheel like a lunatic. I suddenly understood why my friends, who I’d thought were slightly backward, had been so addicted to these children’s books. They’re like crack.”

If somebody looks Jewish in those films, it’s Alan Rickman, wearing that black wig!

But he’s Welsh-Irish, unless I don’t know any better.

In fact, the way he’s described in the books, “hook-nosed”, and all that, seems stereotypical Jewish.

Yes, I know, but what does it have to do with him resembling a Jew? I’m an obtuse person, so you’d have to spell it out for me.

Has my pointing out that he resembles a Jew been revelatory in some way, are you comprehending something significant?

Alan Rickman, and the character Severus Snape, are both PA, that’s my best guess for Chechars type, too: link

Can’t smile: link

And Lockhart, is a classic N type: link

Slughorn, an NA type: link

I came up with the goblin and Snape Jew comparison by myself, but I can see that others have thought the same, and I’ve learned that, supposedly, Salazar is a Jewish first name, though a Spanish/Portuguese surname. Also, “Severus Snape” makes me think of Septimius Severus, semitic emporer of rome.


Forget about the casting. The whole series should be banned as extremely dangerous. The message is not healthy or innocent at all. Like other sophisticated products of our egalitarian mass-society, “Harry Potter” wakes up and re-energizes the slumbering Aryan psyche with powerful pagan European symbols and myths the better to implant its subversive message. Do I need to explain who Lord Voldemort, the villain, obsessed with blood purity and aiming to conquering the world, represents?

I had not thought about that.

Since when writing this post I watched again the first movie, I don’t find any particular bad message in it; this blood purity is not mentioned. But IIRC the second film got already this message—a lot.

In fairness to Rowling, after Ginny dated the black in the sixth, she made her break the relationship and date Harry himself. But of course: I would never allow such a plot in the ethnostate since the black student should have never been at Hogwarts in the first place. (When I was a child no niglet at all appeared in any film made in Britain.)

I still believe that the third move, the one filmed by Alfonso Cuarón, is a masterpiece. I would definitively edit the black faces out for the ethnostate. No bad messages appear in that specific film.

No one usually thinks about it. The Masters of Discourse do it that way on purpose. Cinema plays directly with our emotions, switching off the rational side of our brains.

Another Hollywood trick is to cancel, in the sequel-s, any positive aspects a first movie might have had. Take into consideration that millions of dollars are invested in these products and that the minutest details are the outcome of precise and methodical decisions.

Since Cuarón is a Mexican that like me studied at the Colegio Madrid and has talked freely on the subject at least I know that he was given free rein to film the only Potter film he filmed. He abused the privilege, as I said above, by inserting even more niglets at Hogwarts. But unlike his Children of Men which message is truly awful, I fail to see any negative message in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

I had forgotten that one!

Really, with the exception of the 1st and 3rd, fixing the other films would be a real pain in the ass!

I’d only fix those two movies for the ethnostate’s kids and forget the other ones…

It is strange that Chechar hasn’t seemed to recognise this. That he and his new friends resemble Voldemort’s crew more than the good guys in Harry Potter.

Ooh…I meant you..and you white nationalist types..well, the hardcore, really racist ones, like you, but I myself have become rather sympathetic to certain goals lately. I don’t mean offense, please don’t take it the wrong way. I realized a long time ago what Kurwenal was alluding to. Voldemorts agenda, is analogous to white supremacist agenda. I think even Rowling herself made comparison to Hitler. I wonder if you noticed the significance of the Grindelwald character.

A few years ago I read all this, it was first posted on HPANA, I’m usually not in any kind of fanfiction, but I really enjoyed this:


I wonder if it ever occurred to you, that Rowlings goblins seem to resemble Jews?

Fascinating if Rowling said that about Hitler. She’s 100% white, isn’t she? At least the bank Goblins are not sympathetic figures in the films…

I have not read the novels, and still think that after all of these revelations the third film, the only one where Voldemort doesn’t appear in one way or another, is fixable in Covington’s fantastic ethnostate.

I’ll try to find source.. I think I remember her saying something about Hitler somewhere, but maybe I remember wrong, or it was someone else making the comparison.

Yes, and Mckellen plays Magneto in X-men, who is supposed to be Jewish, a holocaust survivor…

Unlike the Potter series I find absolutely nothing to save from these “X” series: pure and absolute poisonous rubbish for the white psyche. I could not even finish the first film.

Thanks for linking this. Now I see that Kurwenal was right, and that Rowling is our enemy.

At this moment all Britons, including Rowling, seem to be Body-snatched Pods.

Presently our only hope is that the dollar crashes and energy devolution wipes out all of these Pods…

There was alot to like about the third, I agree.

But it was still disappointing, as all of them were.

You can’t expect much from Warner Brothers.

Yes, that I really liked. But you have to agree that Snapes death and memories were the best?

No: I don’t see a master director behind those scenes (I don’t even think that the last film of the series was good from the artistic point of view or even the novel’s plot). In the Prisoner on the other hand there were several other very well-designed scenes: for instance around the lycanthropic transformation, especially when Peter Pettigrew picked up the wand to transform himself into a rat. And when the credits are shown at the film’s end, John Williams’ collage of music compositions with the visuals of the Marauder’s Map are an absolute treat.

No one usually thinks about it.

Argh, are you guys serious? They might as well have called him Lord Hitlermort, king of the Death Campers. I was pulling my hair out at the lack of subtlety, even back when I was a liberal kid.

It doesn’t actually work though. Harry would be Hitler, Voldy would be a Junker reactionary. Neither one gives a fuck about people born as “muggles” but Harry wants to pull all biological wizards living abroad into wizard-land while Voldemort wants to maintain the privilege of his social class. Harry treats the Dementors like Hitler treated the Jews, Voldy doesn’t have a problem with them as long as they continue to support him politically. Harry is supported by the working class (Ron) and foreign-born wizards seeking reunification (Hermoine), Voldy is supported by the wealthy elite (Malfoy) and foreign enemies (“Dark Creatures”). Everything is tangled up, because for a wizard to be “liberal” in even the most basic sense they would have to demand that human starvation and disease be stopped with magic, and that would break the setting.

Rowling simply doesn’t know enough history or ideology to understand any of this; British education is even worse than American education (I’ve heard British people say things like “kings are fascist”), and she relies on the fact that “muggles” are an unprotected class and the medieval European “wizards” include blacks and asians (for some inconceivable reason) to avoid making an issue of Harry’s hilarious degree of unconcern for the rest of his (equally human!) species.

The whole series is an ideological trainwreck, which eats its own tail (see the goblin/Jew controversy Rowling had to publicly apologize for), and should probably just be left to die in peace.

I fail to see any negative message in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

I thought the time-travel part was an affront to reason, but I don’t get along well with time-travel…

What I do remember is that the homo idiot who played Gandalf in LOTR said that Hitler was like Sauron.

Uh oh, nobody tell him Tolkien backed the fascists in Spain. Actually, comparing Hitler to Sauron is just mind-boggling stupid. Sauron is a multiculturalist who doesn’t have a race of his own (besides “fallen angel”), how the fuck could he even be “racist”? Does this guy think Sauron is supposed to be an orc or something?

Yes, and Mckellen plays Magneto in X-men, who is supposed to be Jewish, a holocaust survivor…

Making him the world’s only Zionist supervillain, I suppose.

I don’t understand why anyone is surprised there are black people in a film about the occult, clearly those young black lads where summoned straight from hell, to add some color to Hogwarts.

The boy that says “Hey, look, Neville’s got a rememberall.” He has a name. That’s Dean Thomas, and he appears several times in the movies.

I’m very surprised that you enjoyed Harry Potter to some extent without calling it degenerate. But these shots! It’s a mockery of my childhood! I can swear, there are no negroids mentioned in the books at all, except for the brief scene in The Goblet of Fire at the Quidditch World Cup.

“Three African wizards sat in serious conversation, all of them wearing long white robes and roasting what looked like a rabbit on a bright purple fire”

Wow, I remember it to this day. There was a time when I knew the books so well that I could find absolutely any quote in all the six volumes I read. I even learnt at least 96 spell formulae, and that all had been long before I had access to the Internet. I also debunked the illogical time travel episode in The Prisoner of Azkaban long before I read any article about time travel in fiction.

In The Philosopher’s Stone, Dean Thomas is allegedly mentioned as heaving dark skin. But that line is absent from the UK version Ukrainian translation of which I apparently read. In fact, I can’t even imagine a non-white character from a story I’m so invested in. The only obvious such a person was Cho Chang, Harry’s first girlfriend, but I couldn’t even conjure a stable image of a mongoloid in my mind at that time! And I wasn’t sure if she wasn’t English, those magicians tend to have weird names.

Actually, now that I’m researching this, my Ukrainian translation seems to be devoid of any racial epithets at all! In The Goblet of Fire, Angelina Johnson is called “black-haired” instead of the original “black”! Probably, because they are foreign to the language itself. You may imagine how difficult it is for Europeans to grasp the American concept of “whiteness”.

I always was on the Voldemort’s side. Partially because he was supposedly “a bad guy”, partially because he was a Nazi wizard. Even now I can agree with him that there is nothing worse than death (only if we consider death desirable it cannot be the worst). But his intention to reach eternal life and his direction to preserve the magical blood are contradictory to me. You can only choose one (unless you count “living” in the memory of your people as living).

About this last point, I might add this quote from The Farthest Shore by Ursula K. Le Guin (probably, a degenerate writer).
“Life rises out of death, death rises out of life; in being opposite they yearn to each other, they give birth to each other and are forever reborn. And with them all is reborn, the flower of the apple tree, the light of the stars. In life is death. In death is rebirth. What then is life without death? Life unchanging, everlasting, eternal? -What is it but death- death without rebirth?”

I didn’t enjoy those films except the one that Cuarón directed. He attended the same High School that I attended in Mexico (Colegio Madrid) and his talent in that Potter film is obvious.

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