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In Sebastian Ronin’s recent retort to some comments by Matt Parrott here at WDH, this paragraph caught my attention:

Nothing is “free”, not even “virtually free”, especially not energy. No one, absolutely no one, gets to dodge the bullet of Post-Peak Oil energy devolution. A global civilization, to which Murka is the metaphorical Rome, collapses; it comes to an end… In historically relative terms, the current century will make the Black Death seem like a nose bleed.

Why most Murkan White Nationalists cannot see, will not see, or refuse to see how this most devastating of historical events will impact racial politics is simply mind-boggling. Wait! No, it’s not all that mind-boggling at all, but that is another matter, another day.

The reason why most white nationalists don’t want to look at the evidence of both, the coming collapse of the dollar and the apocalyptic energy devolution is easily explained when considering several posts in this blog where I have said that, unlike William Pierce, today’s nationalists still subscribe Christian axiology, even those who claim to be anti-Christian. See for example my extremely provocative entries, “Dies Irae” and its postscript “The depth of evil” linked at the sidebar.

Moderately edited, I would like to repost below a substantial part of what I said in an entry of almost a year ago, “On ostriches and real men”:

I must take issue with Greg Johnson’s “We believe that it can be achieved by peaceful territorial divisions and population transfers.” Besides the fact that lots of Jews were very probably murdered in the Second World War the following is what, like the ostriches, most nationalists are still unwilling to see:

1. The dollar will crash soon

2. With all probability the crash will cause high-rocketing unemployment, riots, and looting in the largest western cities

3. Unlike New Orleans after Katrina, the bullet won’t be dodged after the crash. On the contrary: racial tension in ethnically “enriched” cities will escalate throughout the West, insofar as presently all western currencies are fiat currencies

4. Later these socio-political crises will converge with a peak-oil devolution that, by the end of the century, will kill the surplus of worldwide population created as a result of quixotic Christian ethics (as Søren Renner put it, “Billions will die—we will win!”)

White nationalists’ reactionary, non-revolutionary stance hides the head in the sand. In the coming tribulation very few will care about “totalitarianism, imperialism or genocide” as Greg Johnson, editor-in-chief of Counter-Currents Publishing, cares. With all probability, during the convergence of catastrophes nationalists will be ruthless survivors á la Turner Diaries committed to the fourteen words and no more to Christian ethics. As I put it elsewhere, “the future belongs to the bloodthirsty, not to the Alt Righters.”

Granted: Johnson’s piece is otherwise excellent, a must-read for conservative nationalists who are still struggling with guilt and anti-white sentiments inculcated by the tribe. But unlike Johnson and the other ostriches I agree with Mark that the situation for whites is so dire that, with the help of Mother Nature, only a scorched-Earth policy has any chance of success.

Even those nationalists who very strongly disagree with me on moral grounds, like Franklin Ryckaert, ought to open their minds. You must open your minds about the coming collapse of the dollar and the subsequent energy devolution. Pull your heads off the sand! The convergence of catastrophes will mark “the metamorphic rebirth of Europe or its disappearance and transformation into a cosmopolitan and sterile Luna Park.”

The blogger whose “Red Giant” article is linked above in my words about quixotic Christian ethics once said that the white nationalist movement “is weak.” With the exception of William Pierce’s legacy I tend to agree with that statement. Virtually all of them are like the tender-hearted women who lie weeping and mourning, awaiting the results of the coming bloodshedding in Jacques-Louis David’s Oath of the Horatii:

We on the other hand are like the three brothers expressing loyalty and solidarity with their father and willing to sacrifice our lives, and billions of other lives if necessary, to fulfill the fourteen words.

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Alright, I may be way out of my league here demanding such things (especially in all-caps!) – but it had to be said. I have never posted a comment in my life, but felt compelled to do so after reading the comments on the thread between Mr. Parrot and Mr. Ronin.

From my observations there is little, if any, cohesion in the WN community (whatever that is), never mind any real politicking. Mostly it’s just complaining about DA JOOOZ. The RPN, from what I have gleaned from their site, and the White Voice interview, represents something with actually WINNING in mind; the long term plan as a great example. (Rather than endless bitching and complaining and reacting.)

There are thousands (I hope!) of young, White-trash suburbanites (like me) here in North AmeriKwa who are ripe for recruitment. Some of us do indeed “get it”.

As an aside: I am especially appalled by what you, Mr. Chechar, would call the monocausalists. Most WN sites are saturated with them. Nothing but infantile, responsibility-free, whiners trying to play the role of victim. Only losers and bitches are victims. So, if the shoe fits…. etc.

Thanks for WDH, Chechar! It is truly one of the few places I can go to that resonates with my world-view. 🙂

I have a bad feeling about whatever is about to happen because we are totally helpless; its sounds to me like this whole thing was planned. And I am of the mind that what is coming a is a massive global multicult police state after said collapse.

The governments of the world have underground vaults, supercomputers, satellites in space that can read the cost on a stamp envelope; they are not stupid. They know exactly what is coming, and they are prepared for it.

I tend to agree in general with MD. The entire scope of WN discussions just seem miles away from true effect. eg. Consider a Venn diagram with one circle as WN, the other as ‘True Power’, Well I don’t think they are anywhere near each other.

Think of the countless hours spent in discussions, movements, protests etc versus – Taking one Lord Rothchild hostage, demanding full disclosure and a change in policy.

Well yes, the second option is difficult and maybe fanciful, but I promise that course of action will yield some actual awareness of the true state of things. As for the first option? Just more helpless wailing.

About peak oil : june 2013 : new enormous oil reserves have been discovered in the Netherlands, granting us a 1000 euro per year per capita for several decades. What peak oil?

About dollar crashing : may I remind you that America was broke from 1929 till 1935 and merely surviving until 1939. However it managed to ship 1000 tanks a month to Stalin, and more so to the British in worth of boats and planes, while at the same time building several floats of 1500+ megabombers constantly renewed.
I hope you will read this more than once.
May this remind you that the system decides whether it wishes to crash and not Sir Ronin with his stiff narrative on the end of times through oil scarcity or money crisis.
They print whatever they want and will find another solution to work around the mega debt. Who cares.

And as I stated before the best thing happening to us would be peakoil, it would send the economy in reverse, and the immigration with it. But hélas it just won’t.
This is a 1000 times more likely :
We will be race mixed into oblivion way before anything as peak oil or currecy crisis emerges.
Chechar come to France : IT IS A CATASTROPHY , the year of 2013, we are finished!! 50% of all couples in the streets are black on white, shooting their germs upon our mostly blonde females, our nicest ones, or into the most ugly, who sleep with black and brown, as they are neglected by white men. And white men do the same.
This year is the first summer I refuse to go out in town or to the beach,
the Gauls are gone, no way this can be reversed, i am looking for a save place. A place with no oil.and no economy, so I will be sure to find no parasites.

Chechar except for this never ending issue on peak oil I much enjoyed reading your blog after some months off. Excellent posts.

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