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Carl Gustav Jung Giorgio de Chirico Philosophy

The Great Metaphysician!

This passage of the collection of Jungian essays, Man and his Symbols, page 257—:

“In Chirico’s work, man is deprived of his soul; he becomes a manichino, a puppet without a face (and therefore without consciousness). In the various versions of his Great Metaphysician, a faceless figure is enthroned on a pedestal made of rubbish. The figure is a consciously or unconsciously ironical representation of the man who strives to discover the “truth” about metaphysics, and at the same time a symbol of ultimate loneliness and senselessness.”

—brings to my mind the “great metaphysicians” of Western philosophical tradition (see the previous two entries of this blog).

8 replies on “The Great Metaphysician!”

Jung’s ideas (I’ve read four books by him, which isn’t enough of a sample size given the volume of his works) have never appealed to me, they seem profane, although I respect this man’s intellect.

Mind you, he borrowed his ideas from primarily from Platonism, Nietzsche, and W. Blake and secularized them into psychology … I think he was synthesizer more than anything.

What do you think of Jung?

He actually had quite a bit to say about Traditionalism (although he didn’t call it that).

He started well his career by admiring the Nationalist Socialist movement, but after the defeat he cowardly retracted to be able to continue gaining adepts.

I agree, that’s what makes Heidegger, who I don’t know much about, so remarkable.

He never apologized.

Oh no, he was probably a secret Jew himself like Hitler and Nietzsche and Martin Luther.

But now he’s EXPOSED!

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