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The end of the world as we know it

America is a powder keg. In the near future, there will be racial war from coast to coast, internecine war among whites in all regions, the rise of despotic strongmen, and finally mass ethnic-cleansing. And every day that this inevitable descent into carnage doesn’t begin, is a day that white people should be using to prepare.

I personally like Jared Taylor, but I agree with him that an American Renaissance, under present conditions, is not going to happen. I do believe that some form of America, both ideological as well as physically territorial, will emerge from the ashes of this coming hell-on-earth, similar to the way modern, ethno-nationalist Russia emerged from the Soviet Union’s demise.


29 replies on “The end of the world as we know it”

I can agree with that but what concerns me is:

1) America’s nuclear weapons won’t vanish after the dollar crashes

2) In an attempt to reboot the crashed economy after the dollar turns into confetti, the US government will probably confiscate the gold of the diverse nations that stupidly trusted America and deposited their reservoirs in NY

That’s what I fear the most. So a fragmentation of the States, some of them into white ethnostates, is the lesser evil than a possible Americanism redivivus (thru her weapons and confiscated gold).

I know you reject the meta-historical conspiracy theory, so I doubt I can convince you of the alternative, which is the possibility for the emergence of a New World Order, but here is what Evola had to say:

“This is the first phase of the occult war : its goal is to create an enormous proletariat, to reduce the peoples to a mush of beings without tradition or inner strength. Then there is proposed a further action, on the basis of the power of gold. The secret chiefs will control gold globally, and, by means of it, all the peoples already deracinated, along with their apparent, more or less demagogic, leaders. While, on one hand, the destruction will proceed through ideological poisons, revolts, revolutions and conflicts of all sorts, the masters of gold will stir up crises of domestic economy everywhere, with the purpose of driving humanity to such a state of prostration, despair, and utter mistrust towards any ideal or system that it becomes a passive object in the hands of the invisible dominators, who will then manifest themselves, and impose themselves as absolute world-wide rulers. The King of Israel will be at their head, and the ancient promise of the Regnum of the ‘Chosen People’ will be achieved.

The crash of the dollar, imminent and short-range, is peanuts to what awaits 20 years or so down the line, latent and long-range. We are talking a die-off that will capture 7 out of 10 of all shades.

In historical comparison, it will make the Black Death seem like a nose bleed.

The Whites that do survive will lose that disastrous Out Group Altruism gene FOR EVER. The sooner – the better.

America is gone for good, fellas. The very premise of the USA was built on the Enlightenment fallacy of “Universal Brotherhood”. This will be purged, again, FOR EVER, in the cleansing fires of RaHoWa.

Can’t wait.

“This will be purged, again, FOR EVER, in the cleansing fires of RaHoWa.”

Just for the record, Ben Klassen first popularized the term Racial Holy War (RaHoWa) within the white racialist movement. In his 1987 book Rahowa- This Planet is All Ours he said that Jews created Christianity to make white people weaker, and said that the first priority should be to “smash the Jewish Behemoth”.

The notion of “RaHoWa” has likely been a Globalist asset for some time. It will be unleashed at their call, with their management and coordination, towards their objectives. White Nationalists will gobble the bait thinking that they are unleashing it. They are easily played. Hailz…or something.

Seb Ronin is apparenlty living outerspace or a quiter area of this planet. All major cities in Europe are ticking as time bombs. Seen Paris this weekend? Every big and minor city is so full of tension because of the invasion of hordes of locusts that a crisis is inevitable. This has nothing to with Heilz nostalgia etc.
Racial war wil happen way before your hypothetical peak oil crisis (which is a blessing any way to our world if that happens, as we will manoeuver back to rural and small handcrafted business in no time and we will not have the assets to feed trillions of third world people). Racial war is necessary and is not controlled by any globalist conspiracy, quite the contrary they wish us to be metizo uprooted world consumers.

To Seb Ronin : watch a video of any african oil digging site, from what I see more goes up in smoke than into the pipes. Untill these oil companies think it is more costful to save 50% of what they pump than just blow it in hot air, peak oil has not to be feared.

What convinced me that there’s something real on this peak oil predictions were Chris Martenson’s interviews of professionals in the field who don’t believe in what Martenson says; i.e., these skeptics believe that other sources of energy will be found. It was precisely the arguments presented by Martenson and the very friendly discussions in his programs with the skeptics what convinced me that those who debated him were wrong.

One needs to be very careful about making hardline predictions like this. The system has been kept going far longer than anybody could have expected already. There is a lot of ruin in a nation, as the saying goes; it’s not impossible that it will keep going and declining steadily over a much longer time than rational analysis would suggest. Most people will try to keep living day to day and keep things working as best they can, and all that accumulated effort can stand up for quite a while.

why do all the white people of both Americas think [mostly christians european origins!], this are continents of white man? since when is this true?

For such comment I see that you have not even bothered to read the explanatory posts of this blog at the sidebar before jumping to these comment threads. A little piece of advice my Polish friend: start from the sidebar top (“This blog in a nutshell”) and read the entries until you hit the histories of the white race by Pierce and Kemp before trying to comment again.

for a simple question is always a simple answer, but yours is not. schade! in “nutshell” is really a lot. I’m not Polish, by the way!

It’s because your question is itself a logical fallacy, “the Complex Question Fallacy” they call it (e.g., “Have you stopped hitting your mother”) since we are not even Christians. And your IP does indeed comes from Poland, by the by.

99% of all white European, who emigrated to America were Christians, and they do build the great White Americas until the present days. my question was simple: why do they [and theirs grand-grandchildren] think, America is a continent of/for white people.

my IP must NOT define my nationality, Sherlock. you Master of Logical American Thinking.

You continue to be silly, Watson. Not only you come to this blog without realizing that it is an anti-Christian blog, but since you have not read it you don’t realize that I am not an American, but a Mexican living in Mexico City.

Again, if you want to offer your criticism here you must read the articles I mentioned above. Bye right now.

No it won’t, why would it. They print is and keep the system going with it, they control all from A till Z. They (f…. jewish banksters governing us) will decide whether a crash suits their plans, not your smartest calculations will be able to figure that out.
Anyway we are running into a major minor ice age before that, all signs are red, there goes your peak oil and dollar crash theory.
Our white homelands will be cleansed by snow white.

I hate to discuss with people that don’t even bother to see the reasons why real economists are positive that the crash is coming. At least watch the video linked in my above words “It will” at 12:34 pm before commenting.

“my IP must NOT define my nationality, Sherlock. you Master of Logical American Thinking.”

Let me help you out, Chechar. This person is a Jew, and their “nationality” is their race, of course. ” Loewenberg” is a classic Jewish name whether he is in Poland or not. “Loewe” is German for “Lion”, and berg is the Jewification of that noun, “berg” or “burg” means “town” or village.

As for his stupid question:

“why do all the white people of both Americas think [mostly christians european origins!], this are continents of white man? since when is this true?”

We believe that this continent is ours because our ancestors TOOK it by force from the native Indians who; 1) did not have the technology to repel the attack (they hadn’t even invented the wheel for themselves) and 2) they (Indians) were too busy with intertribal warfare, to combine forces against their conquerors. Oldest story in human history, Loewenberg.

Now I have a question for you:

Why do you Jews believe that Israel (actually Palestine until the Irgun terrorists drove the Palestinians out by force, (while the British government looked the other way) belongs to modern day “Jews” when the truth is that today’s Jews are in no way descendants of those people of ancient Israel? And what makes the Jewish takeover of territory in the Middle East and the expulsion of the native Palestinians morally superior to Europeans conquering the Americas? “Might makes right” is either an absolute or it is not—it cannot be applied selectively according to your wishes.

yes, George, the help for Chechar was urgently needed, but the competent one. explanation about meaning my families name is so far from truth, as “berg” or “burg” means “town” or village. take your time and go back to school to learn how to use lexicons. our family exists sins 1241 and there was no Jews in our history. document from 1935 is an absolute proof for me.

I’m sure you’ve got better partners to discuss the jewish questions among your friends while your’e playing with your new invented american wheels, because they are “powerful enough to take it [Wahrheit] and determined enough to keep it” [Glaube und Ordnung]. your exposition of jewish problem was very helpful for Chechar, as you see, but he was the only one, who got inspired. I wonder why… Amerika erwache!!!

I got a chuckle out of Loewenberg’s denial of his Jewish heritage, Chechar. So he speaks German and is located in Poland? And I noticed he at least did not deny the meaning of Loewe, or answer the question that I posed to him but instead lies about his ancestry and then follows up with a paragraph of nonsense ending with the exhortation : America wake up! (Amerika Erwache).

“our family exists sins 1241” – I believe you are trying to say :
“Our family can trace its lineage back to the year 1241”
– and you are telling me to use the dictionary and “go back to school”? You even misspelled “since”.
But of course your family tree can be traced to 1241. Most Jews have a good grasp of their family lineage. Bravo for you!

And you speak of “Wahrheit” (truth), Glaube (belief) and Ordnung (order)? Was wissen Sie uberhaupt von Wahrheit? Nichts, gahr nichts. Geistig zuruckgeblieben wie Sie sind, konnen Sie der Wahrheit nicht vertragen. (No, I did not forget the umlauts, my American keyboard does not make provision for their use).
But let us keep this conversation in English, since I doubt that Chechar speaks German, and most who frequent this blog do not.
The “truth” is that egalitarianism, like the Christian religion that begat this filthy misconception, is nonsense. Such ideas as egalitarianism and religious belief are maladaptive, and inimical to the continued existence and progress of our race of people. That which matters is strength, intelligence and the future of our children.
“Glaube”- “belief”; If our people must have a religion, then let it be paganism, a return to the old religions of Europe. Christianity has been poison to the psyche of our race.
“Ordnung”- “order” ; Our people, once they have shed the mental crutches of Christianity and political correctness as well as brought to an awareness (“awaken” if you like, Loewenberg) of the various wars that Jewish bankers have dragged our people into and the lies that they have been force-fed in public schools, then we will have “order”, and a return to the Western Civilization that our forebears created, propagated and spread throughout the
world- by force.
(Chechar; I won’t return to this particular blog entry as I don’t want this “conversation” with Loewenberg to become a flame war).

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