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Brigade (novel) Civil war Harold Covington Homosexuality

The Brigade excerpts, chapter XX

by Harold Covington

“Setting The Scene”

Covington in uniform
On the day before the Oscars, for the first time, Task Force Director’s Cut was all gathered in one place, a large private home with a green lawn and hissing sprinklers on 20th Street in Santa Monica. It was very risky, and some of the crew were on sentry duty and would be briefed later by their team leaders, but this was the most important operation that the Northwest Volunteer Army had undertaken to date.

“I’ll run the operation down for you from beginning to end,” said Hill. “Hit the lights please, somebody.” The lights dimmed and one overhead projector cast a floor plan of the Kodak Theater onto the wall, while a second showed the plan of the Hollywood Royale hotel. “The actual infiltration of the theater and the assault will be carried out by seven personnel. Red fire team will consist of Volunteers Lockhart, Wingo, and McGee. Gold team will consist of Volunteers Kolchak, Gauss, and Washburn. As always, comrades, the gods favor us. I’ve noticed that happens a lot since we decided to quit running around street corners holding signs and wearing silly costumes, and took up the gun.”

“Amen,” spoke up one of the Volunteers.

“We want a Mad Minute of Shock and Awe,” said Hill. “The maddest ever, because remember, this is going to be on live nationwide TV. Cat, you and Ron will both fire twenty well-aimed rounds apiece, and remember, after those two initial faggots for camera effect, you’re going for the Burger Kings, the Big Kikes. The grenadiers will throw both their grenades, one each as soon as the firing begins, and a second after approximately thirty seconds. They will also open fire on full automatic, into what will almost certainly be a screaming vortex of sheer madness, concentrating on the VIP circle in front of the orchestra pit. There will be no innocent parties down there. Anyone who rates a seat in that section is Hollywood up to their eyeballs, and guilty as sin. Ideally not one glitterati pig or bitch who sits down at one of those little Parisian café tables to pose for us unwashed masses in all their haute couture glory should make it out of that theater alive. But especially not Jews. Bear in mind what all this is in aid of, comrades.

Hollywood is possibly the greatest weapon the Jews have against our race, maybe even more powerful and dangerous in some ways than their control of the federal government and of international banking. Hollywood is the biggest leg of that unholy tripod, and we have to knock it out from under them.”


LynchCoverChechar’s note:

Just compare Covington’s views about Hollywood to Greg Johnson’s opposite views and leave a comment: either below, or in a recent thread.

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It is Jews who decide what story lines to produce, the shabbos goy Helen Gurley Brown’s husband, being one of them.

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