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Healing Amfortas


Re my previous and next post: I will reproduce Friedrich’s excellent translation of the Junge Freiheit later in this week.

Friedrich wrote (indented paragraph):

The point is that in both cases if you want to spread awareness, mentioning the mere facts helps little as it is an emotional and psychological problem and I don’t know how these mental barriers [among self-harming Germans] can be overcome.

I think I know how, and for the first time in my blogging career I am tempted to add a donate button in this blog to help us to purchase a teleprompter, a camera and proper lighting equipment in order to film high-quality films with me quoting what I have already typed from Hellstorm.

I have created a mantra of my own (“What the Allies did in times of peace was incomparably more monstrous than the crimes attributed to the Germans in times of war—precisely because it was done in times of peace”) that would like to hammer on Westerners in general, and the German people in particular, by the end of my audiovisual messages. And I will need some resources to be able to do the high-quality filming—think of David Duke’s well-planned videos, although unlike my Anglo-Saxon colleagues I look like a passionate Mediterranean before the camara.

The Holodomor message. Besides my mantra I shall convey my message already stated at the Occidental Observer about the “First Act” of the opera: Jewish Bolsheviks killing more civilians than Himmler. This message cannot be illegal even in Europe if I start quoting sources with the Establishment imprimatur, for example Jewish Albert Lindemann’s Esau’s Tears and Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag.

The Self-harming message. And I will mention the fact of a System feeding us twenty-four hours a day with the “Second Act,” the so-called Jewish Holocaust, maliciously omitting the other two (and since I follow Irmin Vinson and David Irving’s latest position on the subject I doubt I would go to jail even if I visit Germany).

The Hellstorm message. Last but not least, I’ll also speak out about the “Third Act” of the opera: the Allied forces committing a larger Holocaust than the one attributed to Hitler.

Since my films will be highly emotional—precisely the method that the System has been using for the Self-harming message—, if properly sponsored my future YouTube viewers, totally ignorant of both the Holodomor and the Hellstorm holocausts, will allow in their minds the plantation of the first seeds of a process to undemonize Hitler, the Nazis, Germany, Europe, and eventually the entire West and the White people in general.

I wish some of my readers could afford helping us in the project of taking the First and Third acts of our grand World War II opera to the public view—for the first time since the War! Isn’t it really amazing that the System managed to hide the other two Holocausts committed in the 1930s and 40s—and for so long?

Send me a little piece of advice on the subject of donation, either here or in private if you prefer (see “contact” at the sidebar). I am even willing to renew my studies of German so that, with the help of a teleprompter and colleagues like Friedrich at the other side of the Atlantic, with time the message could be delivered not only in English but in German as well…


P.S. There is a long follow-up to this post: here.

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It should be simple to include a “donate” button linked to a Paypal account that would allow followers of your website to make a contribution. I prefer this type of setup myself, as it is simple and allows a deduction directly from my bank account by a reliable intermediary. Paypal gets its “cut”, of course but the ease of the transactions should be worth it to both you and your readers. Although it is not much, I would contribute $50. to your site this way if you decide to try setting up this type of donation system. Alternatively, you could take a look at AmRen’s website and their donation scheme, although I do not like their system as it asks for too much personal information. Still, it is another approach that you could look at. Good luck and I hope you receive many contributions with whatever system you choose to employ.

Thanks for your advice. I think I’ll follow it and not the AmRen format since the latter is more complicated, and I don’t need personal info from potential donors.

“In the beginning was the spoken word,” they say. It has the power to galvanize that the written word cannot match. I refrained to do it because my native language is not English and have a heavy foreign accent. But with the teleprompter for proper English speaking with the help of English subtitles I believe that my emotions could reach a wider audience than WDH.

Many nationalists should do what Duke is doing in YouTube, especially on the topic of the hidden Holocausts. I still can’t believe that the System was so successful in hiding these two gigantic genocides of pure Whites for so long.


Chechar, I am pleased to see that others intend to donate to your site as well, and I am glad that the Paypal suggestion seems to have met with approval by your audience. Everyone will be eager to hear you speak on the subject of the Western racial and cultural preservation and do not worry about your “heavy accent”. Many feel that a speaker’s accent helps them to concentrate on what he is saying, and find the accent interesting.

Thanks, George.

It seems that I was successful in creating a Donate button for WordPress but I still ignore the next step. Is PayPal supposed to be automatically connected to my bank account?


For the moment I’ll leave the Donate button invisible until I understand the process.

Chechar, I am late in replying to your questions (below), as I did not think to come back to this post. I have been busy reading other sections of your website. I can only answer your questions by extrapolating from past experience in setting up my personal PayPal account, and making “assumptions” based on that. I have no experience in setting up a PayPal “donations” account for a website. Having said that, I am certain that in order to make all this work, you had to have set up a personal PayPal account for yourself? Then you filled out whatever online forms were necessary to add a donate button to your website. The information you gave PayPal should have established the connection between your personal PayPal account and and this website. So… the monies from donations should go directly into your PayPal account. As I recall, their are various “levels” of accommodation to PayPal “subscribers” such as the “verified” tag which allows you to withdraw more money per month from your account, etc. I never got too far into the workings of this business as I only used the account to receive money for items that I bought or sold on Ebay (and to purchase items from online stores). PayPal does have telephone customer representatives that can guide you through this process and answer your questions. I hope this helps a little.

Chehar, I see I overlooked your main question:
“Is PayPal supposed to be automatically connected to my bank account?”
Yes, when you set up your PayPal account you have to provide a source for funds to be withdrawn from (in order to pay for items you want to purchase) as well as a bank account for PayPal to put money into for those occasions when someone buys something from you and wishes to pay you for it. This was PayPal’s traditional “main focus”- in order to facilitate monetary transactions on the internet for people to buy and sell on Ebay and similar websites. The PayPal “donate” button for websites was one of their later ideas, I believe.You can also connect your PayPal account to your Visa card if you wish.


Check your email inbox. I replied to your questions and hopefully this info will help. If not or if the reply was not clear, then send another email and I will attempt to help. PayPal’s website pages are visually confusing, but once you have done it a couple of times you will find it navigable. You must go to your PP account, and request the money be transferred from PP to your bank account. This part is NOT automatic (caps for emphasis, not for “shouting”). Takes 3-4 days after you have made the request for the money to appear in your account.

Put on a PayPal button or post a mailing address for donations.
I pledge $100.00 down and $10.00 a month.

I must be most thankful.

I will have to see if WordPress has an easy button for PayPal (I’ll investigate it tomorrow evening when I return from the state of Morelos to Mexico City).

“What the Allies did in times of peace was incomparably more monstrous than the crimes attributed to the Germans in times of war—precisely because it was done in times of peace”

On the same pattern: everyone should recognize that it is more evil to take an active part in today’s genocide of the white race than to question the Jewish narrative about what happened 70 years ago.


In his book “200 years together”, it’s interesting to read that “antisemitism” was punished by death in the USSR. By comparison, what happened to Moscow’s cathedral (Christ the Savior Cathedral) can be seen on youtube: it was dynamited!

“the so-called Jewish Holocaust, maliciously omitting the other two”

From what I recently read on a blog, WWI used to be called the holocaust before Jewish activists claimed exclusive ownership of the word. According to Robert Faurisson, they took the word holocaust because a common theme among Jewish “survivors” was that the Jews had been burned alive by the Germans. Holocaust comes from a Greek word that means entirely burnt (source).

From Faurisson’s blog:

In an autobiographical book that supposedly describes his experiences at Auschwitz and Buchenwald, [Elie Wiesel] nowhere mentions the gas chambers [2]. He does indeed say that the Germans executed Jews, but… by fire; by throwing them alive into flaming ditches

Another excerpt from Faurisson’s blog:

In his memoirs, Night, a version of his earlier Yiddish testimony, Wiesel reports that at Auschwitz there was one flaming ditch for adults and another one for babies. He writes:

“Not far from us, flames were leaping from a ditch, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load – little children. Babies! Yes, I saw it – saw it with my own eyes … Those children in the flames.”

I’m not sure if all countries have these but a good way of paying over the Internet is by using a Visa card that you pre-pay with cash. In New Zealand they are called Prezzy Cards and the name on the card is Prezzy Card Holder so it is completely anonymous. Most places accept them as a Visa card.

The project sounds like a good idea. I also think a comic book series would be good too. It surprises me how few subversive comics there are as this is an excellent medium for playing around with ideas and easy to disseminate on the Internet – perfect for tablets too. Maybe titles like “The Last Fascist” or “SS Girl” (A bit like Hit Girl) or something more subtle. Maybe an alternative Star Wars where Darth Vader is the hero struggling to keep the Empire together or Nazis on the moon who save the Earth from alien invasion by using their skill and fighting spirit. There are so many interesting possibilities.

It also surprises me that so few movies have been made depicting the exploits of the Germans. There were some truly remarkable soldiers and people like the test pilot Hanna Reitsch. The story of Otto Skorzeny and the Gran Sasso raid would make an excellent movie. Real people not made up ones.

The modern movie, it seems, needs to follow the orthodox path of accepted cliches.You can make a movie like Lincoln that fabricates history and depicts totally how it was not whereas if you made a movie depicting the heroism and fighting spirit of the Spanish SS fighting in Russia which was totally how it actually was you would be censored. Why is it that you can always use artistic license (make stuff up) to promote an anti-white agenda yet you can’t use the truth to promote a pro-white agenda?

Artists are supposed to push the accepted boundaries of orthodox thinking, make people think, shock them even.

Are you watching the News Chechar? A former black cop just went nuts in LA and he is killing the people that he haves a grudge. The LAPD also started shooting anyone who resembles the suspect!!

The ZOG jumped the shark, the colapse is near.

Steve Sailer has just commented on the case:


Incidentally, Jew Among You has written a pretty good post on the sort of effect an obnoxious, despicable movie like Django Unchained might have on niggers’ minds:


Now let’s see how the liberal media will spin this story.

Off topic:

I don’t know if you’re familiar with The Irish Savant’s blog.

If you are, just ignore this messege. Alternatively, take your time to explore it, it’s among the best ones in the WN’list bloggosphere; very insightful and well-written. Today’s post reminded me of a recent post on TWDH, concerning White women mating with niggers.

About donating to your blog: I don’t think using Pay Pal is a safe means to get donations if one holds such radioactive opinions as ours. Sooner or later some antifas will report you to the Pay Pal people and your account will be shut down and your funds will be frozen.

There are precedents for that: this guy called Julio Severo (a clown, I must say), who’s a Brazilian Christian Zyonist and an anti gay activist had his account canceled and his funds frozen after the Brazilian gay lobby fingered his blog to the Pay Pal people (1:37 onwards on the video).

Also, beware of making your address available for anyone to see, mate. Instead, why don’t you get yourself a Post Office Box?

It’s not my address actually. But advice is taken and I’ll remove it now.

As to the antifas freezing my account, I thought that PayPal funds would go to my banking account (which is obviously safe)? I still have to check this up…

P.S. I am experimenting serious difficulties trying to decipher the PayPal system. It is extremely confusing and extremely unfriendly for newcomers.

Today I visited my bank and they say they know nothing of PayPal.

So I spent hours reading the PayPal website and it gets more and more complex and labyrinthine every time I try to learn more.

I wonder how so many bloggers receive their donations thru PayPal? The system is so unfriendly that it’s not even clear if your bank is involved in the donations!

Is there another way to receive them?

If you set up a normal PayPal account, and just put the email address connected to that account on this website, that should be all anybody needs to make a donation. People will then simply send money from their PayPal account to your PayPal account.

Also, as the previous poster said, make sure your home address is never available; even if somebody says they want it so they can send a donation. PayPal has a history of discontinuing service to pro-White websites, so you may not be able to use it for long. Some pro-White websites give out an email address, and from that email account give out their PayPal details for money transfer. You could do it that way. I know the anti-Whites could still get hold of your PayPal details with that, but it makes it a bit harder for them, and it will put a gap between PayPal and this website, so maybe PayPal will be less likely to drop you.

Thanks for the info, Redbeardian. But I am still confused.

How can I collect cash from an email or a PayPal account?

It makes no sense to me.

(On the other hand, I would like to know how it’s possible that antifas can rule a service like PayPal. How can they freeze the funds of an anti-homo crusader? Is that even legal? Are PayPal owners Jewish?)

So people can make donations to you by transferring money to your bank account through PayPal, you simply open a PayPal account that is linked to your bank account. Anybody wanting to make a donation goes to their own PayPal account, types your PayPal email address into the “To” box, and sends you the donation. I do not think it is possible for PayPal to freeze money that is sent straight through PayPal to a bank account, but I may be wrong about that.

I am not sure if the Jews own PayPal, but the anti-Whites definitely try to influence PayPal to not provide a service to pro-White websites. Tom Metzger, at resist.com, gets around this by doing what I have suggested you do. He displays his PayPal email address through a “DONATE” button. Anybody wanting to transfer money to his PayPal account can go to their own PayPal account, type in his PayPal email address, and send him money. You do not need to have a donate button. All you need is for your PayPal email address to be on the website. You do not need a PayPal “Business” account. You only need a PayPal “Personal” account.

you simply open a PayPal account that is linked to your bank account

It’s not simple at all… I even tried to Google “How do I link my PayPal account to my bank account” besides emailing the PayPal service guys and have obtained no satisfactory, step-by-step answer. PayPal is the most hostile, user unfriendly page I have ever met. In the formulary pages on bank accounts I have hit on the net they don’t even ask the Number of your account!

And before I spend more hours in this liver-destroying, PayPal website labyrinth I must be sure whether or not they may want to freeze funds for WN causes.

OK. I have figured out something.

These idiots of PayPal first send you an 18-digit “Clabe” and then ask you to input the “Clabe”. But I am starting to suspect that this second “Clabe” is simply the Number of your bank account, which is also 18 digits.

I’ll follow the procedure in the hope that they refer to my bank account and see what happens.

It was too confusing precisely because the two “Clabes” are totally distinct numbers.

First you open the PayPal account, and THEN you link a bank account to it. Sorry, I did not make that clear. The “CLABE” is particular to Mexico, so I have no experience of that.

I see…

After struggling with the PayPal formulary I have finally linked my bank account to my PayPal account and created a Donate Button, which if you don’t have any objections (antifa subversion, etc) I will make it visible tomorrow here at WDH.

chechar what do you mean by following ‘irving latest position?’
I hope you’re overall excellent blog does not have another surprise cold shower in petto. I hope you don’t believe the narrative of “treblinka and belzec hide billions of corpses but we are not allowed to dig that’s why we put huge concrete monuments so it never ever will be done” (so nobody will find out that treblinka was just a delousing station and belzec a woodlogging unit).

Chechar the whole intent of your blog goes down the drain if you accept the official or semi official story à la Irving, if millions died there on order by Himmler either by bullets or by russian submarin gas chamber (ho ho ho) then yes germans deserved a hellstorm in a way for such diabolic deeds. The only jews kiled down east were partisans, and lots of em, and several pogroms well deserved executed by oukranians and lithuanians in revenge of the annihiliation of their elite by jewish marxist gangsters some years earlier, But someone who is able to look up the cannibalism of Aztecs is surely able to find this out for himself and does’nt need irving for answering such a primordial question.

if millions died there on order by Himmler… then yes germans deserved a hellstorm in a way for such diabolic deeds.

I disagree. Germans were reacting to the Holodomor. They were the good guys even if what Irving would probably say in his book actually happened. But let’s wait to make sure what’s Irving take on the subject.

Will this website be maintaining the position that the Germans DID NOT use gas chambers to kill Jews in WW2, and DID NOT have a plan to exterminate Jews in WW2? This issue is very important, as it is a big part of the reason why so many Whites feel guilty and will not fight for survival. I still plan to donate, but, please, clear up this matter for me first.

I have not taken a definitive side one way or the other on the holo issue. I only discovered WN in 2009 and have not studied holo literature. However, when I can afford it I’ll purchase two books with diametrically opposite views on the so-called holocaust.

“PayPal has a history of discontinuing service to pro-White websites”

A recent exemple: I read today that Paypal has blocked the paypal account of the French author Hervé Ryssen (who writes books about Jews and anti-Whitism).

I have just donated $50.00.

I just want to add something to my previous post, just to make my position clearer: I do not believe the Germans gassed any Jews in WW2, and I do not believe the Germans had a plan to exterminate Jews in WW2.

Furthermore, I would not be troubled in the least if the Germans had gassed millions of Jews, and did have a plan to exterminate them. This would only cause me to have even greater respect for the German National Socialists. Not because of any struggle of Christian “good” against “evil”, but because of the greatness of the will-to-power it would take to do such a thing for the health of the White race.

I used PayPal. It sometimes takes a while for PayPal transfers to show up in a bank account.

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