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Translation of pages 419-482 of Hojas susurrantes

swaddled boy

Note of September 2017: I have removed this text because a slightly revised version of it is now available in print within my book Day of Wrath.

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The key sentence to understand today’s paleologicians — whether conspiracy theorists, those who suffer from schizoid personalities or primitive tribesmen who live under the sky of animism (and their modern, Western counterparts among those who fall in destructive religions or cults) — is Arieti’s phrase: “The paleologician confuses the physical world with the psychological one. Instead of finding a physical explanation for an event, he looks for a personal motivation or an intention as the cause of an event.”

Truthers confuse the real physical world with their psychological one. No coincidences or random tragic events can occur among those who have regressed into paleologic thinking. Their mode of though is not Aristotelic.

Of course, this interpretation is based upon the assumption that the mainstream view of the 9/11 attacks is the most parsimonious, commonsensical and rational of the two.

My challenge to the truthers:

I am tempted to buy the best two books on 9/11: one by the “truthers” and the other by the “debunkers”. I can listen to your attorney, no problem. But will a truther ever listen the prosecutor (purchasing his book and really studying it with an open mind, etc.)?

If they can’t do it and, as members of the “jury” continue to leave the court every time the prosecutor speaks, that proves my point: truthers are not interested in the real world but in their psychological one.

Time to preach our message (white nationalism) to those who have left magical thinking behind…

Very interesting essay that demands much time and thinking. Good work! I reject the 9/11 connection though. I believed for some years in the official 9/11 theory but not anymore. To me, aguments hinting towards a government conspiracy seemed valid while those of the defenders of the official version seemed not after once I started to go deeper into the matter. I still frequently have to listen to arguments of the official side because of family members, Tv etc. I want to add that people who believe the official version are just as much conspiracy theoretics as those who do not. It seems to me to be an inappropriate example.

Well. We agree to disagree. That I don’t “believe” in the so-called “official version” is proven by the fact that before the US government made any official pronouncement, I like others surmised that Osama bin Laden was behind the attacks.

See the threads on 9/11 in this blog.

Although, I should add that looking over some of the other stuff he has written since then, I find his general judgement suspect.

It’s a pity that today I could not locate the exact page of Arieti’s sentence imagining a space visitor, “more integrated psychologically than the Earth dwellers, who would find many instances of paleologic thinking in the moral, social and religious costumes of Western man”.

It pretty much summarizes what I believe afflicts not only WNism, but much of the magical thinking in the broader western culture: e.g., TV “documentaries” in so-called cultural channels (in fact, entertainment industry) about angels, psychic detectives, cryptozoologists, life after death, etc.

I’d classify conspiracy theories in that context. Arieti’s clinical observation of the continuity between schizophrenic and non-schizophrenic is spot on. I have dealt with an authentic paranoid patient and the similarities of “paleologic” thought between this patient and conspiracy theorists —attributing profound, intentional meanings to prosaic events (as animistic tribesmen still do)— strikes me as worth of study.

I read the whole post, and find it fascinating and persuasive. However, how much of “conspiracy theory” is motivated by true mental illness, versus how much is an intentional plant by a misinformation campaign? We know for a fact that intelligence agencies engage in this type of subversion.

My friend Roman has just sent me this email and allowed me to publish it here:

Hi, Chechar!

I have been reading your blog regularly, as far as my energy allowed.

Your last entry about psychohistory was great! Finally I could grasp what Lloyd deMause meant. The crucial ideas condensed in a short entry. Somehow until now I couldn’t make a connection to it and the few times you mentioned him were not enough to give any attention to it. Now I understand why it is so important to you.

It really gives a completely different angle to our social and cultural evolution and I am not surprised that it has been suppressed for so long. It goes so completely against the egalitarian dogma that it would easily explode [the dogma] when sufficiently known. So I am really glad you made this knowledge available on your blog!

I am slowly reading through Yockey and Simpson. Fortunately Counter Currents deals a lot with Yockey, so I don’t lose track.

How is life in Mexico? I am now in Copenhagen, looking for work. It is not so easy, but of course just a question of time.

Wish you al the best!


“Why do so many white nationalists believe the silly 9/11 conspiracy theories?”

Perhaps you should ask yourself that question, since you believe the silliest theory of all, that being the Official Conspiracy Theory as dictated by the Jewish media. Unsurprisingly you don’t deal at all with the evidence at all, and just attempt to pathologize anyone who doesn’t buy the ZOG script. Very Jew-like.

19 cavedwellers with boxcutters vs. $350 billion worth of US military/ defense manpower including 20 intelligence agencies, and the 19 amateurs come out victorious? ROFL, riiight, and I bet you think Santa Clause is coming this Christmas too eh?

Who were the first and only people arrested in connection to 9/11? Israeli Mossad agents.

Israel Did 9/11 ~ http://zioncrimefactory.com/israel-did-911/

“…since you believe the silliest theory of all, that being the Official Conspiracy Theory as dictated by the Jewish media.”

False. I have not watched “Jewish media” since 1994, when I got rid of my TV. And I don’t watch films or read papers either.

“Unsurprisingly you don’t deal at all with the evidence at all, and just attempt to pathologize anyone who doesn’t buy the ZOG script.”

The best minds in nationalism—Pierce, MacDonald, O’Meara, Johnson, Parrott, Sunic to name a few— (even “Hunter Wallace”) didn’t swallow the conspiratorial 9/11 claims and none of them has anything to do with “ZOG”. I don’t deal with evidence in this post since it’s about the history of childhood, child abuse and schizophrenia: the basis to understand “paleologic thinking” and why even sane people often fall into regressive modes of thought such as believing in conspiracies.

With all due respect Chechar I think this post is rubbish. Traditional practices in traditional societies developed to promote social stability. They know their own people and they know what is best for them. It is not our business to *enlighten* them. We don’t have to like what other peoples do or understand it, that isn’t our responsibility. What it is our responsibility to do is mind our own business. It doesn’t surprise me at all that deMause attended Columbia University, the American home of the Frankfurt School.

Traditional practices in traditional societies developed to promote social stability. They know their own people and they know what is best for them. It is not our business to *enlighten* them.

With all due respect Helvena this comment of yours is rubbish. Are you promoting that Jewish thing, “cultural relativism” that destroyed our academic sanity since Franz Boas took over our anthropological departments (“traditional practices in traditional societies developed to promote social stability”)? I doubt that you read the entire chapter, let alone the rest of my book The Return of Quetzalcoatl (here, although the next chapters have not been reviewed for syntax by a native English speaker).

It doesn’t surprise me at all that deMause attended Columbia University, the American home of the Frankfurt School.

Since you haven’t read my whole book you don’t know that I criticize deMause’s demented liberalism in the strongest possible terms (here). Actually, since I published these criticisms I am no longer in speaking terms with deMause (previously we corresponded quite often).

By the way, I’ve never said that it is our business to enlighten these bastards.

Ok, I didn’t catch that you were criticizing deMause, my apologies.

I’m not saying all cultures are the same. The traditional Indian culture (and I understand like all cultures it changes over time) is best for Indians given their genetic makeup. It would NOT be best for us. And likewise our culture could not bring social stability and happiness to them, not in the long run. The reason Blacks have such a hard time succeeding in the West is not because of racism but because they are at a genetic disadvantage given that the West is our culture, produced by our genes, not theirs. They will always feel like outsiders, just like the Jews and if we try to change to accommodate them, we will feel alienated (like many of us do now).

Chechar, why aren’t you posting my comments? And my sister thinks you’re a handsome guy and wants to know if you are single and open to East Indian women?

I find it very difficult to see how a tribal people, interfaced with a brutal, natural environment, could possibly survive with the type of imaginary, irrational, hallucinogenic perceptual/problem solving you describe. It could not possibly work towards survival and would, I believe, lead to the disappearance of any human group practicing it.
I seem to recall that recently archaeological thinking has changed about the supposed “child sacrifice” of ancient Carthage. It now appears to have been more to do with cremation of already dead children. The sacrificial view having come from “Biblical scientists” trying to justify Hebrew slaughter of various peoples in the Bronze Age.
The idea of human cannibalism has taken a few blows, also. I believe the book was titled ” The Cannibal Myth”? Making the argument that ancient funeral practices have been mistaken for food preparation.
I have just found your blog and enjoy reading your thoughts. We may differ on this one point but we can agree on our dedication to the Aryan Folk and the survival of our kind.
Thor’s Blessing………Rodulf


Whites are been attacked on so many fronts that you’d need Übermench kidneys to filtrate all the lies with which the system attempts to brainwash us. Please remember that this is only the first of the three chapters of my 4th book. In the other two chapters I demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that child sacrifices did indeed occur; and that those “scholars” who deny them are obliquely attempting to absolve non-white or primitive cultures from their crimes.

Before you reach a definite judgment about what really happened on the subjects of infanticide and child sacrifice, I’d advice to read the rest of the book, not only one of its chapters.

Let me know if you are willing to read it and I’ll add a link. (For the moment see e.g., these references.)

Oh, I am not in denial about any extremes of human behavior. And I am certainly not defending any non-White culture. In tropical areas, which are exclusively non-White, there would be an easier lifestyle with food resources available year round. They could of course get away with more bizarre behaviors without endangering their group survival. But only to a point. I’m objecting to what seems to be your assertion that these perversions were widespread prior to a certain time in history. If I am wrong on this forgive me.
I’m reminded of the slander against the Celtic people concerning Crom Cruach, an area and cultic center in ancient Ireland. The story is that the Irish people sacrificed their children to a monster
god on the plain of Cruach. This has been traced to christian sources and the invented lies of the fictional St. Patrick.
I certainly agree that child rearing, carried out by dysfunctional parents, creates mental illness. I am a Correctional Officer in a state prison and I see this every day. But I honestly think that this problem is worse now, in a society detached from basic survival, than it ever could have been in the distant past.
Thank you for being aware of our plight. I do indeed like your blog. Rodulf…..

Uhhh…I hope you don’t think I’m against you or anything…but on the page “Return of Quetzalcoatl” one of the images is from the Gunderstrup Cauldron, generally seen as pagan Celtic, and depicts an initiation of warriors by a Deity. What this has to do with child sacrifice I don’t know.
Lonnie Athens…no I’ve never heard of him, but the overview does sound interesting. From the short paragraph I read I would be in agreement.

@ “on the page “Return of Quetzalcoatl” one of the images is from the Gunderstrup Cauldron”

Link please? (There’s a silly book under that title that is not mine.)

Rhodes’ study on Athens, Why They Kill: The Discoveries of a Maverick Criminologist is must reading for people in your profession.

At the link you posted “return of Quetzalcoatl chap 17” above. I realize someone must have just grabbed whatever ancient looking thumbnail image they could find on Google to dress the article.
I guess I am over sensitive from hearing old lies and slanders against my Celtic and Norse pagan ancestors repeated by Jews and christotards. No, I don’t mean you. You were making a point about non-Aryan cultures.
My own view is that I can’t see how any group, black, brown or white, could possibly survive in nature with their group dynamics motivated by pyschopathologies so self-destructive. A wealthy, landed culture built around a dominance/submission hierarchy could support an insane elite but not tribal people on the bare edge of survival.
I hope that 2012 is a good year for you and our Folk. We are far from done in. I will keep in touch. Rodulf

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