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Civil war

Uncle Harold’s novel

From Freedom’s Sons:

The military expelled or liquidated mestizos, Chinese, and other people who had no business on the North American continent. The Second Army (Zack Hatfield), the Third Army (William Jackson) and the Florian Geyer SS Division invaded British Columbia and Alberta… The Luftwaffe pounded the non-white sections of Vancouver without mercy for days, sending waves of mostly Chinese refugees fleeing from the city. (pp. 439-441)

Finally all five Horakovas stood erect in the dawn on the other side of the fence. Lorna looked across the highway. The countryside there looked no different from what they had just left, scrubby brush and low stunted pines, but they all stared at it.

“There it is,” whispered Eddie. “Free land. White man’s land. No niggers with guns from the Watch, no Mexicans, no junkies, no crooked cops beating us and robbing us, no Jews laying Dad off, no more of their goddamned laws and judges and creeps in suits telling everybody what to do and how to live. No more America.” (p. 137)

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That last line is why Covington will not succeed. The people he must appeal to in order to get a critical mass are the people who are emotionally attached to “America” as something that belongs uniquely to them and that has been taken away from them – and that they might be willing to try to take back. Telling these people that they should hate their own country and give their love and loyalty to a new country that doesn’t exist yet and is essentially thought up out of nowhere and has no historical or cultural roots – that will simply not inspire the sort of dedication he needs for his project to actually get anywhere. To get people to sign on to such a thing in large numbers would require sudden disasters on a world-ending scale – and I don’t see that happening.

It is far, far more likely that as the federal government steadily crumbles under the debts it has amassed and the self-destructive policies it has chosen and loses local power, predominantly white cities such as Pittsburgh and Indianapolis will become de facto exclusive, and that there will be a general hardening of attitudes and borders between communities and neighborhoods. This means Balkanization on a continental scale, and a lot of guerrilla-scale warfare for several generations at least. White communities don’t necessarily get wiped out; they just make up a minority of the communities on the continent. But as long as they are capable of exercising some sovereignty over their local area, they can continue.

It does require a timescale of generations to change racial attitudes. It took two to three generations – the young adults of the 60s, and their children, now adult – to get to where we are now. It will take two to three more to swing back – and yes the damage done by then will be significant. However the children at that point will have the object lessons all around them, and the moderating influence of federal money will be gone – that money is the real critical aspect of everything that has happened.

People from Dixie and New England and the Great Plains and the West Coast do not live the same way. Expecting to put all these sorts of people into the same area and make a coherent nation out of that is self-deception. It is just another propositional nation.

I don’t believe that history will follow Covington’s script. Most whites from Dixie for example will not move to the Northwest: they will probably start fighting for their lands there after the dollar crashes and the niggers start behaving really bad.

But the novel is an inspiration. The “last line” you quoted comes from a Chicago family whose life under ZOG became pretty hellish later in the 21st century. They made the trip to reach the new country but, like in the Berlin Wall, the feds kill every American who wants to cross the border. Hence that quoted phrase “No more America” when the family finally overcame the formidable ZOG obstacles.

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