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Aryan beauty Civil war Hate

“That the beauty…”


“That the beauty
of the white Aryan woman
will not perish
from the Earth”

Two days ago this blog received a lovely comment from the anti-hate squad:

I hope counterterrorism police locate you and execute you upon raiding your apartment. You are a waist of oxygen and food. You are evil and misguided. You shall discover whether eternal damnation is real. You shall suffer forever as you are suffering now unless you let go of the hate within you.

Of course, I didn’t dignify the guy with any reply, but I did answer the insults from a former Swedish friend. In words, our brief exchange is symptomatic of the Holy Racial War that we will be facing soon:

César, you have become a despicable human being. I regret once financing your so-called “intellectual” labour. First, check if “race” is not just another flawed scientific concept, like “parapsychology”.


I believe that some immigrant groups have a higher frequency of people who have completed all stages of the process of violentization, as identified by Lonnie Athens. But violence is conduct, not race. With government programs to educate immigrant parents not to hit their children, we in the Scandinavian countries and elsewhere could turn around the process of violentization in a generation.

The etiology is twofold: genetic and environmental. This is real science, not the pseudoscience with which your government brainwashed you.

Look at the human faces of the Collateral Damage produced in that war which you cheer on from the sidelines, you disgusting little insect; you empathy-challenged desktop murderer! Look them in the eyes – [here]

[Interpolated note: Andreas is clueless about what war is. Scroll down and hit Armor’s phrase “That point of view would mean that every war is immoral” here. In a second comment my former friend said…]

When did your armchair activism for abused kids fade over into armchair cheering on of genocide?

You must have missed another of my blogs! [Also, this “cheering on of genocide” is pure projection in Andreas’ mind—see my second comment below]

And what contortions does your mind have to do to admire the work of Alice Miller at the same time as you admire the work of Adolf Hitler?

What you said way above was the fifth, and last, time you come here to insult me, Andreas. Instead of responding I could simply delete all of your coming posts (I don’t know what moves me to reply this last time).

This is not a blog for you to see. I love your Nordic race infinitely more than you do and will continue to fight with all my might against your government that seeks to obliterate the gene pool of the Nordish people from Earth.

Keep with your child studies Andreas. Don’t be the silly masochist that every other day peeks on my blog and then tears his garments deludingly presuming a moral superiority which obviously you cannot claim against me, or my comrades.

If you want to discuss the issues, go elsewhere. Go with those nationalists who are willing to respond. We will hate each other for the next decades with all our being and that cannot lead to any civil debate.

In the discussion threads Occidental Dissent (e.g., this one) has just responded to people of your age from Norway with civility.

Go there Andreas!

Never come back here.

Spill your bile and insults there if you wish. Unlike me they won’t delete your comments, however insulting they may be.

Never come here again. You won’t like any single comma of what I’ll post in my next entries. Trust me…

5 replies on ““That the beauty…””

Just another posturing lib, trying to swipe with the sword that reassures the dissonance as it shames the ugly truth.

Never worry about false friends. Note how crude are the insults from those who enjoy basking in their rarefied intelligence and culture. It’s always the giveaway: Encroach on their carefully constructed tower of lies and they hiss like serpents.

They always pride themselves on dialog with all-comers; however, for this one topic, everyone is instantly “beyond the pale.” Why the exception? Is it the topic or them? Or both? Thus it makes it an example of Auster’s “Rule of the Unprincipled Exception”: a non-liberal value or assertion, not explicitly identified as non-liberal, that liberals use to escape the suicidal consequences of their own liberalism without questioning liberalism itself.

Your Friend, Mike

As promised, I just deleted Andreas’ last comment and his next comments will automatically be considered spam by WordPress anyway. But I’d like to reply to the lie in the deleted comment that what I posted was essentially “cheering on a massacre of kids,” and that this reminded Andreas something he just read about Himmler. That’s a lie of course, or at least a grotesque interpretation of motives.

Below I’ll only quote the essential part of what a comrade said today in one of my links above:

That point of view [the evilness of targeting the Norway elites’ offspring] would mean that every war is immoral. The big question is not whether the victims deserved to die, but whether their sacrifice will increase White people’s chances of surviving the policies of the oh, so kind and innocent liberals. Of course they didn’t “deserve” to die. But if the aim was to target people who bear a responsibility in our destruction [Norway’s elites, not their children], Breivik’s choice wasn’t all that bad, even though he missed Gro Harlem Brundtland.

I am linking the full response again.

The crown of evolution is worth it. Keep your eyes on the prize, don’t be dismayed.

I find it very important to preserve the diversity and peoples of our species. Everybody should know and be proud of their heritage. Me, being a Swede like your “friend”, have seen the official statistics that show that we are becoming a minority in many of our cities in our own country in less than a century.

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