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Civil war Kevin MacDonald

Through White eyes, not Jewish

Addressing some criticism of Anders Breivik and Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s articles on Breivik at The Occidental Observer, Julian Lee (photo) has addressed three commenters thus:

“My point being, how can we even take you [Prof. MacDonald] seriously now that you have basically admitted that you do not have a moral position, only a strategic or tactical one?” (First Commenter)

White people have done enough moral universalism, to the point of suicide. Strategy and tactics are indeed what we need.

“Breivik is a stick with which to beat nationalists.” (Second Commenter)

But that could backfire on them. Guns can be pointed in many directions, and sometimes warriors do hit wrong targets. However, before now no White man was seen caring enough about his people to actually use a gun.

We don’t know yet if they’ll make him a stick to beat nationalists. Some Jewish writers worry that his extreme act will make Norwegians start paying attention. But we do know that Breivik made himself a stick that beat multiculturalists who are working to give away Norway, betray their own people, and destroy the Norwegian way of life and genotype.

Does anybody care about what’s happening to Norway?
“Muslim Rape Epidemic in Sweden and Norway.”
Or that sweet Norwegian girl who committed suicide recently after a brutal gang rape by Muslims? Anybody give a damn? Maybe Breivik just cared more about his people and the women of Norway than he cares about the leftist Norwegians who want to bring more of that; more of that until the point comes where all Norwegian youth are nothing but a hunted minority, street game, heading for extinction.

It seems he made the right choice about who to care about. War is hell, people.

“Kevin MacDonald is a remarkable man as much for his moral courage… When others ducked and hid, he refused to take this as a ‘sensitive topic… gave his opinions plainly…” (Third Commenter)

What Kevin did was dared to view Breivik as having legitimate issues; dared to look for a moment through a warrior’s eyes; and to see the event through White eyes, not Jewish.

3 replies on “Through White eyes, not Jewish”

Well said, Chechar.

Re “…you have basically admitted that you do not have a moral position, only a strategic or tactical one?”

If this Julian Lee is in fact not Jewish, then he falls within a predominant Amerikan dilemma: White skin, Jew mind. (essay pending) I suppose it would not dawn on him that tactical/strategic positions are necessitated by moral positions?

A moral position — the moral position from which one fights for his race — was already well present and assumed as a basis for Mr. MacDonald’s tactical thinking. Moral universalism (giving to everybody the same as your own) has been a White forte plenty long enough. When do Whites take possession of a moral position allowing them to resist slow and deliberate genocide?

“Jewish mind?” It’s the “Jewish mind” that doesn’t admit or permit for White survival. I find your slur both disingenuous and unseemly.

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