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Only in the movies…

In “Already Dead: The Manifesto of a Blonde Beast,” Andy Nowicki, who has been tempted by the dark side and passed the test, as can be guessed in his novella The Columbine Pilgrim, writes that Breivik “committed an abominable act, and to regard him a hero since he was on ‘our’ side puts on the same level as the type of idiot leftist who idolizes a thug like Che Guevara…”

In the coming Holy Racial War in Western Europe, what would the “dark side” would be? Nowicki explains what he read in Breivik’s manifesto:

Breivik also counsels the commission of “deadly and strategic attacks” against unarmed groups of Muslim women, as he thinks that this will have the benefit of enraging and radicalizing the men, “inciting them to choose the path of Jihad prematurely” and thus assuring a quicker victory for indigenous Europeans. He regrets the necessity of taking so cold-blooded an approach, but reconciles it with his notion of justice by that age-old formula for justifying atrocities: to make an omelet, you have to crack some eggs.

In the comments section I immediately took issue with Nowicki’s “Harry Potter” approach:

* * *

Do you know that through the novels Harry never uses “Avara Kadavra”, the killing spell against the bad guys? He merely uses the disarming charm, “Expelliarmus.” But only in the movies for children the Harry characters win. In real life you have to make a transition to the dark side to become a good soldier.

I have read The Turner Diaries twice. When I read it for the first time I didn’t like the Breivik-like cruelties: for example the killing of an innocent black—the first killing of the novel—or an entire group of nationalist white warriors in Toronto for not taking care of the Jewish Problem almost at the end of the Holy Racial War. And in the Day of the Rope many innocent young women (and men) also die. Then I read Covington’s Quartet. I sensed a moral difference. Covington’s characters are not so cruel, in the sense of so many innocents dying too, as Pierce’s characters. I imagine myself doing the things in Covington’s novels. But some passages of the Diaries make me wonder…

But you know? Pierce was ultimately right. As soldiers of The Order, we must be like the warriors of yore. The difference with the Quartet (Uncle Harold hasn’t finished the fifth novel) and the Diaries is that in Pierce’s world not only an ethno-state is born: in the final pages it’s described that only the white race shall inherit the Earth.

This final item of the Diaries is too strong meat to digest in a mere blog comment and I won’t go further with that, save saying that if completely heartless people followed the cruel script you quoted above, the chances of setting fire on Europe by provoking the Muslim population that way would be infinitely greater than the Expelliarmus charm that this blogsite seems to promote.

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I submitted a comment on that article, but it was rejected, I assume by Johnson. I used the word Jezebel in the comments, which of course has religious/christian conotations, while explaining the why of the Norway shooter.

As far as I’m concerned, those who reject the why of the shooter and what it represents symbolically also reject the answer for all their moaning and groaning about white oppression which is symbolized in the shooters acts.

The shooter’s deeds and those who will follow in his pattern in the years to come means the beginning of the end for the feminine which now rules in all western nations. This feminine which is a manifestation of legislated/legalized white male hatred can only be stopped by an equally angry masculine entity, the beginnings of which are shown by the shooter.

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