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Matt Koehl Mein Kampf (book)

The words of Adolf Hitler, 1

In the foreword to the booklet The Words of Adolf Hitler, published by New Order in 1990 and reprinted in 2002, Matt Koehl told us:

Every age on Earth is represented by a name, by an extraordinary figure who appears but once in thousands of years to give mankind a new symbol, a new law to guide and inform its destiny.

The great figure and archetype of our age is Adolf Hitler. At a time of greatest danger to our race, this immortal being was sent to remind us of the eternal laws of life.

The words which this man spoke are the words of life for our race. Without them, there is no hope. Without them, our kind has no future on this planet. Without them, our race is doomed to extinction…

To make the teachings of Adolf Hitler more accessible to the adherents of our Movement, as well as others, we offer this selection of some of the most relevant and poignant quotations contained in that monumental work.

Koehl was referring to Mein Kampf. After I finished reading the below passages, I thought that what Hitler wrote is very true. Arguably, the whole zeitgeist of the West today is to try to violate the laws of Nature and believe that it is possible to get away with it!:


Ultimate wisdom always consists in understanding the instinctive causes—that is:  a man must never fall into the madness of believing that he has really risen to be lord and master over Nature—which is so easily induced by the conceit of half-education—but must understand the fundamental necessity of Nature’s rule, and realize how much his existence is subject to these laws of eternal combat and upward struggle. Then he will sense that in a universe where planets revolve around suns, and moons turn about planets, where force alone forever masters weakness, compelling it to be an obedient servant or else crushing it, there can be no special laws for man. For him, too, the eternal principles of this ultimate wisdom hold sway. He can try to grasp them; but escape them, never.

When man tries to rebel against the iron logic of Nature, he comes into conflict with principles to which he himself owes his existence as man. And so his action against Nature must lead to his own downfall. I:11
Here too, of course, Nature can be mocked for a certain time, but her revenge will not fail to appear.  It just takes time to manifest itself, or rather, it is often recognized too late by man. I:10
Eternal Nature inexorably avenges the infringement of her commands. I:2
. . . This planet once moved through space for millions of years without human beings, and it can do so again some day if men forget that they owe their higher existence, not to the ideas of a few crazy ideologues, but to the knowledge and ruthless application of Nature’s iron-clad laws. I:11
. . . It is life alone that all things must serve. I:8

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“Walking was the only exercise that really appealed to Adolf. He walked always and everywhere and, even in my workshop and in my room, he would stride up and down. I recall him always on the go. He could walk for hours without getting tired. We used to explore the surroundings of Linz in all directions. His love of nature was pronounced, but in a very personal way. Unlike other subjects, nature never attracted him as a matter for study; I hardly ever remember seeing him with a book on the subject. Here was the limit of his thirst for knowledge. Details did not interest him, but only nature as a whole. He referred to it as “in the open.” This expression sounded as familiar on his lips as the word “home.” And, in fact, he did feel at home with nature. As early as in the first years of our friendship I discovered his peculiar preference for nocturnal excursions, or even for staying overnight in some unfamiliar district.”

“have still before my eyes the Wolf Lake, where the first scene of the opera was laid. From THE EDDA, a book that was sacred for him [Hitler], he knew Iceland, the rugged island of the North, where the elements which formed the world meet now, as they did in the days of Creation: the violent storm, the bare, dark rock, the pale ice of the glaciers, the flaming fire of the volcanoes. There he laid the scene of his opera, for there Nature herself was still in those passionate convulsions which inspired the actions of gods and human beings.”

Source: The young Hitler I knew by August Kubizek

“The best way to finish off the churches is to PRETEND to be a more positive Christian.” — Adolf Hitler

Source: Goebbels, diary entry on December 28, 1939, in Die Tagebücher von Joseph Goebbels, ed. Elke Fröhlich, part I: Aufzeichnungen 1923– 1941, vol. 7: Juli 1939–März 1940 (Munich: K. G. Saur, 1998), 248.

“Eternal Nature inexorably avenges the infringement of her commands.”
This explains well what is happening with our “western-christian civilization”, much better than the usual “jewish subversion”. Christianity, miscegenation, “pathological altruism”, extreme individualism, Aryans rebellion “against the iron logic of Nature”. And now the chickens are coming home to roost… with a vengeance!

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