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A couple of days ago Ron Unz wrote for his The Unz Review a ridiculous article boasting about the millions of hits alternative websites to the MSM receive. Unz thought the results were quite encouraging. However, from the list he puts up, I get the impression that few of the sites are overtly racialist. And anyway, even the racialist sites subscribe to the Judeo-Christian morality that is killing the white man. I prefer a thousand times my humble site, that in hits cannot compete with those on Unz’s list, but which is a site that puts the transvaluation of Judeo-Christian values to Aryan values as the top priority.

The reactionary ideology of the other sites, which includes the racial right, doesn’t break with the paradigm that has held the white man in thrall to an ethno-suicidal vision since Constantine ordered the Romans to worship the god of the Jews. Not to begin your discourse with a Nietzschean vision that starts from here (see Velasco’s essays in The Fair Race) is intellectual charlatanism.

In my previous article, I spoke of being alone under the redwoods. In the language of Cervantes, there is a saying that I translate as follows: ‘Solitude is better than accompanied solitude’. Indeed: I prefer the solitude of the redwood forest, in the hope of meeting someone else who has crossed the river, to travelling to the US, say, to attend the recent American Renaissance conference and talk to one of the participants.

How to give an idea of what transvaluation is in a single image? Consider this one: Constantine was the worst man in Western history. And Hitler, the best. (We cannot say that Jesus of Nazareth was the worst because he didn’t even exist: he was a fictional character from the pen of subversive Jews that Constantine would use to tame the blond beast.)

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Can’t believe I’ve only found this site a week ago, with how long it’s been around and with how vehemently opposed to Christianity I am. I also agree with your opinions on nordicism as well. Keep up the great work 🙂

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