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The purge of hundreds of YouTube accounts from its origins to the present day is incredible. Recall, from a racialist point of view, the purge of Stefan Molyneux, Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer on the same day. But over the years even conservatives who are not even alt-lite or alt-right have been purged, to the extent that the alt-lite debates with liberals are now missing.

In recent posts I’ve linked to several YouTube videos to illustrate some of the issues, but the psyop I see in what’s left is that very liberal people are tolerated as if they are the ultra-right, so that authentic traditionalists no longer have a voice on that platform.

For example, my post a week ago has Douglas Murray’s face and a YouTube link. A couple of days ago I watched another of his videos, I think interviewed by Peter Boghossian, in which Murray declared that not so long ago the West had achieved an unprecedented degree of equality, but then something ‘very strange’ happened according to him: out of nowhere came the Woke Monster.

I immediately stopped the video. I found it incredible that Murray, an out homo who approves of the misnamed ‘gay’ marriage (we should never use the Newspeak of our day unless we put inverted commas around it), was so blind that the spiral of amplifying egalitarianism, of which he himself is a part, simply widened its circle a little further to cover the next ‘marginalised’ group with neo-Christian love: trans people.

Yesterday The Occidental Observer published an article on transgenderism. Unlike the people who publish there, I trace the origin of that mental virus to Christian morality, as I say when discussing neo-Franciscanism in ‘On empowering carcass-eating birds’ (pages 132-136 of my book Daybreak—click in the sticky post).

What strikes me about Murray is his utter lack of insight that the spiral of amplifying egalitarianism that ultimately spawned the Woke Reformation has been a centuries-long process, accelerating in the 1960s and only entering an overtly psychotic phase in more recent times.

Murray’s blindness is indeed notorious, but the same can be said of a fellow countrywoman of his, Helen Joyce. I saw an interview with her yesterday in which she said that women could, intellectually, compete with men without any inferiority complexes. My first essay in On Beth’s Cute Tits (again, accessible via the sticky post) shows that in the case of chess this is not true: women cannot compete with men because they lose as if it were a physical sport. Although Helen Joyce hates the new trans religion being imposed on the West, she said it was wrong that in the past women could not vote or inherit property. It doesn’t occur to this pseudo-conservative Englishwoman that this is the only way England was great in the past, as is clear from my favourite films: Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility that reflect a world so healthy that I take it as a template for, once Christianity and neo-Christianity are eliminated, building the ethno-state.

A few years ago on YouTube you could see discussions in which the American racial right always won (e.g., the discussion between Sargon of Akkad and Richard Spencer). Now youtubers can’t see anything remotely similar. The voices that that platform still tolerates are those that, when I was much younger, would be considered so ultra-left as to border on delusional—like homo marriage which many of the ‘conservative’ voices now so naturally accept that men even ‘marry’ men (e.g., so-called conservative youtubber David Rubin)!

That whole platform is a joke, and all the people in power, and I mean not just media power, are evil. Now that I am going through the second volume of Christianity’s Criminal History I was surprised to re-read that, in medieval times, the first to convert to Christianity without external coercion were the Frankish nobility. The Aryan peasants were always much more reluctant to convert to the Semitic cult of their own free will. How was it that the big corporations, today’s nobility, were the first to jump aboard the ship of the Woke madmen, many critics of the trans religion ask? Because plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.

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There also used to be Ryan Faulk aka The Alternative Hypothesis aka Fringe Elements, a seemingly intellectual fellow.

Meanwhile, YouTube in Russia is completely wild, with every second YouTuber talking about politics in a fashion that would be vulgar and inconceivable to Americans.

There was also Sean Last. I would always get confused between him and Ryan. I know one of them is a homosexual, but I can’t remember which. I think it’s Ryan.

YouTube once was home to many great channels like Blackpilled (Devon Stack) and Thulean Perspective (Varg Vikernes). Varg is of course famous to many youth for his band BURZUM and the murder of Euronymous from MAYHEM. During the Norwegian Black Metal scene of the 1990s many churches were attacked by arson attempts and some were of course successfull. What little I have read concerning these church burnings never once have I read of these Black Metalers and their fans attempt the same toward a Jewish Synagogue. So I have often thought to myself that even though over time I have come to accept Nietzsche’s view of Christianity yet, I must say that from a strategic point of view concerning these actions by these young Metalheads, the flaw is obvious. What would have been the point? To burn all the churches and let the Syngagogue stand? Would this not be doing the work of the Jew for him?

It seems more than obvious to me that if, to use the vocabulary of this site, ‘Kalki’ is going to launch an all-out assault on Christianity (nuking the Vatican, etc.), there would be no synagogue or mosque left in the liberated areas either. It must be understood that our war is against the Semite, even of other religions (or in the case of Christianity, against the Semitic malware installed in the mentality of the Aryans).

I have seen how gradually youtube was getting more intrusive and bold on censorship since 2007 or so. You could watch anything back then, make comments without even having to log in.

If you want to talk on youtube, you have to do it with “woman shoes” so to speak, otherwise you are cancelled. It’s frustrating, and is only going to get worse.

” the first to convert to Christianity without external coercion were the Frankish nobility.”

Do you remember the history of Svyatoslav the great? Even after his mother submitted to christianity, he never did, remained a pagan during his lifetime and smashed the kazharian empire.

In the past, christian missionaries appealed to the mothers of nobility while their husbands/sons were away. This is how they infiltrated successfully by corrupting womens.

Companies today just tag along with the current trend that they think will keep them afloat the longest, as plutocrats always do.

Companies today just tag along with the current trend that they think will keep them afloat the longest, as plutocrats always do.

You nailed it.

I think they may have made a strategic error supporting all the LGBTQ123NMLK+++. Many people just shrugged their shoulders at a lot of the woke BS but the fags and their degenerate parades chanting “We’re coming for your children” stirred up a lot of the normies. It’s debatable how much it will help us, but it is amusing watching them trying to justify the freak brigade as somehow normal, moral and acceptable. Seems like the good idea fairie paid a lot of these companies a visit.

In relation to my comment above I would like to add the following. The return of Kalki, inevitable as it may be is probably not happening anytime soon. When Kalki returns I assume He will include some neo-pagans as well in his all-out assault. I once visited an Asatru Kindred (which shall remain nameless) whose leader is a homosexual who pushes the LGBT agenda. As you can probably surmise they were not friendly to the idea of viewing National Socialism favorably or what it stood for. In all respect to the Alföðr, I certainly hope Kalki does not forget these types of groups also.

I never could figure out some of the Pagan groups which promote stuff like LGBT, multiculturalism or anti-racism. I was looking in my area for a Kindred and when I looked at their webpage there were pictures of all these Indio and mulatto kids running around at the Kindred picnic. WTF? They were big time supporters of multiculturalism. Why didn’t they just stay with Christianity if that were the case? It’s all so tiresome. Let this all burn down to ground. It can’t happen fast enough as far as I’m concerned.

That is because today’s so-called paganism is neo-Christian, and the Red Giant phase of Christianity burns the white gene around the West.

Perhaps today I will post the PDF of the second volume of Deschner’s criminal history of Christianity. Pay attention to my criticism of Hitler, at the end of the book, for his stance on Charlemagne to better understand what I mean.

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