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Three basic texts

Three Books, 1887 is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh

Perhaps the title of our next anthology of essays will be Neo-Christianity, which will include the recently cited Dominion.

Sexton’s review of Hellstorm together with Eduardo Velasco’s essay on Judea and Rome, both in The Fair Race and now the explanation of how the neochristian monster arose thanks to Tom Holland’s Dominion, constitute three basic texts for understanding the POV of this site.

Savitri’s book is in another category, in that it is a kind of manifesto for how we should think after the catastrophe of 1945. (As for National Socialism before 1945, after Neo-Christianity and Christianity’s Criminal History Vol II, our new translation of Uncle Adolf’s after-dinner conversations, which we have already begun, will be the next project.)

3 replies on “Three basic texts”

It is curious that, being so important, the last post on Dominion didn’t get comments (except mine). It is a book that really explains the transition from Christianity to neochristianity like no other. And remember: the mutated virus of neochristianity is now more fatal for the fair race than Christianity itself (despite being 100% secular)!

Far race > fair race (a typo).

What’s your current view on the issue of the woman from the Canaries?Would you still blame parental abuse for her consuming hatred of the Spaniards? Or is it the Christian axiology (in its neo-Christian metastasis) that allows such legitimate grievances to turn destructive? And didn’t people in the past centuries of even less progressed psychoclasses suffer more abuse?

By the way, I do not capitalise the prefix neo- in line with “neo-Confucianism”.

But it is capitalised as the title of our next book-PDF.

KevinMac himself once published an article in which he said that a specific woman was transferring the ill will she felt for her parents to the West, and I quoted him here. One thing doesn’t contradict the other.

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