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Friedrich Nietzsche


I would like to add to what I said yesterday.

While it is true that suppressing the errors of both Wagner’s and Nietzsche’s worldviews, while assimilating their insights, produces a Hitlerian synthesis (by which I mean the critical view of Judeo-Christianity that the Führer confessed to his closest friends), the Wagner/Nietzsche thesis-antithesis was, and remains, extremely asymmetrical.

In my post yesterday I mentioned two German biographers of Nietzsche. I was referring to Curt Paul Janz and Werner Ross, whose voluminous treatises on the German philosopher’s life I own and are boring as hell, unless the reader has a passionate interest in Nietzsche’s tragic life (as I have). So, for those new to the subject, I recommend the more lyrical prose of an Austrian biographer of Nietzsche I have already linked to several times on this site. The Spanish translation of Werner Ross’ book, by the way, I read it all in 1995:

If there is one thing that emerges from all these biographies that I have read and conscientiously weighed up, it is the revelation that Christianity condemned Nietzsche, to use the poet-philosopher’s words, to a seventh solitude: absolute solitude that over the years annihilated him psychologically. That’s the tremendous asymmetry I was talking about, compared to the much famed and incredibly beloved Wagner by Europeans in general and Germans in particular. See for example this video about the famed composer:

One German gets all the glory and the other is condemned to the extent that nobody wants to listen to him, to the point of losing his mind. And it all has to do, of course, with the fact that the Aryans were Christians in the 19th century. And even in the 21st century the racial right loves those who echo Wagner’s anti-Semitism, but those who also blame Christianity are ignored.

As only a Hitlerian synthesis between Wagner and Nietzsche would save the white race, the Aryan man, still clinging to Christian ethics, is lost. He is like Siegfried whose potion made him lose his ancestral memory to the extent of betraying Brunhild, as we will see in my post tomorrow.

The dialectical synthesis I was talking about yesterday could only be realised if a substantial percentage of JQ-conscious Aryans were also conscious of the Christian Question. But there aren’t, and on the racial right I see no willingness whatsoever to put the religion of our parents in the dock.

2 replies on “Postscript”

Hi Caesar, have you seen the videos of Uberboyo, a young Irishman in jewish owned Youtube?

He, surprisingly, praises Nietzsche and makes videos about him and other German philosophers. He has understood that it is Judeo Christianity and its teachings that are responsible for the destruction of the Aryan world today and 2000 years ago.

Here is a video that caught my attention to his channel.

“What if Christianity was Rome’s Woke Movement?”


Another video that I also liked from him:

“Nietzsche’s BRUTAL Take on Freedom”


He says something curious at minute 10:25:

“No such a thing as enslaved people who are masters. In ancient times, the German women will kill their children and themselves rather than being taken as slaves by a Roman army”

He is quite fond of the Germanic world, unlike many on the British isles.

But the most amusing thing about him is that he is a young Aryan man that is talking about all of this on an open platform.

Most racialists in America are boomers who wouldn’t even dare to touch the subject of the transvaluation of values.

I’m halfway through the first video linked above. He says in adolescent terms what, now that I’m done with Wagner’s ring, I’ll return to: my comments on Tom Holland’s Dominion.

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