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Peter Schiff

Schiff again

In the comfort of his own home, Peter looks better than in his regular podcasts and at around minute 45 he returns to the possibility of the dollar hyperinflating. Sometime later he touches on a topic on which the pseudo-dissidents in the System have been very foolish: not realising that Bitcoin and other non-gold-backed cryptocurrencies are going to crash.

One reply on “Schiff again”

In an email I received this morning, an Englishman told me:

I agree with your comment below the link [of the above post], yes, Bitcoin etc, is a silly safe haven investment. I think they’re technology addicts addicted by the ‘coolness’ and ease of it, on their various smart devices (also a terrible idea), spending far too much time relying on computer technology and the internet for their groups, greedy over the idea of vast returns, quick and easy, in the same way people can traditionally be when buying stocks and shares, and also buoyed along by peer-pressure and mobbish groupthink, and this terrible optimism that seems to possess most people.

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