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Gonzalo & Harold’s CI

I read most of Freedom’s Sons in a home printout in 2011, when Harold Covington hadn’t yet finished it and sent me a PDF of the draft he had written. When I later acquired a hard copy of the final draft already edited by Covington, I wrote a critical review which I included in my anthology Daybreak (see featured post).

Yesterday, after eleven years of reading most of Freedom’s Sons, the quintet’s last novel, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at it at a time when a civil war is beginning to brew in the US. At the beginning of his novel Covington includes a glossary of unusual terms. One of them is an acronym:

Cl —Christian Identity. By the time of the writing of The Hill of the Ravens,[1] the predominant Christian religious movement in the Republic. The faith of Pastor Richard Butler, Robert Miles, and many others among the founding fathers of the Northwest American Republic. The essence of Christian Identity is the transfer of God’s Biblical covenant from the Jewish people to the Gentile or Aryan peoples through the medium of the Christ’s Passion and the Crucifixion. In most Christian Identity sects this transfer is accompanied by a very complex (sometimes downright tortuous) theological construct whereby white people are alleged to be racial descendants of the Israelites of the Bible through the alleged wanderings of the Lost Tribes through Europe, Denmark being descended from the tribe of Dan, etc. However tenuous the historical and theological basis for Christian Identity, there can be no doubt of the spiritual strength and personal integrity that the Cl faith imparts to its adherents. During the Time of Struggle and ever since, they have been the very backbone of the Northwest nation.

My italics!

When I read Covington’s quintet I hadn’t read Evropa Soberana’s essay on Judea’s psyop against Rome, a thesis that resonates with my recent posts in which I have been quoting David Skrbina and Laurent Guyénot. Now, after digesting all this information (and even more on the Christian question or CQ), I find it laughable how Covington imagined the Northwest American Republic.

CI is not remotely a force that can become the backbone of a Northwest nation. They don’t even have a single church where they profess their beliefs that I know of. Covington wasn’t a Christian, but like so many secular white nationalists, he didn’t repudiate our parents’ religion.

I’ve been blogging for a dozen years and, by saying these things in a very direct way, I see on my stats page that visitors don’t like it (after I went nuclear on the CQ, and therefore started to criticise WN, my stats plummeted).

If I could speak as fluent English as the Chilean Gonzalo Lira, educated in the US but now living in Ukraine (and whose YouTube channel I recently recommended), I would be talking about these things in an audio-visual medium. I am struck by the similarity between me and Gonzalo Lira’s black humour. Even in his mocking tone we are very similar, at least in character.

(Gonzalo Lira at the Premier Palace Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine. February 2022.)

I don’t think there is anyone who is talking about the CQ in the audiovisual media. Since I can’t speak fluent English, only write in English, I would make videos in which I would speak in my mother tongue and have a technician add English subtitles.

Audiovisual media is perhaps the most powerful medium to convey a radical message.

[1] The Hill of the Ravens is the first novel in Covington’s quintet of novels about the creation of an ethnostate in the northwestern US, eventually including part of Canada.

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Are you familiar with the work of John Lamb Lash? He is flayingly critical of Christianity. On racial concerns I recommend his interview from several years ago on Red Ice Radio.

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