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Messala’s idea

I’m still going through the syntax of Daybreak with Grammarly, and I’m not even halfway through. And I’ll keep going through it until I finish the work without distractions (except for this entry). But why are PDF books important?

Unlike other sites, as I said recently, the backbone of The West’s Darkest Hour is our books. But on Monday Tucker Carlson of Fox News, after a week’s holiday, said something that worried me. The Justice Department, a puppet of the Biden administration, sent a twitterer to prison for ten years basically for thought crime!

The land of the First Amendment, the last bastion of free speech in the West, is ceasing to be so. Sooner or later all pro-white internet sites will be censored.

Yeager’s recent exchange with MacDonald only proves what I’ve been saying for years: mainstream white nationalist figures are unaware that the passion for self-destruction of one’s own race is directly related to the story that Westerners have been telling themselves since WW-II. The West’s Darkest Hour is the only site that advances a new idea to replace the Judeo-Christian one, as Messala told Sextus, a conversation I’ve been mentioning on this site:

Another idea! But that other idea can only be transmitted through books, inasmuch as it is nothing more nor less than a complete transvaluation of one culture, the Judeo-Christian one, into our previous culture, the Greco-Roman one.

The point is: When the System cancels the pro-white sites, the only thing that will be left are the screenshots of some racialist articles in the hard drives of the survivors. And among all this, besides the PDF of Pierce’s Who We Are, only the PDFs of the books published by The West’s Darkest Hour will provide a comprehensive overview of what has happened at the level of ideas.

The rest lacks the explanatory power that our perspective has. MacDonald’s trilogy on Jewry, for example, doesn’t explain what we have been saying so many times: the ethnosuicidal miscegenation that the Iberians committed when they discovered the American continent, since the Inquisition kept the cryptos at bay. And I mention MacDonald only because he is the most respected figure in white nationalism. But the same can be said of the other pundits.

Our books, available only as PDFs and in the future circulated from dissident to dissident as in Brezhnev’s Soviet Union The Gulag Archipelago was circulated, will be read when the guillotine falls on the First Amendment and dissidents are hungry for paradigm-shifting literature.

Messala: Sextus, you ask how to FIGHT [great emphasis in Messala’s voice] an idea. Well, I’ll tell you how—with another idea!

This other idea, as Messala shouted to Sextus who was beginning to admire the Judeo-Christians, must never die at least by circulating our PDFs underground…

One reply on “Messala’s idea”

The crux of all this is that white nationalists are not coming up with a new idea: they are using the old idea, the Judaeo-Christianity of their parents, and on top of that old idea they are trying to superimpose the new one.

That’s just as impossible as the New Testament parable of putting new wine into old wineskins!

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