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A brief reflection on Weikart’s book

It doesn’t matter that Richard Weikart is a Christian. I find his scholarship impeccable. He did us a great service even if that was never his intention because he forces those white nationalist sympathisers of National Socialism to take sides.

A considerable percentage of these sympathisers in America are Christians. The facts about Hitler’s biography that Weikart unearthed will put them at a crossroads: either they reject Judeo-Christianity, which Hitler called ‘pestilence’, or they repudiate the Führer.

1 Reply on “A brief reflection on Weikart’s book

  1. I just finished reading “Hitler Democrat” by General Léon Degrelle. (It’s available from archive.org and probably other places.) Not a bad read about Hitler coming to power and the politics (internal and external) involved. It does go a little bit into what Hitler believed and why certain decisions were made however those are sprinkled throughout the text. Unfortunately, the archive.org copy was OCRed and there are spelling errors introduced, but it’s still readable. It was supposed to be the first of a series of books by Degrelle so it only covers up to the late 30s ( Olympics.)