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I’ll spend this day seeing, with my techies, if we can fix this thing where the theme software (blogsites’ jargon) I use, ‘Equable Lite’, automatically turns quotes into brown.

Once that’s fixed I’ll be able to continue reading, and quoting, some passages from Weikart’s book on Uncle Adolf’s religion.

I find this book fascinating as it corroborates my suspicions that Hitler and those closest to him were perfectly aware of the CQ.

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Greg Johnson wrote today ‘Celebrate July Fourth with Counter-Currents’, Hunter Wallace followed him with ‘Happy Independence Day’ and Jared Taylor with ‘Fourth of July Readings for the White ManBlog by AR Staff’.

One example of the problem of the brown quotations that I am trying to solve is apparent when we remember what the racialist Canadian Sebastian Ronin thought about the 4th of July.

I’m not sure if this the best place to post this, or if you want to move it, etc. but it has come to my attention that Radio Free Northwest has resumed and all the old HAC broadcasts are now online to listen to or download: RFNarchive.org. Forgive the bare link but with the this new format I’m not sure how to not show it. You will also find a link on that page to a new Northwest Front page. It appears the Northwest Front isn’t as dead as people supposed. Perhaps you were already aware of this, in which case feel free to delete this post. I remember you commented about the loss of HAC’s broadcasts some time back so I thought you might be interested.

Oh yes: I am interested, and didn’t know that the site is back. Feel free to add a bare URL for NWFront is you like.

What happened to those people? Why did Andy Donner shut down the whole thing some time ago?


On my travels around the internet I found a comment regarding your question. According to what I read Andy Donner is not his real name, and Antifa doxxed him. To keep his name off the antifa websites and save himself he shutdown the Northwest Front in exchange for them forgetting about him. Now, I have no idea how true this is since I’m not a NWF insider. It could be a load of bullocks for all I know, but there is evidence that Donner was doxxed ( if antifa got it right that is.)

It seemed to me that Doner was as dishonest as Covington, for example in the obituary he wrote and in the way Doner responded to Kevin Alfred Strom’s criticism of Covington’s conduct.

Either way, that doesn’t explain why Doner closed the site instead of turning it over to other Covington fans. One of them commented here and was even willing to help me financially if I moved to the northwestern US. But he didn’t answer my email after Covington’s death.

Only those who moved to the Northwest following Covington’s call on the radio know what really happened.

I personally know someone who arrived there just the day he died, but has no information on what happened afterwards.

It is curious that the clown RamzPaul who uploaded videos on YouTube and who went to Hungary for a while visited Covington when he was alive, and even uploaded a video in which the two appear.

Perhaps shutting the site down was part of the deal with Antifa? Other outside pressure? Who knows.

I always suspected that there was internal intrigue of some sort going on. I mean, if you’ve had enough just step away. The website, etc. could have been put on hiatus until someone else stepped up. Keeping a website up for a year or two couldn’t be that expensive and if it was, drop it down to a lower service tier until things pick up. It was all very odd. However as you said, only NWF people really know and I doubt they’re about to air their dirty linen in public.

Shortly before Doner took down the site, I remember there were complaints that Doner had changed the PO Box for donations. It seems to me, and it is pure speculation (I have no contacts to corroborate my suspicions) that Doner was angry with the NWF supporters for some reason.

In any case, regardless of Covington’s character flaws, Covington’s revolutionary interpretation of the Butler Plan was monumentally flawed. Uncle Sam would be happy to have all the revolutionary racists concentrated in one place to bomb them and end the “problem” ( cf. Biden’s inauguration speech) with a single shot.

However, I still recommend Covington’s novel The Brigade. Very inspiring…

Before I forget, “The Brigade” and many of the other NWF novels are available as PDF on the new Northwest Front site.

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