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Canadian vs. American

John Mearsheimer’s latest interviews can be watched here and here. Having the American Empire in mind, says Mearsheimer after minute 27 of the latter link: ‘The liberal international order was only possible in a unipolar world’. If Mearsheimer is correct, in the recently inaugurated New World Order runaway liberalism is no longer possible! But Mearsheimer is an American and he cannot speak with brutal honesty. A Canadian, on the other hand, can do so:

Murka is done, it is finished. It is a thermodynamic, spiritual, and cultural wasteland. Except for its obedient pooch, Israel, it does not have a friend in the world. It spirals towards its Puritanical, Evangelical-New Zionist, preordained destiny. It has been hot-wired for ontological decadence since 1776. No amount of too-little-too-late, feel-good leg humping, pretending to be European, can alter this trajectory. Murka has pursued its loud, obnoxious, boisterous, murderous, ugly, and imperialistic exceptionalism without regard for any nation or culture except its own. And now ‘The House on the Hill’ gets to eat the bitter consequences of its chosen Manifest Destiny; it gets to sleep in the poisonous bed that it has made.

Empty of spirit and culture, undergone a lobotomy of racial memory by the scalpel of popular culture, the Jewnited States of Murka is a done deal. ‘Amerika’ has not been a ‘nation’ since at least 1865. There is no ‘America’. There is only the ethno-racial Melting Pot of its chosen destiny. Puritanical Anti-Europe/New Zion has become exactly what it set out to become: New Zion.

A lie can also be represented by omission. A prime example is the murder by starvation of 750,000 German POWs by the victorious Allied general, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Nowhere is it evident that ‘da Jooz’ held his toes to the fire. Always remember: the vanquished do not write history.

I recently quoted the above words in my Twitter response to Richard Spencer, who, together with Greg Johnson, has been on the wrong side of this international shift from unipolarity to multipolarity (China, protected by the nuclear umbrella of the Russians, is now a peer competitor of Uncle Sam).

Although Mearsheimer believes in the American project, I will continue to recommend his interviews. His realism in international relations complements Yockey’s observations from my last post, and makes me understand better than ever why the American government committed the greatest crime in history, so well explained by Tom Goodrich, of which the Canadian only mentioned the 750,000 German POWs killed by starvation by Eisenhower.

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According to Bacque, in his eye-opening ‘Other Losses,’ the Americans murdered about 1,000,000 Germans after hostilities were supposed to cease and the French murdered another 500,000. All part of the sickening Morgenthau Plan! This is a precise example of what Talmudism is all about. It’s about the destruction of Western civilization and all Europeans.

Americans will ever be able to admit this kind of villainy. They’re always the hero, don’t ya know.

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“Nowhere is it evident that ‘da Jooz’ held his toes to the fire.” – this is completely disingenuous, and taints everything else this guy said. it is well established that the roosevelt administration that selected eisenhower was completely jewed, if not roosevelt himself, and apparently eisenhower was chosen as supreme allied commander over nearly 400 more senior officers (link) – what the hell is this guy talking about? the fix was in from the beginning

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