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On the Boromirs

A commenter drew my attention to the most recent interview with Richard Weikart. I just watched the interview and at minute 35:40 Weikart said something that contradicts the impression I have of American white nationalism: ‘They are overwhelmingly anti-Christian’.

Most American white nationalists are either Christian or sympathetic to Christianity. Rare in American white nationalism is the person like Alex Linder who sees Christianity as evil, and there is no longer a truly central figure in that movement, as the late William Pierce, who has a negative image of Christianity.

It is a pity that there are no surveys to know the exact percentage of Christians or Christian sympathisers in white nationalism. But the impression I get after reading a dozen years of white nationalist sites is that, except for Linder, there is no major figure who truly abhors Christianity (Kevin Alfred Strom’s webzine is not as vehement as Linder in its criticism of Christianity).

Although brief, a good example of Christian racialists was seen recently in what was said to me in the comments section of The Occidental Observer, to which I have already referred a couple of times. The moderator didn’t let my last comment pass. In addition to answering his third question to one Occidentan, I suggested he read Pierce’s story of the race. It doesn’t matter that that answer of mine didn’t appear in TOO, as long as I was at least able to defend myself against the slanders that racialist Christians were casting on me.

As a good Christian, Weikart (who is almost exactly my age by the way), is anti-racist. The interview I heard today was very enlightening because it shows how the Christian religion clouds the otherwise clear understanding of such scholars. If I could answer Weikart I would tell him that regarding the leading white nationalist sites, the webzines of Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald and Greg Johnson, he won’t find overtly anti-Christian positions. Even a racialist site as much visited as Taylor’s according to the latest statistics I saw, Hunter Wallace’s, is openly Christian.

Given that Christianity is inherently anti-racist, the question that comes to mind is how much longer American white nationalists will continue to ignore the issue. People like Weikart, a good scholar of Hitler, are fascinating in that they show that, from the Christian POV, he is more consistent by being anti-racist than racist. Wallace may be looking to square the circle, but the other pundits mentioned in the previous paragraph simply ignore the CQ, the Christian Question. The West’s Darkest Hour will continue to be ignored by racialist Christians and even racialist non-Christians because an honest discussion about the religion of our parents is a taboo subject in the dissident right.

Changing the subject, today I received a mail from David Irving. The second volume of his biography of Himmler will be published next year. I am very much looking forward to reading it… It is infinitely more important to know Hitler and Himmler well than the Boromirs who covet the One Ring to the point of self-destruction. I hope that Weikart’s book, which will reach me this month, will help me in this endeavour.

Update of May 29: The comments are now closed on that TOO thread, and the moderator finally let my response to Occidentan pass. But it took some days for my comment to be approved.

14 Replies on “On the Boromirs

  1. While there isn’t an anti-christian central figure, I think there is a growing number of whites who recognise and talk about how destructive christianity has been to our people.

    I can’t say for certain but I think most “christian nationalists” are Americans and Eastern Europeans, and they truly are a cravenly pathetic illiterate bunch. They purportedly hate jews all day long but worship at the altar of a dead fictional jew, they say the most obviously false things without a second thought, and they celebrate the destruction and genocide of (supposedly) their own people at the behest of jews and their christian golems.

    They’re also the first ones to proclaim that any white man who gets off his arse and actually does something — or simply advocates for exterminating their enemies who, as these people keep repeating, want to genocide them — is a fed or really a jew. Currently they’re saying this about Linder too.

    I suspect they don’t even truly like or know the first thing about christianity, but what they enjoy about it are the “damnable pagan trappings” that christians inverted.

    They’re like Frankenstein monsters, what with their contradictions, hypocrisy and ignorance.

    By the way, do you only read hardcovers? If you want or need, I can recommend a site from which you can download books for free?

      1. I can find most books here. They change their url sometimes, though, but you should be able to find it again with an internet search of your choice.

        At least you won’t have to wait for shipments or pay for books you may want to read but don’t want to give the money to the author.

  2. Well religions amongst WN pretty much are the following (in no specific order):

    – Main Stream Christian Sect (Probably the majority. Honestly that’s to be expected since we’re living in a “Christian” Society and there’s a lot of momentum. How many actually believe I have no idea.)

    – Some sort of Pagan(Wotanism, Odinism, etc) The Poster child for WN since it’s actually ethno-nationalist. (May be where the anti-Christian thing comes from) Also associated with more militancy due to the “Order.” Unfortunately, they love annoying the Christians far too much. (Apparently the dead Jew on a stick thing never gets old)

    – Christian Identity (They want to be the Jews. Related to British Israelism. Honestly, this one I find extremely unsettling. I’d classify it as a non-mainstream Christian sect)

    – Creativity ( Church of the Creator) I believe the founder was actually a Jew (why people, just why? ) and if what I’ve read about their internal shenanigans is even half true, I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. I don’t know how many people still follow this, if any.

    – Other (Atheists, Muslims, etc, etc.)

      1. Well, here’s what I think ( Regions may differ significantly) for the US.
        60% Mainstream Christian Sects
        10% Atheist
        15% Pagan Sects
        5% Christian Identity
        1% Creativity ( may be less but we’ll round up)
        9% Other (deist, theist, Muslim or anything else not directly mentioned)

        Obviously I have nothing tangible to back this up since there is no poll for this kind of thing and it’s just my experience with what I’ve read and seen around the net and IRL. YMMV obviously. I’m pretty confident Christian’s make up the vast majority. (60% minimum) Pagan may be over represented due to my own bias and they tend to stick out more since Christians and pagans still tangle if you leave them alone for 10 seconds.

      2. If the pagans were at least five percent, how can we explain that sometimes I am left talking to myself in this forum? I have the impression that they are much less than your guess—15% of pagans, to which, if we add the 9% of the other category in your list, it would be a quarter of non-Christians.

        Could it be that Christians are the vast majority in the movement, or that secularists in the WN movement behave as de facto Xtians? Why on Earth Pierce’s Who We Are isn’t bestseller #1 in the movement? Is it because he tells the historical truth about Christianity?

        I am lost here, as I have only personally met racialists in the UK, never in the US, so I haven’t been able to directly feel their ideological vibes.

      3. It doesn’t matter what you call yourself. What matters is the level:

        1-2% Level 10 (Absolute Purists)

        3-4% Level 9

        7-8% Level 8

        10-15% Level 7-6

        70% Level 5-4-3

      4. Are you European by the way?

        If in the United States Pierce’s book should be the #1 bestseller, in Europe the Savitri book that we recently translated should be the #1 bestseller. But if at least 5% are already at levels 9 and 10 on the Mauritian scale, why isn’t there a concerted effort among everyone to, say, form a publishing house for those books?

        My guess is that the people who have reached the last levels can be counted by the fingers of my hand.

      5. I hope that my generous numbers with level 9-10 are true, that there are still purist ravens out there: disorganized or just not in the Web. One thing is for sure though, 9-10 will always be minority in this pre-collapse era.

        (I’m European)

  3. “Could it be that Christians are the vast majority in the movement, or that secularists in the WN movement behave as de facto Xtians? Why on Earth Pierce’s Who We Are isn’t bestseller #1 in the movement? Is it because he tells the historical truth about Christianity?”

    I know Christians are the vast majority, the question is how much of a majority? Maybe up to 75%, but I have no accurate way to measure it. I’m sure the secularists espouse many Christian values simply because of being raised/living in this society. There was a discussion once among some Pagans about how Pagan are we really? The general opinion was that no matter what there would always be some residual Christianity. However, if they raised their children Pagan, it would get less every generation. Christianity didn’t take over Europe in one generation and you can’t realistically expect it to disappear in one or less. Not trying to be pessimistic but realistic.

    If in doubt just assume American racialists are some form of Christian ( or have some kind of Christian ideas) until proven otherwise. However the real question is which “group” is going to be the backbone of any push back? Statistically it should be the Christians, but in the past it seems like it was the Non-Christians ( going by those arrested/killed). Didn’t HAC have it as Pagan men in his novels?

    1. I don’t believe that Christians like Brad Griffin, or neochristians like KMD, Greg Johnson and Jared Taylor could behave like the characters in HAC’s novels. Only antichristians could behave like, say, those Pierce characters who launched the rockets with the nukes.