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Kali Yuga Miscegenation

Astronomical self-hatred

The last time I visited England I saw loads of advertisements, everywhere: photos of mixed couples, English roses with Orcs.

When I first visited England, in the early 1980s, there was none of that on the streets or in the subway. It is obvious that the English of today suffers from a self-hatred without precedent in history: a self-hatred that reaches, indeed, astronomical levels.

(This was a response to what an Englishman commented this morning on this site.)

One reply on “Astronomical self-hatred”


Yes, your post could have been better written, which was what I did for you, by injecting a bit of testosterone into it.
Being “brusque” is just my way of being honest about things.

No, you are wrong about my re-writing of your paragraph clarifying nothing. I went straight to the crux of the matter: Violence is your only option left to save not just the English language, but English blood.

The rest was controversial advice to help accomplish that task.
The Brits share the blame for killing Germany. Stop denying it.
Churchill should be execrated with extreme hatred. Curse him.
The “rot” is to be eradicated, not merely countered. Do it.

The “leading thinkers” you should be appealing to (if there are any) are the ones who promote armed revolution and expulsion of all non-Whites from English soil.
But I’m talking to an English Boomer, so I’m 99% sure it’s the same as talking to a wall.

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