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On music education

Two years ago, during the pandemic and lockdowns, I recommended half a hundred films. And about ten years ago an Australian asked me in the comments section of this site what pieces of classical music I would recommend for him to suggest to his daughters.

But music is not like films. One can watch typical Hollywood cinema, like Presumed Innocent and The Fugitive with Harrison Ford, and not degrade one’s soul. Those films are light cinema, but they don’t necessarily corrupt us.

Music, on the other hand, is like sex.

These days I have participated in a comment thread on The Unz Review about an article by Michael E. Jones in which he mentions his recent debate with Greg Johnson, where the Catholic Jones criticises homosexualism.

It has been over ten years since I distanced myself from Johnson because of his defence of the misnamed ‘gay’ movement, and for promoting what the Nazis called ‘degenerate music’ on his webzine.

To my way of thinking, sex education is like music education. It is not so much, as the Australian naively asked me, a matter of suggesting a dozen masterful pieces of classical music. Rather, we must prevent our children from listening to degenerate music just as, in a healthy society, we prevent our girls from having premarital sex.

What good is a long list of my favourite works in classical music if the average Westerner would then go on to listen to—and even enjoy!—degenerate music? It’s like showing a teenage daughter the old movie Ivanhoe starring an archetypically Aryan actor like Robert Taylor and an absolute adolescent beauty (Liz Taylor) when, on the weekend, that same daughter goes on a date with a black.

In music education it’s not the sums that count (remember the Australian who asked me for a list so his daughters could add my recommendations on their mobile phones). It is subtraction that counts.

So, in today’s world, it makes no sense to make a list of classical music pieces for our children to listen to. For education to work, one would have to cut the child off from the West as Russia has cut itself off, and create a traditional society—something impossible in the soft totalitarianism of today’s West.

I was educated musically. At the age of five or six I discovered my first musical love thanks to a record of my father’s, Mussorgsky’s Khovanshchina or Dawn Over the River Moscow, an anecdote I tell in more detail in one of my books.

My early discovery of that sublime prelude happened in the early sixties, a time when the little boy I was had not heard a note of degenerate music. And how could I not be well educated when in those years my father had gone to Utica in New York to re-release one of his symphonic works?

Do you understand what I mean when I say that in musical matters one educates by example? In Gomorrah it makes no sense to make a list of classical pieces when we are as surrounded by degenerate music as fish in water. But I would like to make an exception.

Below we can listen to my first musical love. It’s curious that my first loves were Russian pieces. That’s because, as we see in the old newspaper clip of my father in Utica, he confessed ‘Stravinsky is my idol’. (Not long after discovering Khovanshchina my dad used to play for me another Russian piece that, in time, would become one of my favourites: the Firebird Suite.)

Like decent sexual behaviour, good music can only be taught by example, and by strict prohibitions. With all that Russia has banned in recent days from the Gomorrahite and dying West, that country will soon become the healthiest white society in the world…

9 replies on “On music education”

I began to read the Unz Review and I enjoy your comments there, always appropriate! As well as your comments at the Occidental Dissent.

Sir, I don’t have the time and even the smarts to be a troll. Like my father used to say I’m not very smart.
Are you really not posting anything on Occidental Dissent? The following comment is fake? Even the owner of the site responded to your post.

“I fight for the Aryan race 24/7 and I’m a Mexican.
My site is constantly under a barrage of trolls with insults, mockery and threats. Not mentioning treasonous Aryans like Richie Spencer.
How about that?
But despair or suicide thoughts never enter my mind. I simply stay focused on my mission.”

And just like sex, music “telegonizes” the mind of the listener.
If one listens to nigger music growing up (like every millennial) it’s only natural he will develop nigger behavioural traits.

Back in 2020 a young white friend hitched me a ride to work. He turned on the radio, blasting rap music.
“What is this shit?” I asked.
“C’mon man. I know you’re a racist, but you gotta admit, this ‘jam’ is pretty tight…”
I gave him a stern glance.
“Do you want to be a nigger?”
He glanced back with a dismissive smirk.
“Tell me. Are you trying to become a nigger, or what?” I insisted.
“No, it’s just that…”
“Then why are you listening to nigger music?” I sharply interrupted.
He rolled his eyes and switched to a news broadcast radio station.
When we reached work, he parked and I got out of the car.
“If you keep listening to nigger shit, you’re gonna end up a loser like the niggers.”

That little paternal scold was insufficient, I know. I can’t protect my friend’s mind like a father or a brother would, and he’s sure to continue his degeneration with more nigger trash when I’m not present.

You’re right to say it’s more important to protect white minds from shit than supplying drops of healthy music. If music today is used as a dopamine dispensor, it’s better to deny it completely and let the stress build up. That way you’re getting closer to Angry Mode.
I practically don’t listen to music anymore.

Cesar, are there any pieces of classical music that you deem degenerate? I recently heard Pierrot Lunaire, one of Arnold Schoenberg’s works, and was aghast by how awful it sounded. I discovered that the composer was naturally a Jew and that the real Germans tried to rid their land of his noise. Atonal music, as it was described in the 1930s, seems to be on par with jazz and blues in terms of degeneration. In my humble opinion, it even surpasses K-Pop and J-Rock simply by being a perversion of a higher art.

Indeed: Schoenberg is the archetypal Jew who subverted classical music (as, say, Boas subverted anthropology).

My father talked a lot about these “classical” music charlatans, mentioning them by name. I think that before I die I should write my memoirs about what I remember of that criticism of my father, which he pronounced throughout his life.

There are few atonal pieces that are worth it. For example, I love the music that has some atonal bars of Ligeti that Kubrick chose when the lunar module was traveling, before arriving at the crater that harboured the monolith.

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