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Clueless Ukrainians

Before I resume reading Deschner’s book on the true history of Christianity, I would like to say something about the recent debate between Michael Jones and Greg Johnson. I was surprised that the latter said that Tucker Carlson had been influenced by Moscow propaganda, precisely what the MSM claims! Johnson also said that Russians and Ukrainians are ‘white’.

The word ‘white’ for Aryan had utility before Jews and southern Italians began emigrating in substantial numbers to the US. Today that word is meaningless in the mouths of people like Johnson, as it is obvious that a considerable percentage of Russians and Ukrainians are not ‘white’ as the word was understood by 19th-century Americans.

If there is one thing that emerges from Pierce’s and Kemp’s histories of the white race, it is that the Mongols left their genetic imprint on the Slavs (which is precisely why the SS Master Plan East involved conquering those regions for genuine Aryans). Recently we see in the media pictures of Biden, Putin and the Chinese Mandarin, Xi Jinping. See how Putin’s semi-broad skull, compared to Biden’s skull who looks like an Englishman from another age, is the middle ground next to Xi’s skull: the typical Asian brachycephalic. The reason for this is that Putin, like many other Russians, is not a pure Nordid as they were before the Tatar invasion.

I am also surprised that the Ukrainians haven’t understood the lesson of the Holodomor. As visitors to this site know, Jones annoys me a lot because the idiot says he wouldn’t mind millions of blacks staying in Europe as long as they convert to his religion! But at least Jones, in his debate with Johnson, pointed to Jewry as a major factor in the misnamed Russian Revolution, and in Ukraine after the coup that empowered the current government. How can it be, I was left wondering after listening to the debate, that the Ukrainians haven’t understood the lesson?

Here we see Genrikh Yagoda (right) in the company of writer Maxim Gorky. As deputy chief of the political police, the Jew Yagoda was one of the main commissars responsible for the struggle against the landlords in the field of collectivisation and dekulakisation. Note that the Holodomor, also known as the Ukrainian genocide or Ukrainian Holocaust, was the famine that devastated the territory of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Kuban, Yellow Ukraine and other regions of the USSR, in the context of the collectivisation of the land undertaken by the USSR, during the years 1932-1933, in which more people died of starvation than the six million Jews: the official (and exaggerated) figure with which the System demoralises us.

This is what happens when a people lack true information (how many Ukrainians have read Solzhenitsyn’s second non-fiction book?), and a minority, such as the Jewish minority, controls a large part of the Western MSM. But it is still striking that, after so many decades, the Ukrainians aren’t Jew-wise, otherwise they wouldn’t have the president they have. (Interestingly, in the debate Johnson said he had not seen the video of Zelenski dancing in women’s heels, posing as a homo, with the background of degenerate music.)

One could try to forgive the Ukrainians because they haven’t had good information. But it isn’t forgivable that people like Johnson’s sponsors keep sending him money, or that the moderator of the Johnson-Jones debate sided with Johnson!

Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Something must be rotten at the core of white nationalism to allow all this. And the key is provided precisely by Johnson’s opening speech in the debate. It is obvious that he is driven by Christian ethics, as he framed his little speech from the POV of the ‘rights’ of Ukrainians. Just compare that scale of values with what Savitri Devi set out in her book we recently published here, or with what the SS had planned for Ukraine if they had won the war.

A post-Christian consciousness has to be created in 21st-century racialism. And a good way to start creating it, something far away from the Christianity and neochristianity of the American racial right, is to read Savitri. When my Daybreak Press is once again up and running, the first thing I will do is to publish the English version of Souvenirs et Reflexions d’une Aryenne.

7 Replies on “Clueless Ukrainians

  1. I think it is unrealistic of Ukraine to give up its sovereignty to Russia because some North American “White Nationalists” see it as some big loss to GloboHomo.

    Ukraine also has possibly the only armed National Socialist militia in the world with its own heavy weaponry, if Hungary et Al can resist EU pressure, I don’t see why Ukraine couldn’t either within the EU.

    By the way, according to modern genetics, it seems that Ukrainians are very similar to Poles and Germans while Russians form a cline which varies from Ukrainian to Finnic, with some shift towards Buryat of the East. Putin is likely more Finnic shifted.

    1. “the only armed National Socialist militia…”

      This is so absurd that I shouldn’t reply to the other things you say, which just show that you haven’t read this site. Genetic studies? A mestizo has argued exactly that with me when I want to talk about IQ among the races. It is beyond the obvious that the images we see of Ukrainians and Russians differ greatly from pure Nordics.

      One of the capital defects of American white nationalism is to have repudiated the work of the eugenicists, who did have a notion that the Aryan standard was the Nordic archetype. William Pierce knew it too, but egalitarianism has also affected racialists today, unlike those of the past.

      But I shouldn’t allow those who haven’t read the literature I link to in the sidebar to comment here anyway.

  2. The Age of Myth is coming to a close, or has ended, as the continuum of Nature, and Nature’s Reality, clarifies.

  3. Russia is just as Jewed as Ukraine. You talk about Ukrainians not learning the lesson of the Holodomor but you seem to be silent on Russians not learning the lessons of Bolshevism, the Gulags, and the Red Terror. Russians still believe in the holohoax myth which they helped construct, they still visit the Jewish tyrant Ulyanov’s tomb, 1/3 of them have a positive view of Josef Jugasvhili who was most likely part Jewish himself, they still celebrate their “victory’ over Europe in 1945, and their current prime minister is one of the most crazily philo-semitic leaders on the planet.

    Are Whites really supposed to root for a leader who holds rallies about ridding the world of Nazism? Seriously? This doesn’t mean that we should support the Jewish-owned government of Ukraine but we can’t have any illusions about Putin. He is a puppet dictator of Jews and his Eurasianist ideology is inherently anti-White.

    1. Puppet dictator of the kikes? I doubt it.

      And my post was not exactly directed against Ukrainians but against Greggy.

  4. Since 1991 independence Ukrainians have had 20+ years of brainwashing in anti-russia propaganda, But it was really anti-USSR of Holomodor and honour to Bandera-SS(nazi) units. Also Ukraine was the homelands of khazarian jews but they hate russia/czarism more than communism. Can add the pro-EU globo-homo faction as well, which is….anti-russian also for obvious reasons.

    All this anti-USSR hate has turned into anti-Russia supported by the NATO arms of US (called Uncle Shmuel by Russian twitter-ers…so russians understand well).

    Are Ukrainians white? probably not anymore than Russians are on a whole. But I’m glad 4+ million Ukrainian refugees are flooding Europe to take the spaces afro/arab invaders would have!

  5. Many in Ukraine (and the baltic states) are aware of the jews and acknowledge that it would’ve been much better outcome for them had the Germans won the war, but many were, and are still, intimidated after the defeat of Germany and the brutality of the allied forces to “denazify” it.

    Ukrainians still remember the holodomor and their perpetrators (the Jew Lazar Kaganovich) but the USA military presence keeps pogroms at bay while its cultural influence, through its degenerate media, breaks people’s moral and dissent.

    But what is the excuse of the Americans? None.

    They are just too comfortable living in the belly of the beast, alienated from reality, while the beast is slowly digesting them and destroying everything else outside.